New Releases For The Week Of March 26th, 2023–Part 4

Minerva figured an old, wealthy family like the Bairds would have a few skeletons in the closet. She just didn’t expect the tree guy to dig one of them up. But when the century-old remains of a mysterious Baird relation are found on the grounds of the family’s famous estate, Minerva is eager to once again delve into history and unearth the truth.

Until the murdered woman’s granddaughter comes to Tybryd, and winds up murdered herself. Now the deeper Minerva digs into the past, the more dangerous the present becomes. And the more bizarre. As she and her indomitable dog Plantagenet sift through the secrets buried with those bones, they dredge up arcane treasures, enigmatic maids, the Titanic, and … witchcraft?

Impenetrable as the terrain may seem, Minerva will have to uncover the pieces of two women’s lives, broken and buried more than a hundred years apart. Because if she can’t, she might just end up six feet under. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Inquisitor has returned, and this time there are no more disguises or deception. Unless Blair surrenders to him, he’ll wipe Fairy Falls off the map and see to it that the entirety of the magical world falls under his command.

Can Blair outwit her worst enemy one final time? Or is this truly the end of the line for Blair, her newfound family and friends, and the life she’s built for herself in Fairy Falls?

Witch to the End is the final book in the Blair Wilkes Mysteries series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Despite her endless attempts to pull Blair Braden back into hunter life, Lily Walker and Blair are fast becoming friends. The only thing they don’t see eye-to-eye on is Blair’s retirement.

And Blair is retired, thanks very much.

But when Pearl Walker, aka Granny Ice Queen, aka the matriarch of the hunters, selects Blair to be the new liaison between the shifters and the hunters, Blair’s hiatus from hunting is no longer permanent. When Pearl says ‘jump’, nobody keeps their feet on the ground. Not even the long-retired Blair.

As Blair scrambles out of retirement, she finds herself having insanely powerful visions and an irresistible desire to help the objects of them. As soon as she meets the man in her first vision, she can’t stop thinking about him. The handsome alpha wolf wants nothing to do with her, but at least she can help save his pack. These are precisely the kinds of complications she has no inclination for.

Meanwhile, Lily seems intent on keeping up with Reed, the second-in-command of Lachlan’s wolf pack. The chip on his shoulder really ought to deter her, but after attending her first pack shift, Lily is hooked on Reed and the pack.

And speaking of the pack, Lachlan’s now acting weird. Meggan knows why, but she’s not telling. Blair will get to the bottom of it, or else her bestie baby daddy will have to tangle with her new familiar-slash-annoyance. Time to find out if Gil the gnome can do more than just keep Blair on her toes. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

It’s Valentine’s Day in Port Sunset and romance, fun, and murder are in the air. Yep, murder. I’m Millie Wentworth the assistant General Manager of the Gulf Palms Resort. And since our sleepy beach town comes with a body count to rival any big city, I’m an amateur sleuth on the side.

The hotel is hosting a Masquerade Ball and half the attendees are dressed as Cupid. When someone is shot through the heart with a bow and arrow there is no shortage of suspects since Cupids are everywhere. And the victim was so awful lots of people had reason to do her in…seriously…LOTS. Including me.

As usual Detective Green’s laser focus is aimed at the wrong suspects. When my fun-loving grandmother Lulu, Spud the corgi, and I discover another body we need to find the real murderer pronto. Can we catch the killer Cupid before they strike again? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Jerome, Arizona, is an old mining town turned hipster tourist destination. When an old friend, Kirby McDaniel, calls Libby asking for help filling in at her massage business in the town’s haunted hotel, Libby loves the idea that she and Greg can make this into a much-needed romantic getaway. Kirby’s cottage is cute, the town is full of activities, and Libby’s massage schedule is not heavily loaded—perfect!

Immediately, they meet pushy Cheryl Basque, the Murder Mystery Weekend coordinator. Apparently, MMW is the event of the year in Jerome, and this year’s theme is a 1920s Jazz Club Mystery. Kirby had signed up and now with her sudden departure, the coordinator lures Libby, Greg, and Shadow the black Lab to join the festivities.

