New Releases For The Week Of December 10th, 2017–Part 3


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 10th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so very many of them.  Today is the third and final day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.




A Case of Syrah, Syrah: A Wine Country Mystery by [Nancy J. Parra]Taylor O’Brian is a new businesswoman, founder of “Taylor’s Off The Beaten Path Wine Tours,” who lives on a small winery with her Aunt Jemma. She plans to take small groups around romantic Sonoma county to discover some of the county’s outdoor gardens. It’s all running as smooth as can be until Laura, the leader of the group of yoga instructors she’s leading, is found dead. And it’s Taylor’s corkscrew that’s found buried in Laura’s neck.

She’s not sure who to trust, and everyone around suddenly seems suspect. Only two weeks after the murder, her very own administrative assistant, Amy, marries Laura’s husband, Dan, who doesn’t seem very bereaved about being widowed, and the three yoga masters who were also out on the tour begin to seem shady. Taylor can’t afford to jump ship from her new business endeavor, but just as she begins her investigation, another dead body surfaces. This time, it’s Dan’s sister. And the killer is coming for Taylor next.

Now it’s up to Taylor to uncork this open-bottle mystery, before more blood is spilled. For fans of Laura Childs and Ellen Crosby, A Case of Syrah, Syrah is the charming first in bestselling author Nancy J. Parra’s Wine Country mysteries.  (Amazon)

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Ginger Snapped: A Spice Shop Mystery (Spice Shop Mystery Series) by [Oust, Gail]Murder comes well-seasoned in Ginger Snapped, Gail Oust’s newest novel in the charming, “must-read” (Publishers Weekly) Spice Shop mystery series.

Piper Prescott and Police Chief Wyatt McBride might have gotten off on the wrong foot but, over the past year, their interactions have evolved into a friendship of sorts. And when the body of Shirley Randolph is found floating in a fishing hole, their relationship reaches entirely new territory.

Shirley, the town’s Realtor of the Year, was also Wyatt’s suspected romantic interest, and now the residents of Brandywine Creek are speculating that Wyatt is responsible for her death. As the town council moves to suspend the handsome lawman, Piper springs into action to save his reputation and possibly his freedom. She enlists the aid of her BFF, Reba Mae Johnson, along with Wyatt himself, to help solve the puzzle and find Shirley’s real killer.

Pointing them toward high-powered real estate tactics and possible affairs, the investigation soon becomes personal when Piper’s shop, Spice It Up!, is burglarized, and she’s forced off the road late one night, narrowly escaping serious injury. Realizing that she must be close to uncovering the truth, and that the evidence against Wyatt is no longer circumstantial, Piper resorts to drastic measures to prevent a grave miscarriage of justice.  (Amazon)

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Louisiana Crawfish Caper (Menu for Murder Book 1) by [Crow, Carole]Professor Stanley H. Parker was predatory as a Louisiana gator as he trolled the university waters for vulnerable female students, but someone ended his exploitation with arsenic-laced wine at a school crawfish boil. Fingerprints from economics teacher Faye Winters were found on the bottle, but she claims never to have handled it. Detective Grant is determined to prove her guilty while she tries to find the real killer amid a rich gumbo of suspects.
With friends Jack and Clare, Faye investigates clues and cuisine in Louisiana’s bayou country. From Parker’s downhome funeral and potluck in Ferriday to a haunted bed and breakfast in Natchitoches to a séance in New Orleans, they sample regional specialties and trap a killer in the process.  (Amazon)

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Witch One Murdered the Brownie? (The Luna Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) by [Sabino, Hazelynne]At the age of four Luna is kidnapped by a man and a woman who rear her as their own child.

Twenty years later a woman suddenly appears in Luna’s apartment. She says she’s Luna’s Aunt Mattie and that back on Mysticland Luna’s parents have also been kidnapped.

Luna has only vague memories of living in another “place”.

Mattie says Luna’s parents desperately wanted to get her back but couldn’t because every ten years, for little more than a week, Earth and Mysticland merge. Only then is travel possible between the worlds.

Luna finally agrees to go with Mattie. Back in Mysticland Luna and Mattie find that a brownie named Tawn has been murdered. He was the cousin of Mattie’s dear friend and employee Sandy.
Why were Luna’s parents kidnpped? Why was Tawn murdered? That’s what Luna and Mattie have to find out.
Helping to investigate are Sisi, a highly intelligent, pun-loving cat; Lon, a mummy whose linen strips are constantly coming undone, and Iz ,a siren who became tired of luring sailors and is now a secretary.

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Unnatural Causes: A Dr. Katie LeClair Mystery by [Dawn Eastman]Katie LeClair has finally settled down as the new doctor in Baxter, MI. After years of moving, schooling, and training, she wants nothing more than to find a place she can call home, and a small town outside of Ann Arbor seemed perfect.

Katie quickly gets to work in building a life for herself in Baxter, and beyond reviving her love life, she also finds a pair of business partners in a team of father and son family practitioners. But that idyllic dream is immediately shattered when one of her patients is found dead. That wouldn’t be the worst thing, except the death is ruled a suicide, and as evidence has it, the suicide was a result of the medication Katie had prescribed. But she doesn’t remember writing it.

When a closer investigation reveals it was murder, Katie is catapulted into an off-the-books investigation that leads her down a dark path of past secrets. But someone is willing to kill to keep part of the town’s history in the shadows, and Katie must race to find out who before it’s too late in nationally bestselling author Dawn Eastman’s riveting series debut Unnatural Causes.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, hardcover, Audiobook









Devil's Claw: Logan Book 3 (The Logan Series) by [Davisson, Valerie]Two half-siblings lay claim to the same piece of coastal property. Other players have their own ideas for Lot 429. Some of them lead to murder.

In the third book of her Logan McKenna Mystery/Thriller series, Amazon Best Selling author, Valerie Davisson, brings Logan back home, to the laid-back, Southern California coastal town of Jasper. It’s summer, and with a new job, a new love, and plenty of time for her music, life couldn’t be better.

Logan and her daughter, Amy, home from Africa, even rescue an orphaned sea otter pup and help nurse it back to health at the Southern Sea Otter Center. But powerful storm clouds soon swirl around the center, threatening the lives of all who touch it. More than one person lays claim to the property. Each wants it badly, and for very different reasons.

With no resolution in sight, death soon dominates the calendar, exposing deep layers of deceit, greed, and painful, personal loss. The sharks in the water are dangerous, but the predators on land, more numerous and deadly. Only love, trust, and community have any hope of stopping the killing, before more lives, including her own, are lost. DEVIL’S CLAW: Logan Book 3 is an emotional ride illuminating what we value and for what we’re willing to fight.  (Amazon)

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Alpha Alpine: An Emma Lord Mystery (Emma Lord Returns) by [Daheim, Mary]Emma Lord is back and better than ever! This time around, the amateur detective partners up with a rookie sleuth to investigate a string of murders in her beloved Alpine, Washington.

For a small town nestled in the Cascade Mountains’ foothills, picturesque Alpine provides more than enough headlines to fill the pages of editor and publisher Emma Lord’s Alpine Advocate. The Labor Day edition’s lead story features controversial timber baron Jack Blackwell’s scheme to become Skykomish county manager. But the recent strangling deaths of two young women are all anyone can talk about.

After a third body is found, Emma’s husband, Sheriff Milo Dodge, suspects there’s a serial killer in their midst. The latest victim is the sister of a dashing newcomer rumored to be working for Blackwell. “Black Jack,” as he’s known to his non-admirers, has a long-standing rivalry with Milo. To discover if there’s any connection between the mogul and the murders, Emma recruits the Advocate’s receptionist, Alison Lindahl, to do a little digging.

Still recovering from a recent breakup, Alison welcomes the distraction. But when the investigation puts the eager protégé in the line of fire, Emma worries that the cub reporter’s career will be over before it even begins.

Praise for Mary Daheim and her Emma Lord mysteries

“Always entertaining.”The Seattle Times

“Mary Daheim writes with wit, wisdom, and a big heart. I love her books.”—Carolyn Hart

“Daheim writes . . . with dry wit, a butter-smooth style, and obvious wicked enjoyment.”The Oregonian  (Amazon)

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A Painting To Die For: A Jenna Scali Mystery by [C. Curtis, Joan]Jenna’s quiet weekend turns upside down when she returns home to find her house totally ransacked, and the police uncover a dead body with her name in its possession. Meanwhile her long-lost cousins show up on her doorstep with stories about stolen paintings, hidden masterpieces—worth millions, Mafia friends, and much more.

While Jenna questions the motives of her dead father in connection to the stolen art, the police find a second body with Jenna’s name in its possession, and she becomes the primary suspect in two murder inquiries. Sidestepping the police and dodging the mob, she and her best friend, Quentin, embark on their own investigation to save themselves and Jenna’s lying, double-crossing cousins from untimely deaths.

A Painting to Die For forms a web of deceit that leaves Jenna doubting everything she believes about her father and his Italian family.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Tied Up with Strings (A Serebral Seniors Mystery Book 1) by [McEwen, Madeline]An Imajin Qwickies® Mystery/Crime Novella

Big mysteries often come in small packages…

When curmudgeonly private detective Betty Grape visits a young friend, who is housesitting in a remote village in England for Christmas vacation, something seems out of place. Her friend, Catia, is visibly nervous. Is she worried about the young men in the decrepit caravan in next door’s back garden? Or is Catia involved in the disappearance of the homeowner’s invalid wife?

As an American, Betty discovers the locals are full of friendly gossip but taciturn about solid facts. Though they are determined to keep Betty from butting in on their territory, she blunders through the social morass of narrow-minded foreigners and their broad Dorset accents. Can she unravel the tight knots of this mystery? Will she find the perpetrator under thickly thatched rooves or behind floral chintz curtains?

Editorial Reviews:

“To call TIED UP WITH STRINGS a ‘mystery’ in the conventional sense would be to do the story a disservice: while elements of investigation and mystery are here, they are only some of the facets of a story about relationships which are tied up in the trappings of English culture and American perceptions…Readers of fiction about British/American encounters will delight in a tale about carefully buried secrets that come alive to possibly endanger Catia in a story that sets its stage slowly and quietly, then injects unexpected twists and turns for a delightfully thought-provoking read.” —Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“McEwen transports the reader to an enchanting English village, complete with sinister characters, a nosy American and a problematic romance. A delightful read.” —Terry Shames, author of An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock

“Christmas in a quaint English village. Charmed, an American visitor steps inside the picture postcard—only to find the reality more twisted than she could have imagined. The reader is immediately immersed in the mystery as British author McEwen weaves her plot threads with knowledge and affection.” —Diana Chambers, author of Stinger

“TIED UP WITH STRINGS by Madeline McEwen is a deceptively puzzling mystery that well-captures many familiar trappings of an old-fashioned British cozy, including a sleepy village, its requisite pub, and young lovers at odds with themselves.” —Andrew MacRae, author of Murder Misdirected  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Ravensdene Court by [Fletcher, J. S.]The murder of two brothers at the same time. though six hundred miles apart, is only the first of many mysteries surrounding Ravensdene Court. How could the two brothers have been murdered when they were both on a ship that went down with all hands off the coast of China three years earlier? What was the significance of the etching on the tobacco box that disappeared from the inquest? Why was someone looking for the Chinaman Chuh Fen who supposedly went down on the same ship as the two murdered brothers? Find the answers in this tale of intrigue, mystery, and buried treasure within the pages of … Ravensdene Court.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback













First Thing ~ Kill the Lawyers by [Gentry, J. E.]Attorney Clara Quillen is stunned when she reads about the murders of three San Francisco lawyers and realizes her former boss, Bernard Kahn, is one of the victims. The lawyers were killed on the same night, in the same manner, each holding a copy of an often-misunderstood Shakespearean quote from Henry VI, Part II: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” When SFPD Detective Roy Travis questions members of Kahn’s law firm, he recruits Clara to aid his investigation since she has access to confidential client information that may shed light on potential suspects. As a long-time mystery fan, Clara jumps at the opportunity and agrees to become an amateur sleuth, working with Travis. During the course of the investigation, the murderer strikes again. And as the list of suspects continues to grow and Clara unearths information regarding elaborate blackmail schemes that incriminate both friends and colleagues, she receives a threat that she, herself, may the next victim unless she abandons her pursuit of the cold-blooded killer… (Amazon)

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The Trouble with Murder (A Gourmet Cat Mystery) by [Krevat, Kathy]Single mom and gourmet cat food entrepreneur Colbie Summers thought she’d escaped her tiny California hometown forever. But when her father needs her, she packs up her adolescent son, their finicky feline, Trouble, and her budding business. She knows change is tough—but she doesn’t expect it to be murder . . .
Between dealing with her newly rural life, her grumpy, sports-obsessed father, and preparing to showcase her products in the local Sunnyside Power Mom’s trade show, Colbie has more on her plate than she bargained for. Luckily, she has her official taste-tester, Trouble, by her side to vet her
Meow-io Batali Gourmet Cat Food line. Things look promising—until one of the Power Moms is found dead—with an engraved Meow-io specialty knife buried in her chest.

As the prime suspect, Colbie needs paws on the ground to smoke out who had means, motive, and opportunity among the networking mothers—including a husband-stealing Sofia Vergara lookalike. And the cat’s still not out of the bag when a second violent death rocks the bucolic community. Trouble may have nine lives, but Colbie’s only got one to clear her name and stop a killer from pulling off the purr-fect crime . . .  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback











New Releases For The Week Of December 10th, 2017–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 10th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so very many of them.  Today is the second day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



A Murder for the Books: A Blue Ridge Library Mystery by [Victoria Gilbert]Fleeing a disastrous love affair, university librarian Amy Webber moves in with her aunt in a quiet, historic mountain town in Virginia. She quickly busies herself with managing a charming public library that requires all her attention with its severe lack of funds and overabundance of eccentric patrons. The last thing she needs is a new, available neighbor whose charm lures her into trouble.

Dancer-turned-teacher and choreographer Richard Muir inherited the farmhouse next door from his great-uncle, Paul Dassin. But town folklore claims the house’s original owner was poisoned by his wife, who was an outsider. It quickly became water under the bridge, until she vanished after her sensational 1925 murder trial. Determined to clear the name of the woman his great-uncle loved, Richard implores Amy to help him investigate the case. Amy is skeptical until their research raises questions about the culpability of the town’s leading families… including her own.

When inexplicable murders plunge the quiet town into chaos, Amy and Richard must crack open the books to reveal a cruel conspiracy and lay a turbulent past to rest in A Murder for the Books, the first installment of Victoria Gilbert’s Blue Ridge Library mysteries.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback





The Kingston Case (A Markham Sisters Cozy Mystery Novella Book 11) by [Xarissa, Diana]Back from their holiday on the Isle of Man, Janet and Joan Markham are ready to reopen the bed and breakfast to guests. Janet is surprised to learn that one of the guests who will be arriving soon is William Chalmers’s former wife, Alice. But William, who runs a local antique shop, has bigger problems than that.

He’s been receiving anonymous letters, telling him to leave Doveby Dale. While he has reasons for not wanting to involve the police in the problem, once he tells Janet about it, she insists on discussing the matter with Robert Parsons, the local constable.
Just because Robert is on the case, though, doesn’t mean that Janet is staying out of it. William has several business associates who might benefit from driving William out of business.

Could one of them be behind the letters? Or could Alice be trying to get her former husband to move back to London? Can Janet deal with American visitors and Alice Chalmers at the same time and help William as well?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:   Kindle







As Good As Dead (a Pelican Bay Mystery Book 2) by [Chester, Karen]It’s Christmas in Pelican Bay, and Jennifer Frost is hosting some odd guests at her bed-and-breakfast—a domineering wife and her henpecked husband, plus a smooth-talking man with a mysterious background. Then there’s her temporary lodger, who is definitely hiding something.

When Jennifer discovers a dead body in her backyard, she knows the murder is connected to someone staying at her bed-and-breakfast. The question is who? The police are investigating, but she can’t help feeling they’re looking in the wrong direction. As the clock ticks down to a New Year, it’s up to Jennifer to protect the innocent and find the real killer.

Note: This book is written in Australian English.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Eagle E.Y.E. (E.Y.E. Spy Mystery Book 2) by [Tardif, Cheryl Kaye]An Imajin Qwickies Mystery/Crime Novella

In the second installment of Tardif’s suspenseful yet comical mystery novella series, Eileen Edwards is called in to assist police in locating a missing—and very wealthy—socialite…

One of the last places anyone will find private investigator Eileen Edwards is on a golf course—unless there is a crime involved. So when Constable Larry Norman shows her a bloody tooth and claims there’s a suspicious scene at Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club, she sets out across the green to unravel the truth.

While scouring missing persons reports from the Vancouver area, Eileen discovers that a missing woman—reported by her sister—had direct connections to Eagle Ridge. With help from her foster daughter Zoe, her housekeeper Alfie and the regular crew at VPD, Eileen uncovers a kidnapping plot, and only her “eagle eye” will lead them to the person, or persons, responsible.

Editorial Reviews:

“I read this sensational novella in one sitting. It’s an intricately-woven plot that was extremely hard to put down. Excellent, intriguing mystery from start to finish.” —M.A. Comley, New York Timesbestselling author of the Justice series

“A captivating mystery, intricately plotted and hard to put down!” —Kim Cresswell, award-winning author of the Whitney Steel Series  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle





The Lost Macaw: A Lost and Found Pets Mystery by [Blair, B. L.]The Lost Macaw is the fourth novella in the Lost and Found Pets series. Alexandra Prescott is a licensed private investigator specializing in finding missing animals. Reuniting pet and owner is more than just a job.

A former client hires Alex to find her lost parrot. The bright colored bird has flown away before, but this time there is evidence that Molly was kidnapped. The demand is simple—the bird for the pictures.

When her client suffers a stroke, Alex is left with a ransom note, a missing bird, and some very incriminating photos. She is in a race against time to solve the mystery of the lost Macaw.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Murder Over The Bones (A Detective Bass Mystery) by [Randorf, Stephen]Detective Gilbert Bass searches for the identity of a homeless man found dead in an archeological dig site. Dinosaur fossils unearthed in the city? Mrs. Wicker and her adult children want the bones, two partners in real estate want the land, and a local activist wants to keep his girlfriend.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle












Curses and Cupcakes: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 6) by [Pillow, Michelle M.]From NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow, a Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romantic Comedy. Part of the USA TODAY bestselling series: Happily Everlasting!

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal.

Marcy Lewis is cursed (honestly and truly) which makes dating very interesting. With a string of loser boyfriends behind her, she’s done looking for love in all the wrong places. That is until the new firefighter arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Everlasting. Nicholas Logan is unlike any other man she’s ever had in her life. When someone starts sending her photographs that raise a red flag it soon becomes apparent that she’s not just cursed, she’s in serious danger.

Nicholas doesn’t know what to make of the charismatic young woman managing the local coffee shop. As a string of mysterious fires begin popping up around town, the two unite in search of clues as to who or what is responsible, discovering along the way that things are very rarely what they seem to be.

*Books in The Happily Everlasting Series can be read in ANY order!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback






Bloodstains with Bronte: A Crime with the Classics Mystery by [Hyde, Katherine Bolger]Classic novels and crime solving intertwine in Katherine Bolger Hyde’s charming series. Bloodstains with Bronte is the second in a series that will puzzle and please fans of mystery and masterpieces alike.

Windy Corner is being remodeled into a writers’ retreat. Two of the young workers, Jake and Roman, are showing too much of the wrong kind of interest in Katie, Emily’s young single-mother housekeeper.

It’s a stormy autumn and Emily is reading Wuthering Heights. Roman, a dark and brooding type, reminds her of Heathcliff. At a Halloween murder mystery fundraiser at Windy Corner, someone is found stabbed to death. Windy Corner’s very own detective, Luke, is reluctantly forced to investigate Katie.

Luke digs into the background of the contractor, Jeremiah Edwards, and Emily, now reading Jane Eyre, realizes Jeremiah resembles St. John Rivers in his obsessive, tormented piety. Will Luke figure out who the murderer is before Katie ends up in jail or someone else is killed?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook






A Fatal Deception (Slater and Norman Mystery Series Book 11) by [Ford, P.F.]Book eleven in the Slater and Norman Mystery Series

After the traumatic conclusion of his last case, Detective Inspector Dave Slater is sent off on a dead-end case to get him out of the way. Unknown to Slater, his close friend and former colleague Norman Norman is tasked with finding the whereabouts of his ex-girlfiend, former barrister and one-time down-and-out Jenny Radstock.

Things quickly take a sinister turn, however, when Norman is asked to go and identify a body lying on a mortuary slab. What looks like a simple case of suicide rapidly starts to unravel, and Norman and sidekick Naomi Darling are plunged into the dark and grimy world of derelict squats, drug dealers, and the homeless community.

Can they untangle the complex web of informants, drug lords, and stolen mobile phones? And why does Norman get the feeling Superintendent Bradshaw knows more than he’s letting on? One thing’s certain, though: Slater’s life will never be quite the same again.

Bonus Material Inside!

Included with the main story is Norman Norman’s Christmas Novella, which tells the story of what happens after the main story ends.

A fun mystery

Not quite police procedural, and not quite cozy mystery, the Dave Slater Mystery Series is a series that has a sense of humour and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If that’s the sort of mystery you like, you need look no further.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






A Life Less Extraordinary (Extraordinary Series Book 2) by [Frame, Mary]A Life Less Extraordinary is book two in the extraordinary series–NOT A STAND ALONE–YOU MUST READ BOOK ONE FIRST–ANYTHING BUT EXTRAORDINARY

Special Pre-Order Pricing!

For Charlotte, posing as the town psychic has never been easier. Thanks to helping the cops solve the mystery of the Castle Cove Bandit, “Ruby” has become a beloved fixture in the sleepy Oregon beach town. Her sister, Paige, is flourishing now that she’s not being yanked from one con job to the next. And both sisters are discovering what it means to be part of a community, rather than preying on one.

But wherever Charlotte and Paige go, crime is sure to follow. Someone has been breaking into homes and vandalizing their contents, including Ruby’s Readings and Cosmic Shop. Charlotte doesn’t want to get involved and risk their newfound stability, especially since it’s only two more months until the real Ruby returns. But when a phone call from their estranged parents breaks up their happy routine, the sisters realize they have even less time in Castle Cove than they thought.

Charlotte’s already had to distance herself from Deputy “Cute Butt” Jared once—a criminal in a cop’s bed never ends well. But this officer of the law isn’t giving up the chase. The closer he gets, the sooner the jig is up, and if Charlotte doesn’t give him the slip now, she may lose Paige forever.


Editions Available:  Kindle







The Squire's Lodge Murders (#16 - Sanford Third Age Club Mystery) (STAC - Sanford Third Age Club Mystery) by [Robinson, David W]The Lazy Luncheonette is in mourning for Joe. Even the draymen, who suffered the worst of his acid tongue, are in bereavement for the missing proprietor of their favourite café.

While the police are hot on the trail of his killer, Sheila’s nephew, Detective Inspector Howard Riley of Cambridge CID, arrives in Sanford with the sad news that his elderly mother has passed away in the Squire’s Lodge Care Home.

Complications arise when Howard learns that his mother willed her estate to Squire’s Lodge in lieu of care fees… which have already been paid.

When the members of the consortium which owns Squire’s Lodge are murdered one by one, suspicion falls on the senior director, Ward Finch. Is he really murdering his colleagues for his personal financial gain? Or is there someone else lurking in the background, bearing a grudge against the consortium?

Taking on the investigative mantle of the late, lamented, Joe, Sheila and Brenda turn their attention to the murders, and find themselves followed wherever they go. Does Chad Milner have their welfare in mind, or is he threatening them?

They’ll need their wits about them, and the help of the Sanford 3rd Age Club if they’re to help solve…


Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








Reindeer Roundup (A Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery Book 27) by [Daley, Kathi]


It’s funny, it’s family, it’s a Zak and Zoe Christmas Mystery.

A reindeer invasion, baby on the way, small town decked out for the holidays, and killer on the loose, all come together in this fun and heartwarming Christmas Cozy Mystery.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback






New Releases For The Week Of December 10th, 2017–Part 1

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 10th, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so very many of them.  Today is the first day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


Total Eclipse of The Hunt: A Cozy Paranormal Mystery (The Happily Everlasting Series Book 5) by [Roth, Mandy M.]Total Eclipse of The Hunt by NY Times & USA TODAY from Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

Welcome to Everlasting, Maine, where there’s no such thing as normal.

As a centaur, Deputy Jake Majoy (Deputy March) is immortal, and has seen and done a lot in his five hundred years. Enough to know that Everlasting feels like home. It’s been perfect for him to fade away and blend in; you see, the town is anything but normal—and the locals protect their own. So when a newcomer ends up in their midst, at the same time things go missing around town, it’s his duty to step in to restore law and order. But the pull he feels to the woman is anything but part of the job.

Kelsey Gibbons has (literally) followed all the signs leading to Everlasting, Maine. There is a great power at work, drawing her to the tiny seaside town. She’s hoping Everlasting will be a safe place to ride out the storm engulfing her personal life while she works to unravel the mystery of who sent her a mysterious pendant and a bus ticket. When her arrival coincides with an uptick of crime, it becomes very clear that the chaos has only just begun. And when a hunky man in uniform shows up on the scene, it’s all she can do to focus on finding answers.

When the truth about Everlasting is revealed, Kelsey learns she’s not so alone in the world and she’s braver than she thought—not to mention, she’s destined for a hot dude who can shift into a horse.

Can she and Jake beat the clock…and the evil that has come back to town?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback






How Aunt Tillie Stole Christmas: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Short by [Lee, Amanda M.]Fourteen years ago, Christmas hit Walkerville with a bang. Or, rather, a big ball of fire.
When a local group home for orphaned children goes up in smoke right before the holidays, Tillie Winchester volunteers her family to take in some kids – even though her arch nemesis Margaret Little is dead-set against it. Of course, that’s part of the appeal for Tillie so she’s considering it a win.
Three boys – all of them with a little attitude – have no idea what to expect from the Winchester household. No matter what, Tillie is sure they’re about to get more than they bargained for. In short order, they’re welcomed into the family at the same time the town is on edge due to a second fire.
Tillie is determined to prove the boys are innocent while also finding them a forever home … even if she has to take on a local judge and declare all out war to do it.
So, hang your stockings by the fire and sit back for another Christmas with the Winchesters. You’ll never be the same again.

