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Legally Blind Luck (Braxton Campus Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
7th in Series
Independently published (April 15, 2021)
Gumshoe – A Next Chapter Imprint
Paperback: 295 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8707757341
Digital ASIN: B08R347N

I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author James J Cudney and his new book Legally Blind Luck.  It is the seventh book in his A Braxton Campus Mystery Series. 

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Legally Blind Luck (Braxton Campus Mysteries)
by James J. Cudney

The author writes cozies that are fun to read, and this one is no exception. Full of mystery, twists and turns… it keeps one guessing who the murderer is.
~Literary Gold

mjbreviewers – Page 54 – So Many Books, So Little Time

Surprising new family members. A hidden talisman. Deadly curses. Murder. Months after tragically losing a loved one, Kellan learns his relative’s death wasn’t an accident.

Someone has discovered a cursed talisman, and a rogue government agent will stop at nothing to retrieve the heirloom. Unfortunately, it has already changed hands and found its way on campus. Moments before Braxton’s controversial art exhibition opens, Kellan stumbles upon another murder victim, and it appears he might be next on the avenger’s list.

Can Kellan protect the talisman’s true heir and prevent the killer’s nefarious plan? Given all the suspects have ties to prominent Braxton citizens, he’s uncertain whom to trust. Together, Kellan and Sheriff April are determined to solve the mystery – via legal means or blind luck.

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James is my given name, but most folks call me Jay. I live in New York City, grew up on Long Island, and graduated from Moravian College, an historic but small liberal arts school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with a degree in English literature and minors in Education, Business and Spanish. After college, I accepted a technical writing position for a telecommunications company during Y2K and spent the last ~20 years building a career in technology & business operations in the retail, sports, media, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Throughout those years, I wrote short stories, poems, and various beginnings to the “Great American Novel,” but I was so focused on my career that writing became a hobby. In 2016, I committed to focusing my energies toward reinvigorating a second career in reading, writing, and publishing.


Writing has been a part of my life as much as my heart, mind, and body. At some points, it was just a few poems or short stories; at others, it was full length novels and stories. My current focus is family drama fiction, cozy mystery novels, and suspense thrillers. I conjure characters and plots that I feel must be unwound. I think of situations people find themselves in and feel compelled to tell the story. It’s usually a convoluted plot with many surprise twists and turns. I feel it necessary to take that ride all over the course. My character is easily pictured in my head. I know what he is going to encounter or what she will feel. But I need to use the right words to make it clear.

Reader & Reviewer

Reading has also never left my side. Whether it was children’s books, young adult novels, college textbooks, biographies, or my ultimate love, fiction, it’s ever present in my day. I read two books per week and I’m on a quest to update every book I’ve ever read on Goodreads, write up a review, and post it on all my sites and platforms.

Blogger & Thinker

I have combined my passions into a single platform where I share reviews, write a blog and publish tons of content: TRUTH. I started my 365 Daily Challenge, where I post about a word that has some meaning to me and converse with everyone about life. There is humor, tears, love, friendship, advice, and bloopers. Lots of bloopers where I poke fun at myself all the time. Even my dogs have had weekly segments called “Ryder’s Rants” or “Baxter’s Barks,” where they complain about me. All these things make up who I am; none of them are very fancy or magnanimous, but they are real. And that’s why they are me.

Genealogist & Researcher

I love history and research, finding myself often reaching back into the past to understand why someone made the choice he or she did and what were the subsequent consequences. I enjoy studying the activities and culture from hundreds of years ago to trace the roots and find the puzzle of my own history. I wish I could watch my ancestors from a secret place to learn how they interacted with others, and maybe I’ll comprehend why I do things the way I do.

Websites & Blog




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Review of Phantoms and Felonies


Avery Morgan has been hired to breathe new life into the Portage Path Women’s Club, but first she’ll have to deal with a dead body and a meddling ghost.

When a local theater troupe puts on a new play at the club, manager Avery Morgan is excited. This is just the sort of event that’s destined to bring in potential new members. Okay, millionaire banker Bob Hanover has more bucks than talent and has used his position to grab the lead role, but that seems like a small price to pay…until Bob is found dead backstage.

Bob rubbed many people the wrong way, but would anyone want him dead? The short answer to that is: Who wouldn’t want him dead? His long-suffereing wife had to put up with years of womanizing. The show’s playwright has been tricked out of his one great idea by Bob, who claimed it as his own work. And Bob bankrupted one of the town’s small businessmen. The choices are many and the time to find the killer is running short.

Avery is working overtime to keep the club open and find the killer. Fortunately, she has help with the latter task. Clemmie Bow was once a singer in the speakeasy in the club’s basement. Now she’s a ghost who’s also a top-notch detective. Together Clemmie and Avery will find the killer—even if it kills one of them. (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Avery once again finds herself having to solve another murder.  This time, banker Bob Hanover is found dead backstage of a play that Avery’s Portage Path Women’s Club is putting on.  She will have to look for clues and try to solve it, while still doing her job for the Women’s Club.  She tries to help Oz, the sergeant working the case,to figure it out and catch the culprit.   And she has Clemmie, the resident ghost that only Avercy can see and hear, to help her with the sleuthing.  

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and the descriptions took me on a journey to find the killer.  The mystery was well plotted and there were enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider.  You have to put on your thinking caps to try and figure out the killer.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I am already looking forward to the next book and seeing what Avery and Clemmie are up to.  

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Berkeley Publishing Group, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.

Review Of Lemon Drop Dead

Lemon Drop Dead

Amish Candy Shop Mystery, Book # 6

Amanda Flower

5 Stars


Murder always leaves a sour taste . . .

Although baby showers aren’t an Amish tradition, Bailey King wants to celebrate Emily Keim’s forthcoming bundle of joy. It’s the least she can do for her hardworking assistant at Swissmen Sweets, especially with Emily being estranged from her siblings. Everyone in Harvest, Ohio has gathered at the town gazebo—decked out in lemon-themed décor to add some of Emily’s favorite flavor to the festivities—including Juliet Brook, Jethro the Pig, and in a last-minute invite, Emily’s sister Esther Esh.

But Esther isn’t the only surprise guest. A mysterious Amish woman confronts Emily claiming to know about her secret shame—the child she had as a teenager who was given up for adoption. The stranger vanishes before Bailey could find out who she was and if she knew what happened to Emily’s first baby. Later that evening, the woman reappears—dead in Esh Family Pretzels, with a threatening letter written by Esther found on her body.

Emily knows her sister is not a murderer and convinces Bailey to help clear Esther’s name and put the squeeze on the real killer . . . (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  All of the usual gang were involved in this book, but it was Emily that the mystery revolved around.  She is about to have a baby, and even though it is not the normal practice, Bailey and all of her friends throw her a baby shower.  An uninvited guest tells Emily that she knows about her first baby that was given up for adoption.  Before Bailey or anyone else can figure out who the woman is, she is found dead in the pretzel shop that Esther, Emily’s sister, owns.  Bailey will once again have to figure out the real killer, before Esther is arrested and put away for a long time.  

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and allowed me to visit Harvest, Ohio, and spend time withBailey and her friends.   The mystery was well plotted and I was not completely sure of the culprit until it was revealed at the end.     

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I think the books are just getting better and I cannot wait to read the next one.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, Kensington Books, and NetGalley, which I greatly appreciate.

Lemon Drop Dead (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery Book 6) by [Amanda Flower]

New Releases For The Week Of April 18th, 2021–Part 3

Bonfires, Barbeques and Bodies (The Arizona Summers Mysteries Book 3) by [Susan Keene]

Arizona Summers has three loves, running the family-owned restaurant at Moonstone Lake, helping Sheriff Keith Wesley solve crimes, and the new hobby of photography. The first of her pictures reveals a body in the woods. After closer inspection, the death is ruled murder by crossbow; just like many other bodies found over the years near Moonstone Lake. The only thing they have in common is they all hunted at Goliath Deer Reserve, and none of their possessions or their vehicles were ever seen again.

While Arizona and Sheriff Wesley try to unravel the latest crime, another mysterious gentleman enters her Aunt Sandy’s life with a questionable past. To add to her problems, her mother, Emma, disappears after taking a large amount of money from her savings account. An internet search reveals a dangerous gigolo who makes a habit of taking advantage of widows with a little money in the bank. When Arizona confronts him, she finds herself cornered and a victim of a knife attack, only to be rescued by the loveable mutt, Nutmeg, but with deadly consequences.

Come follow Arizona’s latest adventure as she sets out to make Moonstone Lake a safer place to live as she navigates living in a small town (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Spilled Milk (Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Heather Day  Gilbert]

BOOK FOUR in the BARKS & BEANS CAFE cozy mystery series!!

Welcome to the Barks & Beans Cafe, a quaint place where folks pet shelter dogs while enjoying a cup of java…and where murder sometimes pays a visit.

The fall flea market has arrived in Macy’s small mountain town, and she’s taking a day off work to check out the local wares. As she and her Great Dane, Coal, wander through the booths, Macy’s more than a little taken aback to discover that her enigmatic tattooed barista, Kylie, is selling antique weapons at the event.

She’s even more shocked when Coal sniffs out a dead body…and the man appears to have been struck down by one of Kylie’s swords.

As rumors begin to circulate, the Barks & Beans Cafe also takes a hit. Customers are reluctant to order their mochas from a murderess. Macy stands by her employee, but even she believes there’s a whole lot more to Kylie’s history than the woman lets on. To make matters worse, Macy’s brother Bo is out of the country, leaving the cafe’s future in her hands.

And then her ex-husband Jake shows up, begging to make amends.

With the past rearing its ugly head, Macy has to ignore Jake’s distractions, appease the angst of her nervous customers, and convince Kylie to trust her, all before an elusive killer strikes again.

Join siblings Macy and Bo Hatfield as they sniff out crimes in their hometown…with plenty of dogs along for the ride! The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series features a small town, an amateur sleuth, and no swearing or graphic scenes.

The Barks & Beans Cafe cozy mystery series in order:
Book 1: No Filter
Book 2: Iced Over
Book 3: Fair Trade
Book 4: Spilled Milk (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Death Runs Adrift: The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, 6 by [Karen MacInerney]

With her own wedding fast approaching and her mother-in-law dating an unexpected beau, the last thing Natalie Barnes needs is to find a young man shot dead in a dinghy. A note she finds with the body suggests the dearly departed had a secret rendezvous planned with somebody on the island. But when suspicion is cast on a fisherman Natalie believes to be innocent, she begins to wonder if the murder was the result of a lover’s quarrel…or a lobsterman’s disagreement gone horribly wrong.

Includes recipes!

“MacInerney’s charming sixth offers beautiful scenery, an assortment of appended recipes, and one of her strongest mysteries to date.”―Kirkus Reviews

“This book is an absolute gem.”―Suspense Magazine (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Witch and Peace: A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery Book 6 (Lily Sweet Mysteries) by [Bettina M. Johnson]

An unexpected ice storm. Another murder. A kidnapped loved one. Bringing the battle to the evil witch is the only answer. Will Lily Sweet survive?

That is what Lily is counting on when she decides sneaking into prison can bring her that much closer to her quarry. How else can she get access to the very place she’s been trying to enter all along, and hopefully make her way to where her enemy reigns supreme. Lily can bring the war to Donna.

Lily and Adelaide with the help of the meanest dark witch to ever grace Joe’s Diner, one Adriana Dolce, are in the war room, plotting and strategizing their next move in the quest to find and rescue Charlie Sweet – Lily’s long-lost father. But it isn’t all planning and no action. With a new-found respect for her studies, Lily is becoming adept at not only magic, but weaponry…thanks to Addy, and daily sparring.

Before a new spell is cast to find Charlie, Lily and her family will hit an unexpected road block that will lead them to seek answers with the very woman who has been behind all the evil…and take the battle to her doorstep to get them. During an ice storm to end all ice storms, a body turn up, Grandfather Antonio is kidnapped, and Lily winds up in trouble for smacking the hot new female deputy who just happens to be an old flame of Lorcan’s.

Nothing is ever easy…but Lily is ready for the fight. And she won’t stop until she has the tools needed to bring Antonio home, take Donna out, and remove the threat to her happiness…and heart. Lily embracing her dark witch is something to behold. When evil wants war…Lily is ready to battle for love…and ultimately, win! A Lily Sweet: Briar Witch Cozy Mystery, Book 6. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Sprinkles & a Situation (Dogs & Donuts Book 1) by [Emmie Lyn]

A donut a day doesn’t keep disasters away.

I’m Ellie Hart, and when a dog walking job falls in my lap, it looks like my luck has changed. Changed for the worst, that is, when the first thing I do is stumble upon a body.

And the new detective in town happens to be the most eligible bachelor around. And my new boss’s grandson. I’ve signed on for way more than I’d ever wanted.

With my job on the line, my black Lab at my side, and donuts in hand, my only choice is to follow the clues. But when footprints lead to evidence that doesn’t add up, I kick my natural nosiness into high gear.

My life is a complete mess, but with my new passion for sniffing out clues, I might just solve this dirty whodunit before the wrong person is arrested.

Grab yourself a huge helping of this clever new cozy mystery series. You’ll fall in love with Ellie Hart, her dog, and the cast of characters who keep her on her toes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

MayDay! (The Juniper Junction Holiday Mystery Series Book 5) by [Amy M. Reade]

Lilly Carlsen has planned the perfect wedding reception for her brother, but her plans unravel in spectacular fashion when a dead body turns up and someone’s dangerous prank spirals out of control.

After Bill and Noley head off to their well-deserved honeymoon in the tropics, Lilly is determined to find out who was behind the events that turned a fairy-tale evening into the worst reception in Juniper Junction history. But all is not as it seems, and Lilly may be putting herself in grave danger by attempting to uncover the culprits.

And to make matters worse, serious family issues are mounting and Lilly may have to do the one thing she swore she wouldn’t do… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Box Set Books 4-6 (Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Series Boxset Book 2) by [Ruth Hartzler]

Books 4, 5, and 6, three funny and delightful cozy mysteries in a box set of this USA Today Best-selling series.


Book 4. Speak with Confection

Book 5. An Instant Confection

Book 6. Confections of a Partygoer (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dead as a Doornail (Stan Kraychik Mystery Book 6) by [Grant Michaels, Graeme Cheater]

A Stan Kraychik Mystery, Book 6 – Newly wealthy psychologist-by-training, hairstylist-by-experience Stan Kraychik buys the last unrenovated brownstone in Boston’s fabulously chic South End only to have the renovations held up by a freak April snowstorm – and the murder of the young, attractive contractor inside his structurally unsound brownstone.

Because the contractor resembled Stan, Lt. Vito Branco of the Boston Police Department thinks Stan might have been the intended target. While Branco wants Stan to leave town while he investigates the murder, Stan has ideas of his own. Looking into the death, Stan discovers that underneath the well-kept facade of his glamorous neighborhood lies a web of ill-kept secrets, jealousies, and resentments.

In the midst of all of it is something that motivated someone to murder, and Stan must find out who – and what – before the murderer strikes again.

A Lambda Literary Awards Finalist in 1998, this new edition includes a foreword by Graeme Cheater.

Critical Praise for Grant Michaels

A Body to Dye For is a delightful debut with a gay hairdresser-investigator who gets his fingers into a lot more things than hair. It’s a promising start to what looks to be a successful series.” – George Baxt, The Dorothy Parker Murder Case

Dead on Your Feet is a first-rate mystery with an Agatha Christie lineup of very possible suspects and Stan Kraychik playing a terrific Poirot.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“For Mask for a Diva, the opera setting, with its hilariously precise caste system of attitudes toward homosexuality, is as ripe for Michaels as it was for the Marx Brothers – and the finale even squeezes in a little bit of them too.” – Kirkus Reviews

“In Time to Check Out, Kraychik tracks his suspect to a hurricane-tossed tourist boat and finally sorts out the details of a breezy whodunit.” – Publishers Weekly

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

The Kay Sister: A Mystery Suspense Thriller (Turquoise Valley Book 3) by [Levi Fuller]

Rosa Kay is struggling to keep her life from falling apart.

Everything was turned upside down when a body was found in her small town with links to her father’s murder. Her eldest sister is still missing, and her youngest sister’s childlike worldview makes her a wildcard. Her relationship with Mark Fell is growing complicated, and her partnership with the reclusive Mr. Melbourne has raised more unpleasant gossip. She didn’t ask for any of this, and she doubts everything and everyone, even herself.

Now, Rosa has the FBI breathing down her neck. The stakes are getting higher in this dangerous game, and the secrets her family has been keeping for years begin to weigh more heavily upon her. Rosa doesn’t know who to trust, but she does know if she trusts the wrong person, things will turn deadly, and there is no telling who will get hurt.

If you like mystery suspense books, then you will love The Kay Sister.
Click the Buy NOW or Read NOW button at the top and join her search today.

Editions Available: Kindle

Bad to the Scone: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (A Craven Sisters Cozy Mystery Book 2) by [January Daphne]

Catching a killer is like mixing up dough for the perfect scone… You’ve got to get your hands dirty. 

When Willa Craven finds herself to be the prime suspect in a murder investigation, she has no choice but to swallow her pride and accept help from some very unlikely allies—a pretty-boy vampire from a place called Wolf Mountain, her ex-boyfriend who is definitely still mad at her, and of course, her sister Samantha, a reluctant but wildly powerful fire witch. 

Cracking this case becomes a lot more complicated when this scenic mountain town gets a few new visitors—including a rough-and-tumble gang of vampire bikers and a runaway teen hiding a supernatural secret. 

On top of that, the sisters must also learn to bake the perfect scone for the town’s annual bake sale, all while keeping their magical oven fire burning and their handsome, nosy baker from discovering their magical secrets!

When you’re in charge of saving the world, why be good when you could be Bad to the Scone?

If you love small-town mountain settings, sassy female amateur sleuths, dreamy vampires, mysterious shifters, sweet romance, and lots of laugh out loud humor, you’ll love the second book in January Daphne’s paranormal cozy mystery series, Bad to the Scone. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

My Spy by [Erin  St. James]

Sawyer Sweeney is a rebellious southern belle whose latest scandal has her back in her overbearing mama’s house. She’s fresh off a broken engagement and decides to swear off all the men in Hollis, her small Mississippi town.

Austin Sweeney is Sawyer’s gorgeous older brother who left a trail of broken-hearted belles behind when he took a job in South Carolina after college. Austin decides to come back to Hollis for two weeks to check in on his broken-hearted sister and brings his work colleague Ryan, along with him. Austin warns Ryan to stay away from his vulnerable sister, which Ryan easily agrees to since their job doesn’t allow for relationships.

When Ryan accidentally reveals the real reason Austin is in town, Sawyer struggles to keep it a secret. She learns Austin and Ryan are agents in the F.B.I and their latest target is Sawyer’s ex-best friend, Whitney Carmichael’s uncle. Sawyer sees it as an opportunity to get revenge on her old pal, but big brother Austin refuses to let her get involved with their undercover work. Ryan sees Sawyer as a valuable resource so he agrees to let her help, all while keeping her involvement a secret from Austin.

Can Sawyer keep her secrets straight and stay focused on the task at hand? Or can Ryan keep his promise to Austin and stay far away from his reckless sister? If not, Sawyer might end up in another scandal and left behind with only her broken heart. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

On The Rocks: A Brandy Wyne Mystery by [Anne Avery]

Check list for vacation in paradise: Swim suit. Sun hat. Sunscreen. Beach read book that probably won’t get read. Dinner dress. Sexy heels. Sexier underwear.

Stuff not included on list: Kidnappers. Murderers. All-around general bad guys. Good guys who are even scarier than the bad guys.

Being a rich widow wasn’t turning out anything like what I’d expected, especially since I fell for all the hype in those fancy brochures that had convinced me to book a vacation in paradise.

Okay, sure, my luxury escape included all the sun, sand, and fancy drinks with cute paper umbrellas a girl could want. I’d expected that. It even threw in a rich, single hunk of a guy who seemed more than happy to help me enjoy my new life. I definitely hadn’t expected that!

Unfortunately, not one of those brochures had mentioned kidnapping or murder. Worse, they hadn’t so much as hinted at the government guys who’d suddenly shown up at my door asking a lot of unsettling questions about my dead husband and his “associates.” Questions for which they were convinced I had all the answers, even though I didn’t. I hadn’t even known there’d be questions!

When the good guys scare you a whole lot more than the bad guys, who absolutely terrify you, you know you’re in Trouble with a capital T! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Frostbite: A Contessa Munroe Mystery (The Contessa Munroe Mysteries Book 2) by [G R Jordan]

An elite ski resort suffers a power failure threatening the safety of its guests. As the residents run supplies between the stricken lodges, a body is found butchered in the snow. Can the Contessa and Tiff discover who likes to truly carve up on the ice?

A fortnight of indulgence turns into two weeks of survival as an avalanche and stormy conditions cut off the exclusive Monte Rosa resort. But as the cold sets in with the power lines down, the Contessa finds out there are more deadly things on the slopes than snow and ice.

Frostbite is the second murder mystery involving the formidable and sometimes downright rude lady of leisure and her straight talking niece. Bonded by blood, and thrown together by fate, join this pair of thrill seekers as they realise there’s no such thing as pure snow.

Watch your back when they only ski on the red slopes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

CONSTABLE ALONG THE LANE a perfect feel-good read from one of Britain's best-loved authors (Constable Nick Mystery Book 7) by [NICHOLAS RHEA]


It’s original, it’s funny…one of life’s little pleasures.” Yorkshire Post


The brilliantly entertaining and heartwarming books behind the hit 90s TV series “Heartbeat”. One of the top ten most watched shows of the decade.


“If we suffered three crimes in the district during a month, the local papers described it as a crime wave. These waves were very tiny, therefore, more like ripples on a village pond than the kind of waves that swamp ocean liners.”

A hay barn is set on fire at Low Dale Farm. It seems that an arsonist is targeting isolated barns.

Arnold Merryweather’s ancient bus helps catch a car thief.

And when Nick arrests not only a pig thief but also the expectant pig, the police station cleaner is not very pleased.

But it’s not all crime. A glider crashes into a romance in a thatched cottage and then Constable Nick is involved in a plot to force a penny-pincher to spend money.

Stories of a constable on his village beat in North Yorkshire. All very gentle and far, far removed from the hurly burly of modern day city policing.” Daily Telegraph

In the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside of the 1960s, Constable Nick’s roles are as varied as the eccentric villagers.

Perfect for fans of James Herriot, TE Kinsey, Gerald Durrell, J. R. Ellis or anyone who loves a great read.


Police Constable Nick Rhea has been posted to the country with his wife Mary and their three small children. They move into the police house, high on a ridge overlooking the moors. It sits on the edge of the village of Aidensfield — “probably the most beautiful site in the country”.

Sergeant Oscar Blaketon. A good, solid and dependable character who runs his little police station with fierce efficiency but under a tough exterior, is full of warmth, generosity and kindness

PC Alf Ventress. The old, easy-going constable whose local knowledge is vital to the running of Ashfordly Police Station. He does like Mrs Ventress’s hard-boiled eggs!


Just love Nicholas Rhea’s Constable books… easy reading delivers a heart-warming, amusing trip back to a very different kind of policing in the ’60s.” Joy Ellis

“Recommended if it’s laughter you’re after.” Bolton Evening News

“Richly entertaining.” Yorkshire Evening Post

Splendid reading.” Police Journal

“To be really blunt, this is not my normal reading fare, but I loved it.” Nancy

“I enjoyed this tremendously.” Melissa

“A wonderful and relaxing dip into the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors.” David

“A highly entertaining book which anyone who is looking for easy and humorous reading will enjoy.” Granny

“As I had served as a village constable in a delightful part of the North York Moors, it seemed logical to use that experience as a background to the stories, and to add a touch of humour which is always present in police work.”


Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

Sweet Sanctuary: A Kate Huntington Mystery Prequel (The Kate Huntington Mystery Series) by [Kassandra Lamb]

Can love rise from the ashes?

When Kate O’Donnell runs into her old college sweetheart, Ed Huntington at a U2 concert, the last thing she expects to be dealing with is murder. Ed’s date is found dead and not only is he the prime suspect, but he unwittingly gets Kate involved as a potential accessory.

Kate’s always loved a good puzzle and she’s discovering she still has feelings for Ed. She can’t let him go to prison for something she knows he’s incapable of doing. Their love is rekindled as they try to find the real culprit… but will the killer find them first? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

New Releases For The Week Of April 18th, 2021–Part 2

A Score to Kettle: The Magical Tea Room Mysteries by [Erin Johnson]

Welcome to the coziest, vampire-owned tea room in Bath! It’s steeped in magic and mystery.

You’ve got to have your bestie’s back, right? Even if it involves stalking a vampire hunter?

Minnie Wells is getting back out there again after a messy divorce, when she attends a play at the gorgeous Theatre Royal in Bath with a hunky detective. But when Minnie finds the lead actress dead in her dressing room, her fun night out turns into a crime scene.

To heap on the trouble, Minnie also suspects her detective date’s mysterious friend is the rumored vampire hunter. Now Minnie’s racing to solve the playhouse murder while protecting not only her best friend, but also her vampire boss (who she just might have a big crush on). All this, while working at the tea room, learning spells, celebrating the Spring Solstice, and dealing with her dastardly ex.

And it doesn’t help when another body turns up backstage.

Will Minnie upstage the killer and keep her vampire friends safe? Or will it be curtains for this new witch and her paranormal pals?

Pull your armchair closer to the cozy crackling fire, sip your steaming tea, and find out now in A Score to Kettle!

If you like charming towns, a hilarious cast of lovable characters, and twisty mysteries, you’ll adore Erin Johnson’s lighthearted whodunnit. A Score to Kettle is the third book in the Magical Tea Room Mysteries.

Grab your copy now or read for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Happy reading! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The Moonlit Murders: A historical mystery page-turner (A Fen Churche Mystery Book 3) by [Fliss Chester]

When a journey to New York is interrupted by missing diamonds and a body in the lifeboat, there is only one woman who can help: Fen Churche!

1945Fen Churche follows her dreams and sails for New York. She books passage on a steam ship from France to America, excited to dance the night away in the glamorous ballroom and play games on deck. Nothing will stand in the way of her trip, not even when an eccentric heiress’s diamond tiara goes missing

Looking forward to relaxing with her favourite crossword puzzles, Fen’s quiet passage is horribly disrupted by another crime – this time a murder. Fen finds Genie, a young actress bound for Broadway, strangled in her own cabin. With no police on board and a frantic captain, Fen decides to do a little snooping of her own.

When another body turns up, hidden in a lifeboat, whilst the ship is in the middle of the Atlantic, Fen feels sure these dreadful crimes are linked. Through her sleuthing she meets light-hearted lieutenants returning from the war, charming cabin boys and snooty first-class passengers who look down their nose at her. But it isn’t until Fen realises that one person is missing from the passenger list that she is finally on the murderer’s trail.

With only rolling waves and sea mists for company, can Fen solve the case before they dock in New York and the killer escapes for good?

You’ll be utterly hooked from page one of this warm and witty cozy! An absolute treat for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Jacqueline Winspear.

Readers are totally addicted to Fliss Chester!

Nail-biting suspense and powerful emotion… A marvellous treat for historical mystery fans… A compulsively readable thriller that has me waiting with bated breath for the next.’ Bookish Jottings ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘I was totally captivated from the very beginning… I was holding my breath.’ Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Captured me within the first few pages… An exciting read. I devoured it in one sitting!… I’m hooked.’ Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was hooked from page one! I felt like I was right there.’ Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Difficult to put down. Fliss Chester has a talent for capturing your attention and holding it right till the end… Dotted with lies, spies, murder, romance, mystery, and everything nice!!!.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Kept me guessing throughout the book on the identity of the murderer… The ending was unexpected… Can’t wait to read more.’ Goodreads Reviewer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘The plot is intriguing and filled with mystery, spies, lies, romance, murder and more!!!… Kept me guessing throughout.’ Goodreads Reviewer

A perfect historical mystery! What a beginning!… I could not put this book down.’ Goodreads Reviewer

Rollickingly good.’ Goodreads Reviewer (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Audiobook

Wicked Whoopie Pies: Cozy Mystery (MURDER IN THE MIX Book 33) by [Addison Moore]

A baker who sees the dead. One too many suitors.
And a killer. Living in Honey Hollow can be murder.

*A laugh out loud standalone cozy mystery by New York Times Bestseller Addison Moore* All books in the series can be read individually, so dive on in!.***Includes RECIPE***

My name is Lottie Lemon, and I see dead people. Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see furry creatures of the dearly departed variety, who have come back from the other side to warn me of their previous owner’s impending doom.

A dispute at the local church leaves someone in need of their last rites, and Lottie is caught in the middle.
The mystery woman stalking Honey Hollow has been revealed, and Lottie suspects something wicked lies beneath the surface of that familiar face of hers.

Lottie Lemon has a brand new bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors, and she has the supernatural ability to see the dead—which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in a string of murders, and her insatiable thirst for justice, and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in Honey Hollow can be murder.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore— Cosmopolitan Magazinecalls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!” (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Chase of Phantoms (The Haunted Bakery Witch Mystery Series Book 1) by [Constance Barker]

Welcome to Cabot’s Keep..A Haven for Witches and a Haughty Kitty Familiar

Unfortunately, long live the Queen didn’t manifest when the Renaissance fair comes to town. Hi, I’m Cora and along with my Nana, father Ben and most of the town….well, we be witchy. Most of the town that is, except for some mundane folks who think the magical backstory is all folklore. Joke’s on them. But to keep ourselves under the radar, we mainly mind our p’s and q’s. Most of the time.

Nana and I run the local bakery….she’s the brains behind the baked goods and I’m the brawn. Someone has to haul those hefty cookie sheets on the racks. But now I have a murder to solve. I may not be a licensed detective, but a little badge never stopped me. Much to the chagrin of the local warlock/sheriff, Cody. It’s okay, he’ll get use to my perseverance…maybe.

Although there is one being who might like me to stick to baking him treats only is my familiar, Sir Jasper Jones. Poor fellow was a knight in a former life until he tangled with a dark witch. Now he has to settle for licking his privates and the occasional tuna treat. I think he likes both rather too much.

***Join us for a humorous and mysterious new witch paranormal series*** (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Hanks and a Hitman: (A Humorous & Heart-warming Cozy Mystery) (A Knitty Kitties Mystery Book 3) by [Tracey Drew]

Wanted: Cat mum to manage a yarn store, corral two curious cats, all the while being tangled up in murderous mayhem and mystery.

A smart woman would dump her cheating ex, move from the city, and give herself a chance for a well-deserved do-over. A smarter woman—smarter than me, anyway—wouldn’t jump out of that same frying pan and return to Cape Discovery, a seaside village where her family is the nuttiest of all the nut-ball residents.

I’m a high school counsellor turned new owner of Unraveled, my granddad’s yarn store in town. More exciting than a delivery of rainbow colored wool is the news of movie location scouts in the area, though not everyone believes all publicity is good publicity. Game on between landowners to secure such a lucrative deal.
I can’t help being caught up in movie fever, until I stumble onto one of those landowners, face down in a kitty litter tray. Deader than dead thanks to an unknown assailant. With dating disasters aplenty both online and in-real-life and a hitman on the loose, things couldn’t get much more murderously crazy in Cape Discovery. If only that were true…

Tessa Wakefield has her hands full juggling a cozy craft store, her crazy family, and two men who’d rather poke out their eyes than describe themselves as cute. Which they totally are. Cute, charismatic, and occasionally on her mind when she’s not stumbling over dead bodies and using her newfound sleuthing skills to track down murderers. Lucky she’s an excellent multi-tasker because digging beneath Cape Discovery’s surface can unearth secrets that kill. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Mint Condition Murder (Antiques & Collectibles Mysteries Book 9) by [Ellery Adams, Parker Riggs]

A new book in the Antiques & Collectibles mystery series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs!

In the world of antiques and collectibles, it helps to have a sharp eye for quality, a good ear for gossip, and a nose for murder.

When the female antiques dealer she was meant to interview turns up dead, Collector’s Weekly reporter Molly Appleby can’t help but wonder why anyone would kill a woman so new to the area. Before she can spend much time pondering means or motive, Molly discovers that the father she never knew is keen on a reconciliation. And while it seems unlikely that his sudden interest and the death of the dealer are connected, Molly soon learns otherwise.

As she begins digging into the past of the victim, Molly realizes that the woman was not at all what she seemed. Not only did she possess a stash of rare coins linked to an unsolved murder, but she also engaged in illicit affairs with multiple married men. With suspects galore and a reunion with her long-lost father looming, Molly will have to uncover crimes both old and new before the secrets that refuse to stay buried turn fatal . . .

“A wonderfully written, captivating cozy novel with likeable main characters and an interesting plot!” —Goodreads review on A Treacherous Trader

About the Authors:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ellery Adams lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, and three cats. She’s written multiple series including the Supper Club Mysteries, the Book Retreat Mysteries, the Secret, Book, and Scone Society Mysteries, and more.

Parker Riggs is also the author of the mystery novels A Treacherous Trader, A Devious Lot, A Killer Keepsake, and A Bidder End (all with Ellery Adams), along with a stand-alone mystery, Finding Jessica. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Death on the Coast: The Wellington Cozy Mystery series by [M A Comley]

From M A Comley – NY Times bestselling author of the Carmel Cove Detective Series.

Angie Potter, had everything to live for, so why would someone deliberately set out to kill her?

With a violent storm on the horizon, threatening to disrupt the investigation, Lucy Diamond, an intrepid journalist with the Wellington Journal sets out to solve the murder.

However, the local sergeant, Brendon Colt, sees her snooping as a frustrating intrusion.

A stranger saunters into town who sets the local womenfolk’s hearts fluttering. Who is he? Why is he defensive when Lucy questions him about his intentions?

Every day a new suspect is highlighted for Angie’s murder. Can Lucy uncover who the perpetrator is while battling her own internal demons?

Book two – Death by Association coming soon. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Stone of Spells (Charm Kitty Mysteries Book 1) by [J. L.  Collins]

Never trust a cat. Especially if he’s psychic.

She lost her job, her perfect house, and now Maggie Owens is sure she’s losing her sanity. Her whole life feels like it’s crumbling at her feet and there’s no way her witchy powers can fix it.

Rock-bottom is looming near until a fateful knock on her door. She’s named the sole heir to her estranged grandfather’s magical museum, and whisked off to sunny Fortune Point, California to start a new life.

In addition to inheriting the museum, she also finds herself responsible for a talking cat named Winston, who comes with his own fan cult following thanks to his viral videos.

Between learning the ropes of her new business, overseeing a weekly supernatural swap meet, and fulfilling Winston’s ever-growing demands, Maggie barely has a moment to herself. Oh, and that’s to say nothing of the mysterious and charming vampire next door.

Just when she thinks she’s getting the hang of things, she uncovers an awful truth, one that could cost her everything – including her life.

Time for some sun, sand, and sass! Stone of Spells is book one in the Charm Kitty Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Dangers of Dog Walking (Country Girl in the Big City Cozy Mystery Book 4) by [Susan Harper]

Dog walking isn’t usually considered a deadly occupation. Maybe it should be.

A cozy mystery from International Bestselling Author Susan Harper

Bonnie has balanced her schoolwork and jobs and is looking forward to some days off. And maybe even a date. But when owner of one of the dogs she walks turns up dead all of that goes out the window. Who would have thought dog walking would lead Bonnie into another murder investigation? One more time, Bonnie is going to have to put on the sleuthing hat and catch a killer.

Dangers of Dog Walking is the fourth story in the Country Girl in the Big City Cozy Mystery series. If you like fast-paced mysteries with interesting characters, troublesome pets, and unexpected twists, you’re going to love the Country Girl in the Big City Cozy Mystery series.

Download Dangers of Dog Walking and see how a couple country girls, and a goat, get by in the big city!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Deadly Coins (A Witch in the Woods Book 2) by [Jenna St. James]

A 40-year-old Witch with a New Career

A Gargoyle Sheriff Raising a Teenaged Daughter

And an Enchanted Island Full of Secrets

When game warden, Shayla Loci, and her cousin, Serena Spellburn, stumble upon a wounded dragon guarding gold coins, they have no idea it would lead to a clue about how Serena’s dad, Mac, really died nearly thirty years before. But that’s exactly what happened. Now Shayla and Sheriff Alex Stone must determine if Mac died of suspicious causes, and, if so, who caused his death and why. Between digging for thirty-year-old clues among supposed friends and experiencing a near-death fatality, Shayla is sure Mac’s death was planned. But can she prove it? With the help of Needles her flying porcupine, Shayla is unwavering in her pursuit to find Uncle Mac’s killer. But when things come to a head, and innocent people are in the way, will everyone come out unscathed? Or will Shayla have to make the ultimate sacrifice? If you like paranormal cozy mysteries and midlife main characters, then this series is for you! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Fresh out of Cluck (The Heathervale Mysteries Book 3) by [Matilda Swift]

Murder most fowl comes to an English country village.

Head-teacher Arrina Fenn has big plans for the new year. Heathervale’s elegant New Year’s Eve party is the perfect place to raise a glass and make resolutions for success.

But when she stumbles on a dead body before midnight, Arrina learns not to count her chickens before they hatch.

With no suspects in sight, whispers and rumours threaten to tear the village apart. Can Arrina crack the case before the chickens come home to roost?

This clean read is book three of The Heathervale Mysteries. Enjoy it as a standalone or read in series order for more twists than a country lane and a cast of cozy characters you’ll be right at home with.

Rotten to the Marrow (Book #0 – prequel novella)
The Slay of the Land (Book #1)
Dying over Spilled Milk (Book #2)
Fresh out of Cluck (Book #3) (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Wedding Bell Boos (A Ravenmist Whodunit Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 5) by [Olivia Jaymes]

It’s time for another Ravenmist Whodunit! A tiny Midwestern town with charming covered bridges, quirky residents, delightful antique shops, and more than their share of haunted activity.

It’s time for Missy’s wedding and all Tedi wants is to create the perfect day for her best friend. Four tiered wedding cake? Check. Family drama? Check. Ugly bridesmaid dress? Double check. It’s all going great until the bride tosses the bouquet at the reception. That’s when they discover the groom’s aunt dead in the coat room, a heavy bookend next to the body. It seems like everyone had a reason to kill the victim, and there’s no shortage of suspects. Even the bride and groom are going to need an alibi.

In the meantime, Tedi and her friends are busy looking for a supernatural object to help them fight the battle with evil. They desperately need something that will tip the scales in their favor. But even if they find it, will they know how to use it?

Don’t miss out on the wedding of the year in Ravenmist as Tedi learns her grandmother’s secret, searches the tunnels under the inn, and has her first fight as a couple with Jack. It’s going to be a hauntingly good time and you’re cordially invited. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Confections of a Partygoer (Amish Cupcake Cozy Mystery Book 6) by [Ruth Hartzler]

When Rebecca caters cupcakes for a famous artist’s birthday party, Jane, Matilda, and Eleanor assist.

It’s not long before things fall aparty, and a guest is murdered.

With Damon injured in the line of duty, Jane must candle this one with care. It’s no dead giftaway.

Jane has no time to stop and smell the flours as Matilda and Eleanor’s long-held secret finally comes to light. You batter believe it!

Confessions of a Partygoer is Book 6 in this USA Today Bestselling series. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Pest Control (Assassin Bugs Book 1) by [Bill Fitzhugh]

Bob Dillon can’t get a break. A down-on-his-luck exterminator, all he wants is success with his radical new, environmentally friendly pest-killing technique. So Bob decides to advertise.

Unfortunately, one of his flyers falls into the wrong hands. Marcel, a shady Frenchman, needs an assassin to handle a million-dollar hit, and he figures that Bob Dillon is his man. Through no fault – or participation – of his own, this unwitting pest controller from Queens has become a major player in the dangerous world of contract murder.

And now Bob’s running for his life through the wormiest sections of the Big Apple – one step ahead of a Bolivian executioner, a homicidal transvestite dwarf, meatheaded CIA agents, cabbies packing serious heat… and the world’s number-one hit man, who might just turn out to be the best friend Bob’s got.

Reviews for the Assassin Bugs series

One of the funniest, most off-beat thrillers... an action-packed plot stuffed with streetwise lines and larger than life characters.’ The Times

Wild and clever fun.’ Carl Hiaasen

Does for beetles what Jurassic Park did for dinosaurs… within its fascinating pages is a cast of creepy crawlies whose murderous methods put human predators to shame. Perfect holiday reading.’ Liverpool Daily Post (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Exterminators (Assassin Bugs Book 2) by [Bill Fitzhugh]

All Bob Dillon ever wanted was a truck with a big fiberglass bug on the roof. All he had to do was survive a half dozen assassination attempts, pull a ten million dollar con on a Bolivian drug lord, and then fall off the face of the earth with his family and his new best friend, Klaus. Six years later, they’ve surfaced in Oregon where they are continuing to work on an all-natural means of pest control.

Bob and Klaus are using advanced gene sequencers to consolidate the perfect insectkilling traits into one deadly bug. All this serious DNA tampering is expensive and they’re running low on funds. But who will invest? The interested outfit turns out to be a front for an agency of the Department of Defense, and they want to enlist Bob, Klaus, and the bugs in the War on Terror.

Things go swimmingly until that Bolivian drug lord discovers he was conned: he offers twenty million to whomever kills Bob and Klaus. Some of the world’s best assassins descend on Hollywood and the weirdness reaches an apocalyptic level…

Reviews for the Assassin Bugs series

One of the funniest, most off-beat thrillers... an action-packed plot stuffed with streetwise lines and larger than life characters.’ The Times

Wild and clever fun.’ Carl Hiaasen

Does for beetles what Jurassic Park did for dinosaurs… within its fascinating pages is a cast of creepy crawlies whose murderous methods put human predators to shame. Perfect holiday reading.’ Liverpool Daily Post (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Restoration Murder: The Salamander Hoard by [Lucy Branch]

To The Curious World of Restoration

An unsolved murder in a picturesque seaside town, the disappearance of a genius craftsman admired by The Royal Family, linked by a priceless pocket watch. When the timepiece finds its way into the hands of down on his luck, Ben Robertson, he sees an opportunity to get his life back on track. Entering the curious world of restoration, he sets about returning the watch back to its former glory.

Removing layers of corrosion reveals its exquisite beauty and also yields details about its dark past with connections to a hoard of jewels lost long ago.

The temptation to discover more sets Ben on a path he didn’t anticipate and with the unconventional eye of expert restorer, Rebecca Ruskin, the pursuit of truth and treasure begins.

Are these cases too cold to solve? Could the fate of the former owners become their own? Or could restoration mean redemption for more than just the watch? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

New releases For The Week Of April 18th, 2021–Part 1

Girl, 11 by [Amy Suiter Clarke]

“A masterful, heart-pounding suspense that ushers in an astonishing new voice in crime fiction.”
—Samantha M. Bailey, internationally bestselling author of Woman on the Edge

Elle Castillo once trained as a social worker, supporting young victims of violent crime. Now she hosts a popular true crime podcast that focuses on cold cases of missing and abducted children.
After four seasons of successfully solving these cases in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Elle decides to tackle her white whale: The Countdown Killer. Twenty years ago, TCK was terrorizing the community, kidnapping and ritualistically murdering three girls over seven days, each a year younger than the last. Then, after he took his eleven-year-old victim, the pattern—and the murders—abruptly stopped. No one has ever known why.
When Elle follows up on a listener tip only to discover the man’s dead body, she feels at fault. Then, within days, a child is abducted—a young girl who seems to fit suspiciously into the TCK sequence halted decades before. While media and law enforcement long ago concluded that TCK had suicided, Elle has never believed TCK was dead. She had hoped her investigation would lay that suspicion to rest, but her podcast seems instead to be inciting new victims.
“A tale of obsession, dark histories, and one woman’s quest to bring a terrifying killer to justice, GIRL, 11 is delivered with poise, style, and cunning – making it impossible to put down.”
—Alex Segura, acclaimed author of Miami Midnight and Blackout

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

Upstaged by Murder (A Laura Bishop Mystery Book 3) by [Grace Topping]

When professional home stager Laura Bishop enters a competition to become the next TV home staging star, she figures it will be murder—but she doesn’t expect it to include a body. As tensions rise and rivalries rage, a coded notebook flips the script and Laura’s on the case.

But she’s not alone. Her closest confidantes pitch in by sleuthing, eavesdropping, and even staging a sting to protect those near and dear. Yet she’s still corralling a runaway teen, sparring with a handsome detective, and handling the shock of her life with a blast from her past. All while creating a cozy cabin retreat fit for first place.

Amidst constant cameras and glaring lights, Laura tries to style the stage and pull back the curtain on a killer before her career—and her life—get cut.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

UPSTAGED BY MURDER by Grace Topping | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle. Hardcover, Paperback

From Port to Rigor Morte (The Wine Trail Mysteries Book 7) by [J. C. Eaton]

Norrie Ellington has to pour herself into the case to bottle up a crafty killer . . .

With her overlong stay at Two Witches Winery extended yet again, screenwriter Norrie Ellington wants nothing more than to lay low and avoid murder investigations at all costs. Then two neighborhood boys show up at the winery saying they’ve discovered what looks like a dead body in a nearby woods, and Norrie’s curiosity gets the better of her. When the body turns out to be a local labor manager and the sheriff suspects a neighboring winery of foul play, Norrie turns sleuth once again.

Following the few clues found at the scene, Norrie soon learns that the victim had been charging exorbitant amounts for the seasonal workers he supplied to the vineyards, meaning any of the owners could have wanted him out of the way. And when another dead body is found, Norrie’s dizzying list of suspects threatens to overwhelm her. But with the stakes higher than ever, her biggest fear may be that if the local sheriff doesn’t kill her for meddling, there’s a murderer on the loose who surely will . . .

Praise for the Books of J. C. Eaton:

“Engaging characters and a stirring mystery kept me captivated from the first page to the last.” —Dollycas, Amazon Vine Voice, on Divide and Concord

“Well-crafted sleuth, enjoyable supporting characters. This is a series not to be missed.” —Cozy Cat Reviews on Death, Dismay and Rosé

“A sparkling addition to the Wine Trail Mystery series. A toast to protagonist Norrie and Two Witches Winery, where the characters shine and the mystery flows. This novel is a perfect blend of suspense and fun!” —Carlene O’Neil, author of the Cypress Cove Mysteries, on Chardonnayed to Rest

“A thoroughly entertaining series debut, with enjoyable yet realistic characters and enough plot twists—and dead ends—to appeal from beginning to end.” —Booklist, starred review, on Booked 4 Murder

“Enjoy this laugh-out-loud funny mystery that will make you scream for the authors to get busy on the next one.” —Suspense Magazine on Molded 4 Murder

About the Author:

J. C. Eaton is the pen name of husband-and-wife writing team Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp. They are the authors of the Wine Trail Mysteries, the Sophie Kimball Mysteries, and the Marcie Rayner Mysteries. In addition, Ann has published nine YA time travel mysteries under her own name. You can learn more about Ann and Jim at,,, and (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Cat in the Limelight (The 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series, Book 6) by [Louise Clark]

Former Movie Producer Murdered at Charity Gala in Cat in the Limelight, a 9 Lives Cozy Mystery from Louise Clark

–Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada—

Christy Jameison’s reputation is at stake when the Dean of a local college is murdered at a fundraising gala she is attending, along with the wealthiest and most influential people from the community.

The press has a field day when it’s discovered the Dean was formerly a renowend television and movie producer. As reporters speculate over who and why the Dean was killed, they delve into past histories—including Christy’s.

With her reputation on the line, the investigation becomes personal as Christy investigates the Dean’s past and discovers more questions and an even longer list of suspects. While Christy is willing to do whatever it takes to solve the crime, it’s the cat in the limelight who possesses the clue.

Publisher Note: The 9 Lives Cozy Mysteries, while containing some very mild profanity, will be enjoyed by readers of clean and wholesome cozy mysteries. Cat lovers and those fond of all things feline, as well as readers of Amanda Lee, Denise Grover Swank, Rita Mae Brown’s Sneaky Pie Brown Mysteries, and Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey Mysteries will not want to miss this series.

The 9 Lives Cozy Mysteries
The Cat Came Back
The Cat’s Paw
Cat Got Your Tongue
Let Sleeping Cats Lie
Cat Among the Fishes
Cat in the Limelight
Fleece the Cat

About The Author: Louise Clark has been the adopted mom of several cats with big personalities. The feline who inspired Stormy, the cat in the 9 Lives books, dominated her household for twenty loving years. During that time, he created a family pecking order that left Louise on top and her youngest child on the bottom (just below the guinea pig), regularly tried to eat all his sister’s food (he was a very large cat), and learned the joys of travel through a cross-continent road trip.
The 9 Lives Cozy Mystery Series—as well as the single title mystery, A Recipe For Trouble, are all set in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

In this, his third adventure, Professor Andrew Basnett takes a brief break from his usual stomping grounds in the Little English Village, opting to spend Christmas in a Small Australian City instead. He’s visiting Tony, an old colleague with a newish wife, and he’s barely had a post-flight snack before he’s made aware of a cloud hanging over the marriage. Jan, Tony’s bride, is widely believed to have bashed her first husband over the head, and though she was acquitted of the murder, Tony himself is starting to have uncomfortable second thoughts. Things don’t get any more comfortable when, at a family dinner, one of the guests is done in, killed with a chunk of the same crystal that put paid to Jan’s first husband. And Jan herself? She’s disappeared. Only the Professor, it would seem, can banish the clouds of distrust and reveal the truth, clear as crystal. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Paperback

A deadly amateur, a top-secret formula, and full mating plumage.

In the sixth Operation Quickline story, operatives Lisa Wycherly and Sid Hackbirn are sent undercover at a small arts college in Wisconsin. The job is to find out who is stealing a top secret chemical formula being developed by someone on the faculty. The catch is that no one knows who the developer is, let alone who is stealing the formula or even how.

The other catch is that Lisa’s cover is as an English professor and Sid’s is as an older student, which means the two aren’t working side-by-side. With their relationship still at an impasse, Lisa sees an opportunity to find out just how good she is on her own. Faculty politics are rank enough, not to mention the food in the Faculty Dining Room. There’s also trying to figure out which, if any, of her colleagues has been working with the KGB. Then managing three wet-behind-the-ears fellow operatives.

The one thing she can’t do is let on just how much in love she is with her gorgeous Basic Composition student. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Paperback

Accused in Paradise (Florida Keys Mystery Series Book 24) by [Deborah Brown]

It sucks to be caught off guard, especially before coffee on what’s otherwise a perfect, sunny, Florida Keys day. Luckily, Madison and Fabiana have friends who owe favors on speed dial.

Travis West, a shady Miami lawyer with a swanky address, is dead, and the prime suspect is Tarpon Cove’s very own Professor Crum (first name none of your business). Crum is a lot of things—including a major pain in the booty—but he’s no murderer. Mad and Fab set out to prove he’s innocent—as long as they stick to their promise to Creole and Didier to stay out of trouble.

Like that’s going to happen.

Before the sand settles, someone’s gun is going to end up in an evidence box—and someone’s flip-flopped foot may end up with a toe tag. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Mascots Are Murder (Merry Wrath Mysteries Book 18) by [Leslie Langtry]

From USA Today bestselling author Leslie Langtry comes the funniest high school reunion you’ve ever attended!

“Welcome Back to Who’s There, Iowa, Who-rish, to your 10 Year Reunion!”

A 10 year high school reunion happens only once, and to many, they can be a nightmare of revisiting past slights, humiliating moments and the class paste-eater—aka Officer Kevin Dooley. But ex-CIA agent turned Midwestern Girl Scout troop leader Merry Wrath figures that when you’ve been undercover with Colombian drug lords, embedded with Yakuza, and chased by an armed chicken through Chechnya, how bad could it be? Even her scout troop gets in the game by handling registration with overly enthusiastic weapons searches and background checks.

“Old friends are waiting to see you again!”

But there’s more going on than the tradition of spiking the punch. It doesn’t take long before the loathed Class President threatens to reveal dangerous secrets, half the class starts hallucinating, and they all find themselves locked into the gym by a murderous ninja janitor. And since there wasn’t a Most Likely to Murder the Prom Queen category in the yearbook, Merry has to move fast to make sure there are enough classmates left for a 15 year reunion!

Merry Wrath Mysteries:
Merit Badge Murder – book #1
Mint Cookie Murder – book #2
Scout Camp Mystery – short story in the “Killer Beach Reads” collection
Marshmallow S’More Murder – book #3
Movie Night Murder – book #4
Mud Run Murder – book #5
Fishing Badge Murder – short story in the “Pushing Up Daisies” collection
Motto for Murder – book #6
Map Skills Murder – book #7
Mean Girl Murder – book #8
Marriage Vow Murder – book #9
Mystery Night Murder – book #10
Meerkats and Murder– book #11
Make Believe Murder – book #12
Maltese Vulture Murder – book #13
Musket Ball Murder – book #14
Macho Man Murder – book #15
Mad Money Murder – book #16
Mind-Bending Murder – book #17
Mascots Are Murder – book #18

What critics are saying about Leslie Langtry’s books:

“I laughed so hard I cried on multiple occasions! Girl Scouts, the CIA, and the Yakuza… what could possibly go wrong?”
~ Fresh Fiction

“Darkly funny and wildly over the top, this mystery answers the burning question, ‘Do assassin skills and Girl Scout merit badges mix…?'”
~ RT BOOKreviews

“Mixing a deadly sense of humor and plenty of sexy sizzle, Leslie Langtry creates a brilliantly original, laughter-rich mix of contemporary romance and suspense.”
~ Chicago Tribune

“Langtry gets the fun started from page one.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly (Amazon)

Editions available: Kindle, Paperback

The Big Gamble (Dev Haskell Private Investigator Book 28) by [Mike Faricy]

Mike Faricy is the winner of the

2019 Crime Master’s of America Poison Cup Award.

He is the winner of the 2020

Crime Master’s of America Poison Cup Award

for the Best Selling series.

He has been nominated for the 2018, 2019, & 2020 Silver Falchion Award.


Dev Haskell receives a phone call from an old friend. It’s feared Dev’s old high school flame, Maddie McGuire, has fallen through the ice along the Mississippi River and can’t be found. Dev hasn’t seen her since she married ne’er do well, Colton Ferral. After attending the memorial service and reconnecting with her sisters, he comes away with more questions than answers.

Local crime lord, Tubby Gustafson, has some questions for Dev, too. Amazingly, Colton Ferral’s name comes up. Of course, what better time to offer a spare bedroom on Airbnb, not to mention a surprise guest who arrives on the scene.

Sit back and enjoy another delightful Dev Haskell tale.

A wonderful read to remind you that, actually, your life is pretty good!

As always, Morton, Dev’s Golden Retriever, provides a dose of sanity.

”Faricy is America’s hottest new mystery writer… and Dev Haskell is one of the looniest and most enjoyable characters inhabiting the world of fictional private investigators out there today”

The Dirty Lowdown 

If you like Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, Elmore Leonard, Janet DeLeon, Laurence Shames, and Janet Evanovich- make room for one more! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Baby Plan: A Cozy Mystery (A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery Book 11) by [Kathi Daley]

If you love small towns, endearing relationships, food, animals, and a touch of murder, you will love this mystery series set in the small town of White Eagle Montana.

In book 11 in the series, Tess fills in at the post office after the woman who took over her route broke her leg. While on route for the first time in a year she discovers that her father has left her brother Mike with a baby to hide and protect. Tess has never really been one to go all gooey over babies but when she discovers this particular little darling in need she enlists Tony’s help to make sure she is well hidden and to look for the babies mother.

Meanwhile Tess’s mother has a new boyfriend her father isn’t too happy about and Mike has a new murder to solve. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

An Untidy End (An Anna Fairweather Murder Mystery Book 6) by [Blythe Baker]

Anna Fairweather stands on the brink of discovering the answers to questions that have haunted her since childhood. Still, danger looms over her…

When Anna, Jerome, and Mrs. Montford journey from London to Venice in search of a missing person, a train conductor turns up dead. Can Anna capture the murderer before they reach their destination? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Renegade (Tin Star K9 Series Book 1) by [Jodi Burnett]

Small Town Thriller! ★★★★★

Caitlyn Reed and her dog, Renegade, are thrown into the midst of murder and intrigue when they discover a dead body while on a trail ride in the black hills of Wyoming.

The local sheriff is hell bent on a conviction, and Caitlyn’s brother, Dylan, is in his crosshairs. Desperate to prove his innocence, Caitlyn turns to Deputy Colt Branson for help, but she must grapple with their rocky romantic past to gain his aid.

As Caitlyn and Renegade pursue the killer, the investigation catapults their lives in a dangerous new direction, one with mysterious strangers, convoluted clues, and deadly violence. In a whip-cracking turn of events, Caitlyn finds herself under suspicion. When all the chips fall, Caitlyn uncovers shocking evidence that rocks their small-town community to its core.

If you like twist and turn plot lines woven with danger, mystery and suspense, you will love Renegade — Book 1 of the Tin Star K9 Series.

Buy your copy today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Yearning for a Burning (A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Paula Lester, M.E. Harmon]

Poppy Legend, forty year old travel concierge, is working to survive rough seas aboard the mega-cruise ship Journee. Her employer is on the verge of a corporate takeover, her once secure job is considered expendable, and her family suspects her worst instincts are about to leave them high and dry.

But that’s not all. She’s been appointed Happiness Ambassador which means it’s her job to solve an assortment of nutty guest troubles from tracking down grapefruit flavored jellybeans to babysitting a colicky chihuahua.

That is, until a member of the deck crew churns up dead.

There’s a new killer on the Journee bent on righting the evils of the past and torching anyone in the present who gets in the way.

Unfazed, the ever-curious Poppy flings herself into the fray, determined to smoke out the fiend and uncover the truth.

Will Poppy be able to extinguish the flaming murderous desires of a mad person or will it just be jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

The Inn at Holiday Bay Books 7 - 9 by [Kathi Daley]

A heartwarming cozy mystery series about losing everything, taking a chance, and starting again.

After suffering a personal tragedy Abby Sullivan buys a huge old seaside mansion she has never even seen, packs up her life in San Francisco, and moves to Holiday Bay Maine, where she is adopted, quite against her will, by a huge Maine Coon Cat named Rufus, a drifter with her own tragic past named Georgia, and a giant dog with an inferiority complex named Ramos. What Abby thought she needed was alone time to heal. What she ended up with was, an inn she never knew she wanted, a cat she couldn’t seem to convince to leave, and a new family she’d never be able to live without.

In book 7 in the series, a whole new group of guests check into the Inn each with their own reason for being there and their own story to tell. Once of the guests, a single woman named Mylie, finds a long forgotten letter to Santa in the mouth of the life sized nutcracker Lacy purchased for Abby after a visit to an antique store. The list does not ask Santa for toys or games but for time with her parents. The note also lists the activities the child wishes they could do together over Christmas such as building a snowman and taking a sleigh ride. Mylie, who is in Holiday Bay to find her one true love, decides to accomplish all the items on the list herself while she is waiting for Mr. Right to come along. Meanwhile Abby wonders what ever happened to the child who left the list and why the list was still in the nutcracker all these years later. Her research pulls her into an unsolved mystery which she finds herself determined to solve before the arrival of the holiday. While Mylie is busy meeting Mr. Right and accomplishing the tasks on the list, and Abby is busy trying to figure out what became of the child who wrote the list, Georgia is cooking up a storm as she searches for the perfect cookie to enter in a local contest.

In book 8 in the series, Abby’s agent asks for help when the house she was going to rent to host a writers retreat becomes unavailable. After a bit of discussion, Abby agrees to have the retreat at the inn. The seven writers who will be staying at the inn for the week long event are new to publishing and Kate hopes the mentor she has hired to run things will be able to provide the valuable tips these new authors need. Of course what she doesn’t know is that Abby has a past with this particular mentor, and when all is said and done, fireworks of one sort or another are likely. Meanwhile, Georgia has started taping her new cooking show, Abby is worried about the approaching blizzard, and Colt has a murder to solve, after six men get together for a friendly poker game but only five of the six men make it to the end of the night alive.

In book 9 in the series, a newly engaged couple rents out the entire inn for their engagement party. As part of their ‘making memories’ theme they asks guests to take photos and share them with the group. Everyone is having a wonderful time until one of the guests turns up dead. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Stars and Spells: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Mystery by [Julie Nisse]

Blend one sassy mother, a love triangle gone very wrong, and one soon-to-be-ex husband for a devilishly delicious paranormal women’s fiction tale brimming with magic!

Liv Engel’s life just keeps getting more complicated. Her recently returned mother is pushing her to up her witch game. Liv still isn’t sure she’s ready for a relationship. And Rex is pressuring the wyld witch to finalize their divorce.

Compared to all that, a body showing up in the mayor’s house seems like a welcome change of pace for the amateur sleuth.

Until her investigation leads her into the middle of a ghostly scheme of enchantments, kidnapping, and murder. As as Liv scrambles to put together the pieces before another body turns up, she learns that this mystery threatens the magic of Noel Lodge in ways she’d never imagined possible.

With the aid of her fellow witches, a sasquatch, and Deputy Bauer, Liv will have to rein in her mother’s flirting ways, navigate the turbulent waters of her romantic life, and fend off angry spirits.

All in a day’s work for Mistlevale’s resident witch detective.

Stars and Spells is the third book in the Witches of Noel Lodge Series that readers call enchanting and fun! If you enjoy snarky witches, twisty plots, and magic, grab your copy now! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Murder in the Houston High Rise: A Danger and Donahues Romantic Cozy Mystery by [Michelle  Francik]

Ashanti Ashanti Jones enjoys being a new mom and spending time with the Donahues. When she overhears Maggie complaining about having no privacy, she assumes that means her. She accepts Adam’s offer to stay at his Houston apartment and quickly finds herself embroiled in another murder mystery. Her plan to find a job so she can support herself and Jayla gets sidetracked by an adorable white puppy and his dead owner. A menacing stranger and Ashanti’s feelings for Adam have her emotions in an uproar. Can she keep her head long enough to solve the mystery? Or will her curiosity doom the man she’s falling in love with? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Shrimply Dead

Shrimply Dead (A Seafood Caper Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Publisher: Muddle House Publishing (April 12, 2021)
• Number of Pages 237 PAGES
Digital ASIN: B08V52RD4W

I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author Maggie Toussaint and her new book Shrimply Dead.  It is the third book in herA Seafood Caper Mystery Series. 

Purchase Links
Kindle  Nook  Kobo    IBooks

Word on the Street

Shrimply Dead (A Seafood Caper Mystery)
by Maggie Toussaint

From rampaging alligators to kidnapped chickens to a treasure hunt for an extinct Georgia tree, the reader is taken on a ride. As River begins unearthing clues to find out who killed the veterinarian, she finds the victim had her own secrets.
~Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Spawning Suspicion – mjbreviewers

When veterinarian and amateur naturalist Jasmine Garr is shot in her yard, residents of Shell Island press caterer River Holloway into investigating the homicide. River dons her amateur sleuth cap and sets out to discover who killed her former catering customer.

Between Jasmine’s estranged cousin, a rival veterinarian, a wild animal trapper, the chicken lady, and a real estate broker, River has plenty of suspects to consider. As she peels back the layers of Jasmine’s life, dangerous secrets come to light.

Jasmine’s orphaned kitty, Iris, along with River’s cat Major, and her husband Pete help River sift through the evidence. At the same time, River recently expanded her catering business. She must service her regular catering clients, plus provide fresh baked goods for Pete’s ice cream shop.

The killer follows River’s every move relishing the thought of another victim. Time is running out. Will River solve the murder before she becomes a cold dish?

All for You by Melody Grace (Sweetbriar Cove #2) #Release #review  @Melody_Grace_ @GiveMeBooksBlog | The Book Enthusiast

Southern author Maggie Toussaint writes cozy and paranormal mysteries, romantic suspense, and dystopian fiction, with more than twenty fiction novels published. A multi-year finalist for Georgia Author of the Year, she’s won Silver Falchions, the Readers’ Choice, and the EPIC Awards. She’s past president of Mystery Writers of America-Southeast chapter and an officer of LowCountry Sisters In Crime. She lives in coastal Georgia, where secrets, heritage, and ancient oaks cast long shadows. Visit her at

Author Links

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

GoodReads –

BookBub –

Blog –

Linked In –

Pinterest –

Book Lovers Bench –

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Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–The Blind Switch

The Blind Switch (A Rosedale Investigations Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: Camel Press (January 12, 2021)
Paperback: 230 pages
ISBN-10: 1603816968
ISBN-13: 978-1603816960
Digital ASIN: B08QBH2BHH

I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author Lyn Farrell and her new book The Blind Switch.  It is the first book in her A Rosedale Investigations Mystery Series. 

Purchase Link – Amazon – B&N – Kobo
Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Love, Lies and Azure Eyes – mjbreviewers

The first book in the Rosedale Investigations series finds Wayne Nichols, our doggedly determined Detective, and his sassy and irreverent partner, Dory Clarkson, starting new jobs as private investigators. Their first client, Cara Summerfield, comes with what appears to be a missing person’s case. Cara got pregnant in high school and baby Danny was adopted. Her husband, Grant, an up-and-coming politician has never been told about the pregnancy. Their only clue is an unreadable return address on a letter sent to Cara from Danny’s girlfriend. Danny is now a racehorse trainer and has been assaulted for non-payment of gambling debts. Cara charges Rosedale Investigations to find Danny and keep his existence completely confidential. When Danny is found, he’s in the ICU and not expected to live. When he passes away, it appears to the pathologist to be natural causes, but Detective Nichols doesn’t buy it. It looks like murder to him.

The Perfect Score by Rob Buyea Publication 10-9-18 @Robbuyea #sterling –  Two Girls and a Book Obsession

Lynda J. Farquhar (penname Lyn Farrell) holds a master’s degree in English and a Ph.D. in Higher Education/Administration from Michigan State University. Prior to her retirement from MSU, she was a professor in the College of Human Medicine where she worked for 30+ years. When she retired, she returned to her first love, writing, and self-published a YA Trilogy, “Tales of the Skygrass Kingdom.” Subsequently, she and her daughter, Lisa Fitzsimmons, wrote a 7-book mystery series, “The Mae December Mysteries,” published by Camel Press under their joint penname, Lia Farrell. Marketing efforts for the Mae December mysteries, as well as much work by Camel on subsidiary rights, deal with Harlequin, have resulted in sales of 22,000+ (to date) for the series. She is now writing a new mystery series, “Rosedale Investigations.” The first is titled, “The Blind Switch” and was released in January 2021.

Author Links



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great escape button244

Review of A Tale Of Two Cookies

A Tale Of Two Cookies

A Cookie House Mystery, Book #3

Eve Calder

5 Stars


In A Tale of Two Cookies, a cozy mystery from Eve Calder, it’s nothing but sugar and spice at The Cookie House, but elsewhere on Coral Cay everything isn’t so nice.

Pastry chef Kate McGuire is loving life on the laid-back island of Coral Cay, Florida. As junior partner in a bakery renowned for luscious desserts–especially her cookies–life is pretty sweet. So when an old friend arrives and announces a spur-of-the-moment beach wedding, that’s just the icing on the wedding cake.

But the groom vanishes right as a television crew descends on the town to film a hot, new reality show. Is there a connection? Is her friend Desiree somehow involved? Or did groom Judson simply get cold feet? The bride and groom were paired better than warm cookies and cold milk, so Kate doesn’t buy it.

As the show’s cast runs amok on the island and the investigation into Judson’s disappearance heats up, Kate and her pal Maxi, along with town dog Oliver, will brave the rambunctious world of reality TV and a wedding weekend gone awry, in an all-out effort to find the missing groom.   (Goodreads)


The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Kate and Maxi get along really well and they will do anything for the other.  Maxi is more than ready to help Kate find the missing groom and figure out what happened. Kate does not agree that the groom got cold feet and left on his own.  She knows her friend Desiree did not imagine their connection, something is not right, and her and Maxi are determined to find the truth.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and the descriptions pulled me into the story from the very beginning and kept me engaged until the end.  The mystery was well plotted and there were enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider.  I did not see the ending coming.  

I would highly recommend  this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I cannot wait to see what kind of trouble Kate and Maxi get into next.  

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher, St. Martin’s Press, and NetGalley.

A Tale of Two Cookies: A Cookie House Mystery by [Eve Calder]

Review of Charmed Summer

Charmed Summer

Cottage On Gooseberry Bay, Book #5

Kathi Daley

5 Stars


USA Today Bestselling author Kathi Daley brings you a heartwarming mystery series about finding answers and fostering hope while building friendships and embracing the magic of life by the sea and small town holidays.

Ainsley Holloway had come to Gooseberry Bay to find answers about her past. She’d come to find an explanation for the dreams that haunted her after the death of the cop who’d both rescued and raised her. And she’d come to identify the family she couldn’t remember but knew in her heart she’d once belonged to.

Ainsley hoped that by finding these answers, she’d also find healing. She hoped that once she’d resurrected the memories buried deep in her mind, she’d find peace.

The Cottage at Gooseberry Bay is a series about, not only finding answers, but finding hope.

It’s a series about family and friendship.

It’s a series about shared holidays, festivals, and celebrations.

It’s a series about shared heartbreak and hardship.

And it’s a series about the bond that can be forged amongst strangers when tragedy binds two or more individuals with a common goal.

In book 5 in the series, Ainsley’s PI business is really taking off after her recent successes. She’s busier than she ever hoped to be but when a young woman shows up in town with a charm bracelet and a story to tell, Ainsley finds herself agreeing to a bit of pro bono work. It seems the woman had been left in a church as a baby. The only item found with her that might point to a clue about her past is a charm bracelet. After the death of her adoptive mother the woman decides to look for her birth mother. One of the charms leads her to Gooseberry Bay where she hopes the other charms on the bracelet will lead to the answers she’s after.  (Goodreads)


The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Ainsley has opened a private investigator’s office, and she has a case to work on.  The case involves a woman who is trying to find her birth mother.  It reminds Ainsley of her journey to find out about her early years.  With the help of her friends, Jemma, Josie and Parker, she follows the clues and tries to solve the case.  And they have to try and figure out what happened to three teenage boys that have gone missing.  The four girls have a lot to work on both cases and find answers.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and that kept me engaged from the beginning to end.  As is usual with this author, there are a couple of mysteries to solve and this reader enjoyed that.  The mysteries were well plotted and not easily solved.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.    I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Cottage on Gooseberry Bay: Charmed Summer by [Kathi Daley]