From the first day, they meet interesting townsfolk and one thing quickly becomes apparent. Everyone has had issues with the local dog groomer. Which becomes a real problem when the hated groomer, Patricia Olivia Simpson, turns up murdered and Shadow is the prime suspect! The bakery owners, the brewmaster duo, the hotel manager, and MMW’s coordinator all join the suspect list as Libby and Greg start asking questions. It seems no one is sorry old POS is gone. But it’s the discovery of the second dead body that shocks everyone to the core.

The haunted hotel—from its creepy old elevator, to the resident ghosts, and whoever is wreaking havoc on the massage therapy room every time Libby leaves it unattended—is the spooky backdrop for more than one crime. And Libby, Shadow, and Greg find themselves right in the thick of the mystery.

Between her massage therapy sessions, participating in the murder mystery game, being spooked by hotel ghosts, and running down a list of suspects who all had motives to kill Tricia, will Libby and Greg actually find their romantic time together? Twists and turns are everywhere, and you’ll hold your breath, wondering when the next surprise will jump out at you.

Praise for the Libby Madsen Cozy Mysteries:

“A fun read from first page to last … an impressively original and deftly crafted read”—Midwest Book Review

“Readers know what a sucker I am for dogs, and the Libby Madsen mysteries are some of the best. I love, love, love Shadow and Libby and the adventures they get themselves into. Jennifer J. Morgan is destined to be one of the brightest new stars in the cozy mystery scene!” – Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author

“I’m hooked on this series. Completely adore Libby and Shadow (her companion black Lab pup—so adorable!). Without giving any spoilers at all, I couldn’t put the book down once amateur sleuth, Libby Madsen, was on the search. The suspense amid so many suspects, I never did figure out how it would all turn out. Overall, it’s a clean read–appropriate for all ages.” – lovereadingmysteries, 5 star online review

“This cozy mystery series has become one of my favorites! Libby Madsen, along with Shadow her dog … Alexis, her best friend/business partner, and her family … and the gorgeous forest ranger, Greg! I love the friend group! And Jennifer doesn’t disappoint in her second book of the series … I find myself turning pages just wanting to know what happens next. Hope the next title comes soon…” – 5 stars on Barnes & Noble

“After meeting Libby and Shadow, Greg, Alexis and JJ, and the other great characters in this series, I couldn’t wait to get right into this second book. Excellent action, just as in the first one—a great overall whodunit!” – avidmysteryfan, 5 stars online review

Shadows in the Forest will leave satisfied mystery buffs looking eagerly toward the next Libby Madsen story.” – The Midwest Book Review (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

When the body of a judge is found in a back alley, the future of a beloved event is thrown into jeopardy. With the police investigation going nowhere fast, Elizabeth Blau takes matters into her own hands.

Elizabeth and her brother enter a local homebrewing contest with a winning idea: her fancy brews paired with his artisan cheese. Blau Brewing is a hit and the votes come streaming in. Elizabeth daydreams of the top prize in her pocket–until a gruesome discovery grinds the festival to a halt.

As they delve deeper into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, Elizabeth uncovers a web of secrets and rivalries among the brewers. With time running out and the contest hanging in the balance, Elizabeth must race to uncover the truth before she has to pour her dreams down the drain.Set against the picturesque backdrop of small-town life, The Dead Swede is a cozy mystery filled with the characters you’ve come to love from The Sheridan County Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

When their toy poodle Bessie finds a famous architectural designer dead in the Myriad Hotel’s greenhouse, Hector and Pamela Jackson’s attendance at the rooftop gala make them witnesses to a crime scene.

With the elevators suddenly inoperable, our couple must determine which of the guests is the killer before the culprit escapes – or another guest ends up dead.

The fourth of The Myriad Mysteries – a mild, fun mystery series set in a fictional 1920’s Chicago.

No graphic violence, sex, or foul language
No animals are harmed.
Nothing ugly.
The books are diverse in every way and friendly to all of good cheer. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback