New Releases For The Week Of March 26, 2023–Part 1

You can choose your friends, but you sure can’t choose your relatives.

It’s been a busy year for real estate agent Cindy York. She’s excited to be making a killing at selling houses and in the middle of planning a surprise 50th birthday party for her husband, Greg. If this wasn’t enough to deal with, Greg’s younger sister Annette, who’s been estranged from the family for 20 years, makes an unexpected visit to celebrate the event. Annette asks Cindy for help finding a house to rent. She claims she wants to get to know her loved ones again, but Cindy suspects the woman is hiding something.

When Annette’s troubled past catches up with her in a hurry and leaves an innocent bystander dead, Cindy must step in and find a killer. If Cindy can’t close this deal quickly, someone she loves will pay the ultimate price. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

In this spellbinding continuation of the Kitchen Witch Mystery series by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon, witchcraft trainee Mia Malone summons tasty dishes and unearthly murder suspects . . .
Before Mia Malone can sip tea at Time for a Cuppa, the charming new shop in Magic Springs, Idaho, her life changes course in downright supernatural ways. First her blossoming catering business and cooking school get a boost with the addition of an enchanting cake decorator. Then she catches the attention of the tea shop owner herself, local coven member Mahogany Medford, who’s set on immersing Mia in a twisted mystery that appears all but unsolvable without a special kind of help . . .
Still reeling from the recent loss of her mother and believing there was more to the abrupt death, Mahogany urges Mia to cast light on the truth. But old secrets might come back to haunt her in an investigation that demands conjuring up phantoms from the past on the property of Mia’s Morsels. Now, wearing Gran’s protective stone and empowered by a circle of trusted confidants, Mia must reveal who—or what—killed Ms. Medford as another deadly surprise brews!
Includes Recipes!
Praise for Lynn Cahoon

One Poison Pie deliciously blends charm and magic with a dash of mystery and a sprinkle of romance.” —Agatha Award–winner Daryl Wood Gerber (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

What would happen if a medical emergency broke out in the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, where millions of dollars in freshly made paper bills are kept?

Ed Thomas was the operator of the sheet-cutting machine and had just pressed the stop button when he fainted. Paramedicsarrived too late; he had already flatlined. A sad case of a heart attack victim, or so it seemed. But his daughter contacted Dr. Jill Quint, Forensic Pathologist, P.I., and winemaker, to investigate her father’s death. Before Dr. Quint could examine Ed’s remains, they were stolen from the Medical Examiner’s office by a fraudulent mortuary crew. After rummaging through Ed’s apartment and finding a series of threatening letters he had received, it became apparent that someone wanted him dead.

Uncover what happened to Ed Thomas in Mint Death, the fourteenth book in the Jill Quint, MD Forensic Pathologist series. (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle

The latest novel in the acclaimed Bangalore Detectives Club series finds amateur sleuth Kaveri Murthy uncovering a new murder during the blood moon eclipse.

When new bride Kaveri Murthy reluctantly agrees to investigate a minor crime to please her domineering mother-in-law—during the blood moon eclipse, no less—she doesn’t expect, once again, to stumble upon a murder.

With anti-British sentiment on the rise, a charismatic religious leader growing in influence, and the fight for women’s suffrage gaining steam, Bangalore is turning out to be a far more dangerous and treacherous place than Kaveri ever imagined—and everyone’s motives are suspect.

Together with the Bangalore Detectives Club—a mixed bag of street urchins, nosy neighbours, an ex-prostitute, and a policeman’s wife— Kaveri once again sleuths in her sari and hunts for clues in her beloved 1920s Ford.

But when her life is suddenly put in danger, Kaveri realizes that she might be getting uncomfortably close to the truth. So she must now draw on her wits and find the killer . . . before they find her. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover

A murder in Big Sky Country. A missing sorceress. A new witch on a mission…

I’m getting used to life on this supernatural ranch in Montana. The days actually feel pretty routine. I take care of my flower shop, ride my horse, and snuggle with my new cat. A girl can’t complain about any of that, can she?