Note: This is a 28,000-word short set in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest world. It’s set back in the past so it can be read in any order.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







You Give Witch a Bad Name: Wicked Witches of the Midwest Shorts 11-15 by [Lee, Amanda M.]It’s time to return to Hemlock Cove with five fun tales of Winchester fun.
Join the Winchester witches – and those who love them – for a bevy of mischief and mayhem. Spend time in the present with Clove, Thistle and Landon and travel through time with Twila and Aunt Tillie.
This 140-000-word omnibus includes five shorts:
Four-Leaf Clover: Clove discovers what could be a magical coin at the same time someone is making the rounds and robbing people in Hemlock Cove.
Thistle While You Work: Hang out with Thistle as she spends a day babysitting Annie … and then proceeds to lose her for one terrifying night.
Landon Calling: Landon hosts a law enforcement seminar at The Overlook – while also trying to find a missing woman – and Aunt Tillie doesn’t react well to her life being uprooted.
I Dream of Twila: Travel back in time with Twila as she’s left in charge of teenagers Bay, Clove and Thistle … and also deal with unwanted visitors on the Winchester property.
How Aunt Tillie Stole Christmas: It’s another wonderful Winchester holiday set in the past, and when Aunt Tillie decides to help some orphans … she goes all out, including proving they’re not responsible for setting a fire.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback







Dead Famous (A Cree Blue Psychic Eye Mystery Book 3) by [Allenton, Kate]A dead actress. A missing diamond. A mystery left unsolved.
Psychic Cree Blue is at it again, and this promises to be her toughest case yet.

Normal people search for celebrities when they go to Hollywood. Cree Blue isn’t normal. She’s searching for a killer and a missing diamond whose ownership could change the destiny of a small country.

Given the mounting list of suspects and red-hot secrets with the potential to destroy lives, she’s willing to risk it all to find the truth, even if that means immersing herself in the secret lives of the rich and famous. Her only hope is that this trip to Tinsel Town doesn’t steal her life too.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Beauty & Bloodshed: A romantic, cozy mystery: Beauty Secrets Mystery Book 5 by [Damore, Stephanie]Book 5 in the Beauty Secrets Series

Can’t a girl get a vacation?

If you’re Ziva Diaz, that answer is no. What’s worse, no one believes Ziva when she tells them about the murder she just witnessed. Where’s the body? Where’s the evidence?

If Ziva could just forget what she saw she could walk away, but images like that never leave you and neither will Ziva, even if that means riding out the hurricane that’s heading straight towards the resort.

Can Ziva solve a murder and fly to safety before the storm hits? Will she be trapped on an island with the killer on the loose? Or is something more spooky afoot?

Find out in Book 5 of the Beauty Secrets Series.

Beauty Secrets Series Order
Book One: Makeup & Murder
Book Two: Kiss & Makeup
Book Three: Eyeliner & Alibis
Book Four: Pedicures & Prejudice
Book Five: Beauty & Bloodshed
Short Story: A Ring to Die For

Each book is a stand alone (No Cliffhangers!!!), but the relationships among the characters grow throughout the series. I recommend reading them in order, but that’s just me!

Note: Rated PG-13 for mild language and because hey, there’s dead bodies. No graphic sex or gore.

If you like a good story and an even better mystery, try the Beauty Secrets Series today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







The Mantle of God: a Dottie Manderson mystery (Dottie Manderson mysteries Book 2) by [Allan, Caron]Reviews of Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery:
‘Five stars! Delightfully entertaining, rich characters, suspenseful, charming all in one; anxiously awaiting the next one!’
‘A finely written mystery: This book is well written and has depth to it. The characters are well rounded and likeable. I enjoyed the mystery its self. I also read the promo for the next book and I intend to buy it’

The Mantle of God: a Dottie Manderson mystery.

Can a tiny piece of faded cloth really be worth killing for? Is the past ever truly forgotten? A friend asks Dottie Manderson to find out more about a scrap of fabric found in a dead man’s pocket. But as soon as she starts to ask questions, things begin to happen. It’s not long before someone dies, and Dottie has to wonder if she may be next. What can it mean? Can the insignificant scrap really be a clue to a bloody past and a time of religious hatred and murder?
Join Dottie as she works to uncover the truth of a distant past, and at the same time discover secrets held by her own closest friends and family. In addition to all that, she is forced to admit to her own growing feelings for a certain police inspector. Can William Hardy put the murderer behind bars before it’s too late? Just who is behind the recent string of robberies, nicknamed the Dinnertime Thefts by the media? Setting aside his own personal tragedy, Hardy has to get behind the polite façade of 1930s London society to find a killer.

Buy The Mantle of God: a Dottie Manderson mystery, and find out what it all means and how the past can impact the present with deadly consequences. (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Gingerbread and Ghosts (Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery Book 10) by [Frost, Agatha]The 10th book in the BESTSELLING Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series!

Christmas falls on Peridale, but that does not mean café-owner and part-time sleuth, Julia South, can sit back and enjoy the festivities. When the opening night of the annual Christmas play ends with Julia’s elderly gran, Dot, fatally shooting a man in front of the whole village, Julia’s world is turned upside down. Did Dot plan to murder the man she has a secret past with or was she framed?

While juggling the slow process of adopting her foster daughter, her heavily pregnant sister’s looming delivery date, and her detective inspector boyfriend seemingly keeping secrets, Julia must wade through the tangled history of the Peridale Amateur Dramatics Society if she wants to free Dot from prison before Christmas Day. With the walls of Julia’s personal life closing in around her, and the cast and crew of the play not being all they seem, can she figure out the truth in time, or is it one case too many? The only thing guaranteed is that it promises to be a holiday season to remember…

Book 10 in the Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery series! Can be read as a standalone but will be enjoyed more as part of the series. A light, cozy mystery read with a cat loving and cafe-owning amateur female sleuth, in a small village setting with quirky characters. Written in British English. No cliffhanger, swearing, gore or graphic scenes!

Other books in the series:
1. Pancakes and Corpses
2. Lemonade and Lies
3. Doughnuts and Deception
4. Chocolate Cake and Chaos
5. Shortbread and Sorrow
6. Espresso and Evil
7. Macarons and Mayhem
8. Fruit Cake and Fear
9. Birthday Cake and Bodies
10. Gingerbread and Ghosts  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Dark Skies: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 7) by [Ross, LJ]FROM THE #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF HOLY ISLAND

Beware what lies beneath…

One fateful, starry night, three friends embark on a secret camping trip but only two return home. Thirty years later, the body of a teenage boy rises from the depths of England’s biggest reservoir and threatens to expose a killer who has lain dormant…until now.

Detective Chief Inspector Ryan returns from honeymoon to face danger from all sides. In the depths of Kielder Forest, a murderer has escaped justice before and will do anything to protect the secrets of the past. Meanwhile, back at Northumbria CID, an old foe has taken the helm as Superintendent and is determined to destroy Ryan at any cost.

Who will prevail in Ryan’s most dangerous case yet?

Murder and mystery are peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced crime whodunit set amidst the spectacular Northumbrian landscape.

“LJ Ross keeps company with the best mystery writers” – The Times

“A literary phenomenon” – Evening Chronicle

“LJ Ross is the Queen of Kindle” – Sunday Telegraph (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Death's Ethereal Enemy: Mystery (January Chevalier Supernatural Mysteries Book 4) by [Loren, Ruby]A rabbit who wants world domination.

An invisible stalker.

Someone is trying to kill January Chevalier.

To be fair, that’s nothing new. And being an immortal enchanter, death is more of an annoyance than a finality.

But when she starts to suspect that the person trying to kill her might be the one responsible for her parents’ murder, it’s time to end her stalker’s game.

However, the games played by The Clan – the oldest vampires in existence – have only just begun.

Pick up this supernatural page-turner today!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Bloodstone Bludgeon (A Rock Shop Mystery Book 2) by [Brown, S.D.]Allie Renault’s business THE ALABASTER is going great so why did she have to come up with the crazy plan to sell rocks online? What started as a great idea has morphed into a major headache. Now an angry customer has her on a road trip to the remote Carson Quarry to retrieve a promised delivery that never came . . .

When she arrives, she’s greeted with a grisly surprise. The bloodstone is waiting for her, but if she wants to load it into her truck, she’s going to have to remove the dead body sprawled on top.

