About MJB Reviewers

For as long as I can remember, I have been a reader.  As a child I would sometimes walk to my local library and stamp the check out cards for the librarians (this was many years ago).  I always enjoyed taking my children to story hour and I loved to just relax in the peace and quiet of the library. download I continue to read everyday and I love that when I am reading I get transported to a different time and place.  I have so much respect for authors who are able to entertain me, take me away from everyday problems and introduce me to new friends.  I realized that I wanted to help other readers find and enjoy some of my favorite books and help authors promote their books.  I thought the best way to do this was to create a blog, so that is what I did.  I hope this blog will accomplish that goal and the anyone who stops by will find a new book or author to try.

I enjoy reading many different genres including suspense, mysteries, 7458d-book-genres-header-y7f67zcozy mysteries, cozy ghosts, search and rescue and light romance.  I would say that my favorite would be any type of cozy but I do enjoy the other ones too.  I think the reason I enjoy cozies so much is that I love the characters and the settings.  The characters become friends and people I want to learn more about. The small town settings become place I would love to visit and spend time at.  Most of the time the mystery becomes secondary to me as long as the characters are well written.

I hope that you enjoy reading my book reviews and that you too find characters that become like family to you.  I hope you find a setting that appeals to you and takes you there for a short visit.  I hope you find a book that takes you away, if even for only a short time, and becomes your reality while you are reading.  I hope you come back often to visit and enjoy your time here.


20 thoughts on “About MJB Reviewers

  1. I just now discovered you, Mary, since you mentioned on your FB page that my cozy A WEE HOMICIDE IN THE HOTEL would be released this week. I write cozies because the emphasis is on how the amateur sleuth and the community come together to support the families who are victims of a crime. When the emphasis is on the puzzle, rather than on blood and gore, I find the read much more enjoyable. Thank you for this blog.

    • I agree with you, that’s why my favorite books to read are cozies. To me, the great character development is much more important than the crimes. I;m glad you found my blog and I hope you become a regular visitor. Good luck with your release day.

  2. This is Alison Clarke, and I would be interested in you reviewing my young adult novel, Racine, about a young woman, who, on a trip to the Library Of Congress, goes on a magical odyssey to discover her mystical beginnings. My e-mail
    address is knowledgeology200@gmail.com.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Have a good day. Bye for now.

  3. Is there a way to contact MJBreviewers? I’m sure there is a contact button on her and I just can’t find it. Thanks, Carolyn

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