But when a mysterious book about demons causes BIG problems, I have to admit that my life on this ranch is anything but normal…

A guy tried to summon a demon and wound up dead because of it. Now it’s up to me to figure out what happened. The owner of the ranch wants answers—and justice—and I’m supposed to help him get both. If I fail, I’m going to have to say goodbye to all these new things I’ve come to love. My magic included.

The book on demons might also carry a clue about a sorceress who disappeared from this ranch many years back. My work’s cut out for me. I won’t let that scare me, though.

I’ve climbed in the saddle, so to speak, by picking up my gran’s spellbook in the first place. Like any good cowgirl, I’m ready for the ride. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

“Loved it!” -Theresa Bakken

Josiah is working in her honeybee yard when she hears a commotion coming from her horse pasture. She rushes toward the uproar and comes upon a huge, enraged Texas Longhorn bull. The massive beast is angrily snorting, pawing the turf, and threatening a prized Thoroughbred stallion, Comanche. Getting the bull to calm down is no small task and in the end, Josiah has a busted fence and a barn door ripped off its hinges. Once the bull is secure, Josiah hurries to confront the bull’s owner only to discover he is dead and lying in a pool of his own blood.

The police naturally assume the bull is responsible for the man’s death, but Josiah has her doubts. She is convinced foul play is involved and works to save the Texas Longhorn from being “put down.” Will she solve the murder and save the Longhorn in time?

The Josiah Reynolds Mystery Series
Death By A HoneyBee
Death By Drowning
Death By Bridle
Death By Bourbon
Death By Lotto
Death by Chocolate
Death by Haunting
Death By Derby
Death By Design
Death By Malice
Death By Drama
Death By Stalking
Death By Deceit
Death By Magic
Death By Shock
Death By Chance
Death By Poison
Death By Greed
Death By Theft

2010 Gold Medal Award from Readers’ Favorite for Death By A HoneyBee
2011 Gold Medal Award from Readers’ Favorite for Death By Drowning
2011 USA BOOK NEWS-Best Books List of 2011 as a Finalist for Death By Drowning
2011 USA BOOK NEWS-Best Books List of 2011 as a Finalist for Death By A HoneyBee
2017 Finalist from Readers’ Favorite for Death By Design
2019 Honorable Mention from Readers’ Favorite for Death By Stalking
2019 Top 10 Mystery Novels from Kings River Life Magazine for Murder Under A Blue Moon
2020 Imadjinn Award for Best Mystery – Death By Stalking
2022 Finalist in Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalist for Best Historical Category – Murder Under A Full Moon
2022 Finalist the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for Best Historical Category – Murder Under A New Moon
2022 Death By Chance: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Finalist for Best Cozy Mystery (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Vik Island weight-loss group, Losers Club, is on the mainland for the Police Scotland Bravery Awards and, even better, they’re staying in a posh hotel. With housekeeping trollies full of free stuff just lying about the place, waiting for the unwary pilferer, Mrs Hubbard’s only regret is that she didn’t bring her biggest handbag.

Diet sheets have been abandoned and Gordon’s dungarees are straining at the seams, so what could be nicer than a gentle stroll up Bennachie to offset all those breakfast sausages? Anything. Anything could be nicer because this is no gentle stroll.

When the Losers stumble upon the body of a young woman on the hillside, they quickly become entangled in a web of deceit surrounding local road protestors. The very police officers awarding them for bravery seem determined to write off the death as a drug overdose, and it is up to Losers Club to convince them otherwise.

Soon, the hunt is on for an elusive whistleblower, and the Losers find themselves pitted against the establishment. As the conspiracy deepens and the bodies start piling up, they realise that they can trust no one. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

In the villa of a passionate collector of Egyptian antiquities, strange incidents begin to occur around a mysterious statue of the cat goddess Bastet. Finally there is a tragic accident, and the owner of the house loses his life in a bizarre turn of events.

Luckily, Athos and Pearl are guests at the villa, together with their two humans, and they start to investigate … but this case may prove to be the most difficult yet for the furry detective duo. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

“Welcome to Butterfly Island! Enjoy our sandy beaches, sapphire blue waters, and achingly beautiful sunsets. We can’t wait to welcome you to the safest and most relaxing destination in the Caribbean…”

Kameron Achebe has always valued her strength and independence. As a teenager, she dreamed of competing with her country’s Olympic tae kwon do team. And when her dreams were destroyed by those closest to her, she ran, determined to find happiness on her own terms.

A decade later, Kameron and her boyfriend Paul are settling down on Butterfly Island to prepare for the arrival of their first child. After a shocking revelation about Paul leaves Kameron hurt and angry, matters go from bad to worse when she’s accused of using her martial arts skills to murder a local bully. For her future, and for the future of her family, only one thing matters now. Can she prove her innocence beyond the shadow of a doubt? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

A smart security system, a stalker, and some secrets…

There’s a stranger—or two—in town, putting retired spy Irma Abercrombie even more on edge than usual. She still hasn’t tracked down Igor Ivanovitch, the gun-for-hire who escaped his jail cell earlier in the summer. And after things go south at a banquet to celebrate Snookie Smith’s recent gardening triumphs, the blame looks like it’s going to be cast at Irma’s feet.

When one of those out-of-towners is found dead on a lonely stretch of Beaver Island road, Violet thinks she’s off the hook, investigation-wise, when there’s no technology connection. But after she discovers that a newly engaged friend is on the island for a month-long sojourn, things get a bit stickier. Her buddy is gearing up for a bash to celebrate her impending nuptials, but what if a stalker has followed the bride-to-be to Beaver Island?

After some excitement on the island ferry knocks Irma for a loop, Violet has to pinch-hit for her on a mini mission that almost lands her in the slammer. As a confrontation approaches, Violet isn’t sure whom to trust…or where to find safe harbour. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A cynical tarot card reader seeks to uncover the truth about her friend’s mysterious death in this delightfully clever whodunit, “a delicious blend of suspense and madcap humor” (Library Journal, starred review).

For Katie True, a keen gut and quick wit are just tools of the trade. After a failed attempt at adulting in Chicago, she’s back in the suburbs living a bit too close to her overbearing parents, jumping from one dead-end job to the next, and flipping through her tarot deck for guidance. Then along comes Marley.

Mysterious, worldly, and comfortable in her own skin, Marley takes a job at the mall where Katie peddles Russian tchotchkes. The two just get each other. Marley doesn’t try to fix Katie’s life or pretend to be someone she’s not, and Katie thinks that with Marley’s friendship, she just might make it through this rough patch after all. Until the day when Katie, having been encouraged by Marley to practice soothsaying, reads the cards for someone who stumbles into her shop. But when she sneaks a glance at his phone, she finds more than intel to improve her clairvoyance. She finds a photo. Of Marley. With a gunshot wound to the head.

The bottom falls out of Katie’s world. Her best friend is dead? Who killed her? She quickly realizes there are some things her tarot cards can’t foresee, and she must put her razor-sharp instincts to the ultimate test. But Katie’s recklessness lands her in the crossfire of a threat she never saw coming. Now she must use her street smarts and her inner Strength card to solve Marley’s murder—or risk losing everything. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a lady in danger must be in need of rescue, but whether she wants to be rescued is up for debate—for fans of Evie Dunmore and Netflix’s Bridgerton from the bestselling author of A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem!
England, 1867: Miss Poppy Delamare is living a lie. To escape an odious betrothal, she fled to London where she’s been hiding as the unassuming secretary Flora Deaver. However, when her beloved sister is accused of murder, Poppy cannot leave her to the wolves. Only a most unexpected—and unwelcome—collision interrupts her journey home . . . 

Despite a rather dismal first meeting, Joshua Fielding, the Duke of Langham, has no intention of abandoning a lady in need. But he’s not above asking a favor. A fake betrothal will give Poppy and her sister the power of the dukedom and protect Langham from the society misses intent on becoming his duchess.

Yet the longer the ruse goes on, the more Poppy and Langham realize how false their first impressions were—and the less pretend their engagement feels. But before Langham can propose in truth, their search reveals a tangled web of lies and betrayals. With time running out, can Poppy and Langham find the real culprit—before Poppy becomes the next victim? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Charmed meets Murder, She Wrote in this fast-paced, quirky cozy mystery series with a paranormal twist, featuring a fledgling witch who owns a crystals shop, her magickal family, and rivaling enchanted realms. Sure to appeal to fans of Heather Blake and Traci Wilton.


When Violet Mooney’s coworker and fellow witch calls to say that their Connecticut crystals shop, The Full Moon, has been selected as a vendor at the Spring Equinox Fair, it’s welcome news. Ever since she learned about her magickal ancestry, Violet has been struggling to learn her craft while staying out of trouble. It’s no easy feat when her family seems to be the target of a power-grab within the realm, putting the entire magickal community on edge—and setting Violet on a mission . . .
With her investigation conjuring more questions than answers, Violet tries to focus on the Fair, which is being run by one of her personal heroes. Horatio Hale is a proponent of ethical crystal mining, but apparently not everyone is a fan. Violet is shocked when she goes to attend a meeting and finds Horatio dead—with an axe stuck in his chest. To uncover the motives behind the mayhem in both the mortal and magickal worlds, Violet is going to need more than a crystal ball. And it’ll take all the powers she’s been honing—plus some she didn’t know she had—to save herself . . .
Praise for Witch Hunt

“Zippy and fun, with an otherworldly hook that’s further enhanced by characters with a little magic of their own.” —Kirkus Reviews (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

In this fresh and witty cozy mystery series set amid an extended Italian-American family in Astoria, Queens, catering hall owner and amateur sleuth Mia Carina must solve a murder on the set of a reality show.

The June events schedule at Belle View is busting out all over—proms, graduations, and of course, weddings. There are unexpected bookings too, including a casting call for the pilot of Dons of Ditmars Boulevard. But soon, Mia’s fears about the cheesy reality show are confirmed . . .
Belle View quickly becomes the site of a sea of wanna-be goombahs and phony girlfriends, and some of Mia’s friends insist on getting in on the action. The production company owner and his executive producer ex-wife—who’s also very minor British royalty—have assembled a motley crew that does as much infighting and backstabbing as the on-screen “talent.” Even so, it’s a shock when a dead body is found in the pool house of a local mansion rented by the show . . .
Murder might boost the ratings. But Mia intends to make sure the killer gets jail time, not airtime . . .
Italian recipes included! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Two months into her position as Assistant Principal Paul’s secretary, Naomi Front enjoys the feeling of finally having a solid job and a new life away from her ex. Ella, her teen, has a best friend and is finding her place. Their neighbors, Barbara and Ingrid, have adopted them as family.

Life should be good, but work is not.

Dealing with faculty bickering and irate parents nit-picking, Naomi wonders if she wants to keep this job. Add in the fact the school is preparing for yet another levy, and financial headaches are thrown into the mix.

When Naomi is sent to the archives in the basement, she finds the body of Tom Werner. All-around jerk and quick to temper, the baseball coach doesn’t seem like a person anyone in Fayette will miss.

The school is closed until Chief Mooney can solve the case. Unlike the last time Naomi found a corpse, she’s asked to help with this mystery. As someone who works the front office, she’s an insider this time. Being included doesn’t mean it’s easier. With a runaway witness and foiled evidence, it seems impossible to figure out who killed Tom.

Ella, Barbara, and Ingrid join forces to sleuth their way through this whodunit, racing against time so classes can be resumed. Despite their team effort, they wonder if they’ll find the killer or lose more time down dead-ends of old drama that should remain in the past. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

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