And that’s not all. Her heart sinks when she spots the murder weapon—the polished bloodstone boulder that she’s already sold. This murder has just become personal.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle










Terror on Sunshine Boulevard by [Rose, J.Q.]Rescuing a naked woman lying in a geranium bed or investigating mysterious murders are not the usual calls for first responder Jim Hart. He expects slip and fall accidents or low blood pressure emergencies in his retirement community of Citrus Ridge Senior Community and Golf Resort. The ghastly crime scenes turn the winter time fun into a terrifying season of death and mystery when the authorities cannot track down the predator responsible.

Jim and his wife Gloria could escape the horror and grief by returning to their northern home, but concern for their friends and residents keep them in Florida. With the entire community in a dither over the deaths, the Harts participate in the normal winter activities of golfing, dancing, and pool parties with their friends to distract them from the sadness and loss.

Can Jim and Gloria work with the authorities to discover who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard and stop the increasing body count?

Editorial Reviews
4.0Move Over Stephen King
J.Q. Rose’s writing is as “bad” as Steven King’s. The fact that I read the whole book, however, is a testament to J.Q. Rose’s writing. She had me from the first truly weird death to the ominous ending. Rochelle Weber, Roses & Thorns Reviews

I’m NOT Moving to Florida
OMG! J.Q. Rose creates a suspense-filled story that keeps you reading to find out what is claiming the lives of people in Citrus Ridge. I won’t give away any secrets, but I will reiterate my review title: I’m NOT moving to Florida…ever ever ever. Ginger Simpson

A Real Page Turner

Deaths at a Senior Community aren’t unusual, but when it appears someone or something is killing them, that’s a different story. I couldn’t put this book down from page 1. The author definitely has a talent for hooking you and keeping you on the line. Roseanne Dowell

FL retirement community plagued by mysterious deaths… who knew it could be so fun?
This fast, fun read follows snowbirds Gloria and Jim as they worry over the mysterious deaths of several neighbors. With lots of humor and quirky characters galore, I found this book very entertaining. And though I dream of someday being a snowbird myself, this book is just creepy enough to give me second thoughts! Rich Brainerd

“Creep” Factor in Florida – Oh, Yeah!
This is a horror story, although maybe not quite your typical horror formula. I’m not about to spill any spoilers. Let me just say that the villain in this story was contrived by the author in a new and brilliant method. And scary. Miss Mae

Fun in the Sun, Fright in the Night! When “occasional” death in a retirement community becomes darn-near an every other day occurrence, something’s GOT to be going on! Find out why pink flamingos aren’t the only scary things in Florida! Gail Roughton

So Much Fun Sunshine Boulevard contains a good amount of snarky but good-natured humor in addition to the mystery and body horror.. Best to just read it for yourself, if you’re any kind of a comedy/mystery/horror fan. Erin O’Riordan

SUNSHINE BOULEVARD is a delightful murder mystery extravaganza taking place in Florida during the cold days of Northern Winters, when Snowbirds flock like geese to the warmer climes of Sunny Florida. Thrillingly funny, this is entertaining and a lighthearted romp with just the right amount of “danger”. By Lady Bug Lin  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Mistletoe Murder (Dewberry Farm Mysteries Book 4) by [MacInerney, Karen]It’s beginning to look a lot like… Murder. 

It’s Christmastime, and farmer Lucy Resnick is living the life she’s always dreamed of. When she’s not selling her jams, soaps, and mistletoe bundles at the Buttercup Christmas Market, she’s enjoying cozy evenings by the fire with her knitting group–or her handsome veterinarian boyfriend Tobias Brandt. But less than a week before Christmas, a pall falls over the festive atmosphere when local man Randy Stone turns up with a knife in his back… and a sprig of mistletoe in his hair.

Local sheriff Rooster Kocurek, never the brightest bulb on the string, is convinced it’s an open-and-shut case–murder by jealous wife–but Lucy suspects otherwise. She soon discovers that Randy’s life was more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights… and that unless she wraps up the case fast, there might be more than one funeral this holiday season.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Christmas And Holiday Themed Books



Today on my blog I have a list of some Christmas and Holiday themed books for your reading pleasure.  Check them out and hope you find some to enjoy.  Happy reading.


In this “intelligently plotted and deliciously descriptive tale” (Publishers Weekly), national bestselling author Susan Wittig Albert tells the story of a woman’s search for justiceand of her struggle to reconcile the demands of her business with the desires of her heart…

Former big-city lawyer China Bayles worked hard to make her Texas herb shop, Thyme and Seasons, a success. Now business is booming at her charming new tea room, Thyme for Teabut China is too distracted to revel in her latest entrepreneurial triumph. When she’s not trying to spend more time with her new husband and stepson, she’s worrying about her best friend, Ruby, who just hasn’t been herself lately. To further complicate matters, China has to round up a supply of mistletoe, the season’s most popular herb. It seems an easy enough taskuntil her chief supplier turns up dead… (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback









Murder, Wrapped Up (Pine Lake Inn Cozy Mystery Book 3) by [Emrick, K.J.]Christmas is coming to the Pine Lake Inn. After the harrowing year she has had Dell Powers is soaking in the peace of the season. Feeling festive, she is spending her time decorating the inn and whistling Christmas Carols. All seems to be well in her life at last.

Until, that is, she meets a stranger in the pub who turns out to be a Federal Police officer. He wants her to become a witness for the Federal Government and to spill the beans on the organized crime syndicate that has recently infiltrated her life.

Not going to happen!

When the officer turns up dead Dell is arrested for his murder. Will she be able to clear her name and be free to enjoy Christmas?

And if that isn’t enough just who does the deep and soft man’s voice on the other end of the telephone belong to? Just another mystery for Dell to solve.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback







Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (A Year-Round Christmas Mystery) by [Delany, Vicki]In Rudolph, New York, it’s Christmastime all year long. But this December, while the snow-lined streets seem merry and bright, a murder is about to ruin everyone’s holiday cheer in the first Year-Round Christmas mystery.

As the owner of Mrs. Claus’s Treasures, Merry Wilkinson knows how to decorate homes for the holidays. That’s why she thinks her float in the semi-annual Santa Claus parade is a shoe-in for best in show. But when the tractor pulling Merry’s float is sabotaged, she has to face facts: there’s a Scrooge in Christmas Town.

Merry isn’t ready to point fingers, especially with a journalist in town writing a puff piece about Rudolph’s Christmas spirit. But when she stumbles upon the reporter’s body on a late night dog walk—and police suspect he was poisoned by a gingerbread cookie crafted by her best friend, Vicky—Merry will have to put down the jingle bells and figure out who’s really been grinching about town, before Vicky ends up on Santa’s naughty list… (Amazon)

Editions Available:  kindle, Paperback








It's a Wonderful Knife (Comfort Food) by [Wenger, Christine]Comfort food and murder are on the holiday menu in the latest mystery from the national bestselling author of Macaroni and Freeze . . .

All Trixie Matkowski wants for Christmas is a break—just not the broken leg she got after slipping on some ice. With Sandy Harbor alive in the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s the busiest time of the year at Trixie’s Silver Bullet Diner. There are millions of things to do, including cater the town’s annual Christmas pageant and community dinner with some delicious holiday comfort food.

But the festivities turn into a bit of a turkey after Liz Fellows, the director of the pageant, is found with Trixie’s butcher knife in her back. Now Trixie must help the police arrest the scary gentleman—or lady—guilty of the crime if she hopes to get herself off the naughty list.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback









Claus of Death: A Myrtle Crumb Mystery (Myrtle Crumb Series Book 3) by [Trent, Gayle]Myrtle Crumb, the sassy, sixty-something sleuth from BETWEEN A CLUTCH AND A HARD PLACE and WHEN GOOD BRAS GO BAD, is suspicious when the mall Santa is found dead “on the throne”–the Santa Land throne, that is. The police are saying it was suicide, but Myrtle knows no self-respecting Santa Claus would let himself die in front of the children! She goes undercover to investigate the suicide and uncovers more than she bargained for!

About the Author: Gayle Trent is the author of two popular cozy mystery series–the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Series published by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery imprint under her own name; and the Embroidery Mystery Series written for NAL/Penguin’s Obsidian imprint under the pseudonym Amanda Lee. Please visit Gayle’s website at to find out more about her books, get recipes, print out free cross-stitch patterns, and sign up for her newsletter.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Treacherous Tart (PIE IN THE SKY MYSTERIES Book 2) by [Grant, Ellie]In this second charming novel in the Pie Shop cozy mystery series, a modern-day Lothario is shot dead, and it’s up to Maggie to clear her aunt and partner-in-pie from the suspect list.

It’s Christmastime at Pie in the Sky, Aunt Clara’s pie shop, and she has a new beau, Donald Wickerson, who loves her Marvelous Mince Pies.

Unfortunately, it seems that this holiday, Donald might only be interested in Aunt Clara for her money. Ryan and Maggie research his background and find he’s had several wives who met with unfortunate “accidents” that left him wealthier. Now they have to convince Aunt Clara that her boyfriend is after more than just her pie recipes.

When Donald stumbles into Pie in the Sky and dies after being shot, Aunt Clara is devastated—and also a suspect, since everyone in Durham knows about Donald from Ryan’s newspaper article. Now Maggie and Ryan will have to prove that someone else in the long list of people he’d wronged finally got the courage to end his life.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








The Great Christmas Caper (An Agnes Barton Holiday Mystery Series Book 2) by [Johns, Madison]When a semi-trailer filled with toys for the children’s party is stolen right before Agnes’ and Eleanor’s eyes, they’re left holding the bag. Agnes convinces the party organizer, Emily Harris, to give them a chance to find the toys before calling in the sheriff. Before long though, it’s apparent that they’ll need the help of Sheriff Peterson.

Will Agnes and Eleanor be able to save Christmas for the needy children of Tawas in time for their Christmas party, or will they be so lost in the twist of turns of the case that they finally admit to themselves they might not be cut out to solve this case?

Editions Available:  Kindle











Inspector Green explores a web of betrayal and deceit. In the dead of night, the phone rings in the missing persons unit of the Ottawa Police. A brutal blizzard is howling, and a wealthy social activist has not heard from his fiance in over twenty-four hours. Friends, family and police are mobilized to search the snowbound city. He comes to believe that his partner is fleeing for her life, possibly from his own family. When a frozen body is found in the snow, just blocks from the mans home, Green knows that someone is conspiring to keep the truth hidden. (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












Zak and Zoe fly to Alaska after Zoe is asked by her dog trainer friend Peter to fly to Moosehead Alaska to deliver a search and rescue dog to a team who is desperate for some canine help after their own dog is injured during a rescue. Within twelve hours of arriving in the isolated little town, Zoe stumbles onto a murder scene where everything must be questioned because nothing is exactly as it seems. When a second body is found and a five year old cold case is reexamined, things go from complicated to bizarre. Meanwhile Levi and Ellie are home in Ashton Falls dealing with complex emotions as they solve their own thorny mystery.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback











Kathleen Paulson is snowed under running her library and caring for her extraordinary felines, Owen and Hercules. But when a holiday fund-raiser turns deadly, she’ll have to add sleuthing to her already full schedule…

Winter in Mayville Heights is busy and not just because of the holidays. Kathleen is hard at work organizing a benefit to raise money for the library’s popular Reading Buddies program. She has her hands full hosting the event. And when a guest at the gala drops dead, her magical cats, Owen and Hercules, will have their paws full helping her solve a murder.

The victim is the ex of town rascal Burtis Chapman, but she hasn’t lived in the area in years. And though everybody is denying knowledge of why she was back in town, as Kathleen and her detective boyfriend, Marcus, begin nosing around, they discover more people are connected to the deceased than claimed to be. Now Marcus, Kathleen, and her uncanny cats have to unravel this midwinter tale before the case gets cold.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








Better Off Thread (Embroidery Mystery) by [Lee, Amanda]Santa finds himself in a stitch of trouble in the tenth in the series from the national bestselling author of The Stitching Hour

Marcy is busy helping her customers make hand-crafted ornaments at her embroidery shop, the Seven-Year Stitch. But despite the yuletide bustle, when her friend Captain Moe asks for her help, she can’t refuse—especially when the favor is to play the elf to his Santa for sick children at a local hospital. Despite the ridiculous outfit, Marcy finds herself enjoying spreading cheer—until the hospital’s administrator is found murdered.

Although the deceased had plenty of people willing to fill her stocking with coal, evidence pins the crime on Moe. Now it’s up to Marcy, with the help of her police officer boyfriend Ted and her Irish Wolfhound Angus, to stitch together the clues to clear Moe’s name—before someone else winds up crossed off Santa’s list for good… (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback









Murder of a Stacked Librarian: A Scumble River Mystery (Scumble River Mysteries Book 16) by [Swanson, Denise]There’s no place like Scumble River at Christmastime, and this year, school psychologist Skye Denison has twice as much to celebrate—and to do. In addition to the usual holiday frenzy, Skye’s wedding to police chief Wally Boyd is less than a week away—that is, if the groom isn’t too busy working to attend. The town’s sexy new librarian, Yvonne Osborn, has just been murdered, and the list of suspects is piling up faster than late fees on an overdue book.

Yvonne’s strict sense of right and wrong annoyed some townspeople and infuriated others. Did her high standards lead to her death? Skye is distracted by worries about what havoc the crazy Dooziers will wreak on her wedding day and whether she’ll fit into her dress. But Skye can’t afford to leave any page unturned because unless she works quickly to expose the scheming killer, her happy ending may be put on permanent hold.… (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperack









Let There Be Suspects (Ministry is Murder) by [Richards, Emilie]By the USA Today bestselling author of Blessed Is the Busybody

Now that a chalk outline no longer marks their front porch, Aggie Sloan-Wilcox and her minister husband can turn their attention back to the living . . .

’Tis the season in bucolic Emerald Springs, Ohio. As a gift to her daughters, Aggie’s mom has invited their former foster sister, Ginger, to join their Christmas reunion. A potential candidate for Sociopaths Anonymous, Ginger could make Aggie nostalgic for the chalk line. But when Ginger turns up deader than a drumstick, Aggie’s sister is the logical suspect because she always resented her mother’s attachment to Ginger. Aggie knows her sister is incapable of murder. But that won’t convince the police. Now Aggie has to find the murderer—someone who’s decided there’s a loophole in thou shalt not kill.

Praise for Blessed Is the Busybody

“A delightful cozy.”—Midwest Book Review (five-star review)

“Any new book by this gifted author is cause for celebration.”—The Mystery Reader  

“If you are a fan of Dorothy Bodoin and Jan Karon, or an avid Murder She Wrote viewer, then Blessed Is the Busybody is just the book for you!”—Roundtable Reviews  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback







Murder Under the Tree (A Kay Driscoll Mystery Book 2) by [Bernhardt, Susan]“Murder Under the Tree did not disappoint! If anything, it was more intriguing than the first, because i had the killer pegged from the start…then I changed it to another character…then to a third. It is just that kind of book, suspenseful, with clues demanding that you KNOW who the perpertrator is…only to find out you’re wrong!” 5 stars

While Kay attends a Christmas tea at Hawthorne Hills Retirement Home, a beloved caretaker dies from an allergic reaction to peanuts. When the official coroner’s report rules the cause of death to be accidental, a small group of residents suspect foul play and call upon Kay to investigate.

Kay uncovers sinister plots of fraud, revenge, and corruption at the Home. During this season of peace on earth, good will to men, additional murders occur. Despite multiple attempts on her life, and with the support once again of her best friends, Elizabeth and Deirdre, Kay continues her quest for bringing justice for the victims. Kay’s first Christmas in Sudbury Falls is an unforgettable one, with equal amounts of celebration and danger. Tis the season to be sleuthing!  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback





Series Spotlight–Familiar Legacy Series


Today on my blog I have a Series Spotlight for the Familiar Legacy Series.  Learn about the series, each of the books in the series and the authors who wrote them.  Then check out the books.  Happy Reading.


About The Series:

Multi-author series background.

In the 1990s, writing as Caroline Burnes, Carolyn Haines wrote 22 books featuring Familiar, the black cat detective, for the Harlequin Intrigue line. Familiar, who patterned himself after Sam Spade, was a popular character. Now, Haines is reissuing some of those titles and has begun a multi-author spin-off series featuring Familiar’s son, Trouble. A number of her writer friends are joining her to write romantic mysteries in the world of the smart, sleek, and savvy Trouble, black cat detective.

Like his father, Trouble is a traveling cat who finds himself at the doorstep of adventure, mystery—and a little romance—wherever he goes. He learned his detecting skills from his dad (who is a globetrotting PI) and from watching TV shows featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Trouble is so taken with his Sherlockian hero that he’s developed a slight British accent.

Each book in the series features Trouble, who “thinks” but doesn’t speak. But each individual author is free to put her spin on the story and the human characters. This format allows for each writer to play to her strengths. The books are seventy percent mystery with a bit of romance thrown in, and of course, that darn cat.

The books are–

FAMILIAR TROUBLE, #1  Carolyn Haines

TROUBLE IN DIXIE #2 Rebecca Barrett



SMALL TOWN TROUBLE #5 Laura Benedict


We’re also planning a Valentine’s Day anthology, THE TROUBLE WITH CUPID, edited by Jaden Terrell, Claire Matturro, and Michelle Ladner. A number of other books are in the works.



Familiar Legacy Series, Book 1

Familiar Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 1) by [Haines, Carolyn]BLOOD IS THICKER… Sometimes a unique talent is inherited—and such is the case for Trouble, son of Familiar the black cat detective. Trouble’s rather indolent life in the sleepy town of Wetumpka, Alabama is upended when a serial killer arrives on the scene. Trouble begins to apply the skills he learned from his dad and his hero, Sherlock Holmes.

When local bookseller Tammy Lynn is attacked at the site of an impact crater, Trouble realizes he must protect his human and solve the mystery of the Silk Stocking Killer.

Aiden Waters, a local deputy, has tracked the SSK to Wetumpka. Since his wife’s murder, Aiden won’t risk romance, but when Tammy is endangered, everything changes. Especially their hearts.  (Amazon)






About The Author:

Carolyn HainesCarolyn Haines is the USA Today bestselling author of over 70 books. She was the recipient of the Harper Lee Award for Distinguished Writing and the Richard Wright Award for Literary Excellence, as well as the “Best Amateur Sleuth” award by Romantic Times. Born and raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Alabama on a farm with more dogs, cats, and horses than she can possibly keep track of.  (Goodreads)







Familiar Legacy Series, Book 2

Trouble in Dixie (Familiar Legacy Book 2) by [Barrett, Rebecca]OLD MONEY AND FRESH MURDER — Trouble, a savvy black cat with a penchant for sleuthing, has landed in the cream of Savannah society. So has a murderer and art thief. Julia Hampton comes from old family, old money, and old society, but her job as an art insurance investigator puts her at odds with her background–and with the killer. Julia is determined to stop him. U. S. Deputy Marshal Mitch Lawson knows more than he’s willing to let on. One thing is clear: Julia is in danger–because of secrets he won’t share.

But have no fear, Trouble the black cat detective is on the job and while Julia and Mitch are distracted by their attraction to each other, he is about to get his man.  (Amazon)






About The Author:

Rebecca BarrettRebecca Barrett writes historical fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction (writing as Campbell O’Neal), children’s stories, and short stories of life in the South. An avid reader all her life and a product of “front porch” socializing, she became a story-teller at an early age.

Her current novel, Trouble in Dixie (available August 14, 2017), features that handsome, sleek, black cat detective, Trouble. This is a new series with multiple authors (The Cat Women Collective) who follow the antics of super-sleuth Trouble as he lands in first one crime scene then another. Of course, the humans help a little. These romantic mysteries are fun and light hearted and just perfect for a beach read or a rainy day.

Visit the author’s website to enjoy some of her short stories.  (Amazon)






Familiar Legacy Series, Book 3

Trouble in Tallahassee (Familiar Legacy Book 3) by [Matturro, Claire]THE LAW CAN’T PROTECT HER– Young attorney Abby Coleridge opens her home to a troubled law student after a fire destroys the woman’s apartment. When the student disappears, leaving behind a blood-splattered note and a stash of cryptic flash-drives, Abby sets out to find her. Soon, a murderous arsonist threatens them both.

Law student Victor Rutledge, a former Navy officer, knows more than he’s telling. So much so that his offers to help Abby seem suspicious. When police reveal his scandalous past, Abby doesn’t know who to trust.

Trouble, the black cat detective, lands in Tallahassee, Florida in the nick of time. Can he sniff out the salient clues and push Abby and Victor in the right direction and into each other’s arms? Can he save them—and himself—from a fiery end?  (Amazon)





About The Author:

Claire MatturroClaire Hamner Matturro, a former lawyer and college teacher, is the author of four legal mysteries with a sense of humor. Her books are: Skinny-Dipping (2004) (a BookSense pick, Romantic Times’Best First Mystery, and nominated for a Barry Award); Wildcat Wine (2005) (nominated for a Georgia Writer of the Year Award); Bone Valley(2006) and Sweetheart Deal (2007) (winner of Romantic Times’ Toby Bromberg Award for Most Humorous Mystery), all published by William Morrow.

Her newest book, Trouble in Tallahassee , will be published this September by KaliOka Press. Stay tuned for details. And look for an exciting announcement regarding Wayward Girls, her joint-writing adventure with Penny Koepsel.

Claire remains active in writers’ groups, teaches creative writing in adult education, and write reviews for Southern Literary Review.

Visit her at  

Familiar Legacy Series, Book 4

Trouble in Summer Valley (Familiar Legacy Book 4) by [Tanner, Susan Y.]DIVORCE, BETRAYAL, MURDER – Avery Wilson knew starting over would be hard, but she never expected to be in an all-out war with her ex. What was he planning next? Her goal of equine rehabilitation for wounded veterans on her Alabama horse ranch was slipping from her grasp, and her precious horses were in danger.

Dirks Hanna had what should have been a simple mission – evaluate Summer Valley Ranch for federal funding. But something deadly was happening in Summer Valley. The beautiful – and headstrong – equestrian was targeted for harm with danger in every direction. And, intertwined with that danger, was a multi-faceted black cat who somehow appeared at the scene of every disaster.

Trouble had arrived at the ranch anticipating bitter human emotions to run high, but the black cat finds his paws more than full with murder and two very stubborn humans who refuse to see they are meant for each other.  (Amazon)

About The Author:
Susan Y. Tanner’s latest venture is a ‘soon to be released’ romantic mystery showcasing one Susan Y. Tannersmart feline named Trouble. Because Ms. Tanner is a horse lover as well as a cat lover, her upcoming Trouble books will have backstories which feature the world of horses. These books will be part of the Familiar Legacy series written in concert with several very talented authors. Her previous novels, published as Susan Tanner, were historical romance. Highland Captive, Captive To A Dream, Exiled Heart, Fire Across Texas and Winds Across Texas as well as A Warm Southern Christmas (part of a Christmas anthology), were all published by Leisure Books.  (Amazon)
Familiar Legacy Series, Book 5   To be released January 8th, 2018

Small Town Trouble (Familiar Legacy Book 5) by [Benedict, Laura]SUMMER SECRETS…KIDNAPPING AND MURDER. Erin Walsh arrives home to tiny New Belford, Kentucky from college only to clash with her young stepmother, Shelby Rae. When Shelby Rae is kidnapped and a dear friend of the family is murdered, Erin discovers that both victims had secrets connected to the violent death of her mother seven years earlier. In a small town the pool of suspects is limited, but it also means the danger to Erin’s own life is deathly close.

Noah Daly, an old high school friend, is the son of the man everyone blames for the violent death of Erin’s mother. But he’s also the one person Erin feels she can trust to help her find Shelby Rae’s kidnapper and her friend’s murderer. Or is her sudden attraction to him blinding her to his true nature?

Enter Trouble, the wise and wily black cat detective. His paws have barely landed in the bluegrass when he realizes Erin is about to put herself in danger. Can he lead Erin to the truth before she becomes a victim herself?  (Amazon)

About The Author:
Laura BenedictLaura Benedict is the author of the Bliss House series of dark suspense novels, THE ABANDONED HEART (Oct. 2016), CHARLOTTE’S STORY and BLISS HOUSE (Pegasus Crime), as well as DEVIL’S OVEN, a modern Frankenstein tale, ISABELLA MOON, and CALLING MR. LONELY HEARTS (Ballantine). Her work has appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, PANK, and in numerous anthologies like Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads (Oceanview), St. Louis Noir (Akashic Books), and The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers. She originated and edited the Surreal South Anthology of Short Fiction Series with her husband, Pinckney Benedict, and edited Feeding Kate, a charity anthology, for their press, Gallowstree Press. A Cincinnati, Ohio native, Laura grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and claims both as hometowns. She currently lives with her family in the southern wilds of a Midwestern state, surrounded by bobcats, coyotes, and other less picturesque predators. Find out more, enter her monthly contests, and follow her blog at   (Amazon)

A Familiar Legacy Short Mystery For Christmas

Trouble Under the Mistletoe: A Familiar Legacy Short Mystery by [Barrett, Rebecca]
Trouble, the Sherlock of black cat detective, finds himself in Turnout, MS on Christmas Eve. Teddy Adamson, that heart breaker, has just walked back into Billie Dean Bailey’s life. But more dire happenings are going on under the mistletoe. Who ends up dead and why? Was it the maraschino cherries in the Tizzington sisters’ fruit compote? Or was it something more sinister? Find out in this short story of Trouble’s latest escapade in the Familiar Legacy Mystery Series.  (Amazon)










Review of The Christmas Letter

The Christmas Letter

A Tess and Tillie Cozy Mystery, Book #1

Kathi Daley

5 Stars


A cozy mystery series featuring family who are friends and friends who are family. Set in the small town of White Eagle Montana, the series features Tess and her dog Tilly, who spend their days delivering the latest gossip along with the daily mail. When a close friend is murdered they join forces with the new Veterinarian in town to sleuth out the truth behind the shocking murder that is rocking the community as it prepares for the annual Christmas Festival.

If you love small towns, endearing relationships, food, animals, and a touch of murder, you will love this new mystery series by Kathi Daley, author of the popular Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery Series. (Goodreads)


As is the norm for this author, the characters are well developed and well rounded.  Tess is a smart caring woman who likes just about everyone she meets.  And as a mail carrier, she meets a lot of people.  She has a good friend, Bree, and I enjoyed watching the interactions between the two friends.  And she has a couple of possible love interests, I cannot wait to see what happens.  You cannot help but fall in love with Tilly and Tang, Tess’s dog and cat.  They are very cute and add a lot to the story.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author creates a cozy setting in White Eagle, Montana.  Everyone looks out for each other and neighbors are happy to help those in need.  They are also happy to get in everyone’s business, just like a typical small town.  The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the book I felt like I was right there, watching all of the action taking place.   

The mystery was carried on well throughout the entire book.  There were enough suspects to consider and enough clues to shift through that the mystery was not easy to solve.  I was surprised at the culprit.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  This is going to be another great series and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

New Releases For The Week Of December 3rd, 2017–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 3rd, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the fourth and final day of my list for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.




IToo Big to Die (The Odelia Grey Mysteries) by [Jaffarian, Sue Ann]t’s the dog days of summer for Odelia and Greg after they rescue a dog from a closed car on a blistering hot day. The culprit is former reality star Marla Kingston, who’s married to a client of Odelia’s law firm. The dog was saved, but Odelia’s job might not be when Kingston demands blood. Things get even stickier when a video of the rescue goes viral, and the man who helped them winds up dead. And who is the mysterious young woman who shows up about the same time? Is she connected or just an opportunist looking to cash in on their reluctant Internet fame?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback












The 12 Slays of Christmas by [Vandiver, Abby L., Lucci, Judith , Vansant, Amy , Mooney, Colleen , Reade, Amy , Goddin, Nell , Helme, Colleen, Harris, Kim Hunt, Reinhart, Larissa, Bell, Cindy, Prescott, Summer, Dionne, Kathryn ]Have Yourself a Merry Cozy Mystery Christmas!

A 12-book, Christmas-themed, boxed set with Recipes!

We’ve got twelve new, never-before published, Christmas-themed cozy mysteries in a boxed set from twelve cozy authors! Holiday murder and mischief abound, but not to worry we’ve got our share of amateur sleuths!

And to make everyone’s holidays bright and merry, the authors of The 12 Slays of Christmas, in addition to sharing our Christmas whodunit stories with our readers, are donating the proceeds from our boxed set to an animal rescue shelter. C’mon! Buy a book, rescue a dog! (or cat!)

Can’t you just feel Christmas in the air? So, put on your winter mittens, dust off your holiday recipes, start humming those carols, and have yourself a Merry Christmas with a little murder, a whole lot of fun, and a gift of love to our cozy pet partners in crime solving!

What’s in the Boxed Set:

Abby L. Vandiver – Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Judith Lucci – The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year

Amy Vansant – Stollen Time

Colleen Mooney – Death by Rum Balls

Amy Reade – The Worst Noel

Nell Goddin – The Case of the Curious Biscuit

Colleen Helme – Devil in a Black Suit

Kim Hunt Harris – Frankincense, Gold and Murder

Larissa Reinhart – A View to a Chill

Cindy Bell – Christmas Chocolates and Crimes

Summer Prescott – Home for the Holidays

Kathryn Dionne – Murder at the Holiday Bazaar

Bonus – Recipes from the Authors.

And we love hearing from our readers, so stop by our website at and see what we’re up to. You can find out more about the authors, our 12-book boxed set, and how you can donate to a rescue shelter.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Fairy Cake Betrayal: A Magical and Sweet Cat Cozy Mystery (The Cake Fairy Mysteries Book 2) by [Hartford, Sabrina]“Fairy cakes, a kitten, magic & an impossible murder… All in Hawaii, with a fairy twist!”

Faye Anderson is searching for her mother who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago. The quest takes Faye to Hawaii where she stumbles upon a shadowy killer fleeing a murder scene. Unfortunately, the killer seems to be none other than her own mother. Worse still, when the police arrive, there doesn’t seem to be any signs that a murder has taken place. There are no witnesses and even the body is missing!

It’s an impossible case but Faye isn’t going to let that stop her, especially when she can draw on her fairy powers and help from her newly adopted pet cat Tom. But the island of Hawaii holds many unwanted secrets, such as the story behind her mom’s disappearance and the truth about Tom’s past. Solving the crime could lead to the ultimate betrayal…

Includes FREE bonus recipe book that contains all 23 desserts referenced in the story (Normally sold separately for $9.99!), plus 4 extra cookie recipes. Recipes contain full ingredients, steps, and nutritional values. Suitable for vegetarians.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback









The Colors of Death by [Rae Dater, Carlene]No good deed goes unpunished. Leaving a Minnesota winter and a divorce behind is no great sacrifice when Callie Sue Davis agrees to help in her uncle’s California print shop while he’s ill. When she arrives in San Diego, she finds her uncle conveniently forgot to mention she’ll also be caring for his big, black, blind dog. How hard could that be? But when a human arm turns up in his recycling barrel at the print shop, Callie’s uncle is suspect number one.

The print shop employees behave suspiciously and Callie finds herself getting deeper into trouble all the time. The only plus is that one of the police detectives is a charmer, and sparks start to fly. Well, that and the dog.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











Accessories to Die For: A Mystery (Irene's Closet) by [Paul, Paula]Good old-fashioned murder lurks behind the Old World charm of Santa Fe, New Mexico. And nobody knows that better than former attorney turned consignment-shop owner—and part-time amateur sleuth—Irene Seligman.

When New York assistant DA Irene Seligman moved home to take care of her demanding mother, Adelle, she thought she was leaving a world of corruption and violence behind. But after opening her store, Irene’s Closet, and getting reacquainted with the locals, she learns that something’s rotten in sunny Santa Fe. Even upstanding citizens like her friend Juanita Calabaza, a Native American artisan, can’t seem to escape the decidedly unfashionable surge in crime.

Juanita’s handcrafted jewelry has been known to catch the eye of many a tourist on the plaza in Santa Fe’s historic district. But lately she’s been attracting the wrong kind of attention . . . from the police. With her son missing after falling in with a bad crowd, Juanita foretells the death of one of his associates—which comes back to haunt her when the scumbag actually turns up dead. Now Juanita’s trading in her turquoise beads for an orange jumpsuit, and Irene will need to call upon all her old investigative skills to clear Juanita’s name—before her friend pays the ultimate price.

Paula Paul’s delightful mysteries featuring Irene Seligman can be read together or separately:

Editions Available:  Kindle








Bloodlines & Lies (The Bloodline Series Book 5) by [Rees, Lynda]BLOODLINES & LIES, The Bloodline Series, Book 5
Ad executive Riley Power’s fiancé, Levi Madison, and his Native American horse trainer, Calvin Coldwater, prepare Cheyenne Powers for triple-crown racing. An old flame returns to Sweetwater, and the stunning redheaded chef wants Riley’s man. Instead of focusing wedding plans, Riley’s concerned with her dad’s prognosis of Black Lung Disease. Her house is broken into, and her next door neighbor is murdered. Police search for the drug ring involved. Riley and her friends, Lemon Sage Benton and FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse, follow another line of investigation. Danger follows them home.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle











A Toxic Craft (Evan Dunstan Mystery Book 2) by [Kong, Debra Purdy]An Imajin Qwickies® Mystery/Crime Novella, and book 2 in the Evan Dunstan Mystery series

A crafty senior…

Evan Dunstan’s spunky grandmother is giving him major headaches. As organizer for the seniors’ Christmas craft fair, Gran faces warring vendors and acts of vandalism that threaten to ruin the event. When nasty knitter Cora Riddell is knocked unconscious and her water spiked with a hallucinogen, Gran begs Evan to find out who’s responsible before more harm is done—or someone dies.

A daunting task…

In charge of the fair’s security, Evan faces a challenge that grows more difficult by the hour. His boss expects him to find the culprit before police are called in and Southwest Trades & Technology’s reputation as a safe campus is destroyed.

A friend or foe?

A search for answers reveals the disturbing possibility that even friends and coworkers hope Evan will fail. Is the culprit closer to him than he thought? Whose startling secrets must be exposed to find the truth?

Editorial Reviews:

“Evan is such an appealing character, with dreams and ambitions that may all be thwarted when he kindly offers to help his grandma with her craft fair. The seething resentments and jealousy among the quirky vendors keep him racing to find out who’s responsible for all the problems at the fair, before they turn deadly. A fast-paced and fun read. You’ll never think of craft fairs the same way again.” —Merrilee Robson, author of Murder is Uncooperative

“In A Toxic Craft, her second Evan Dunstan Mystery, Debra Purdy Kong’s diligent security guard protagonist finds himself facing a series of crimes on campus, including attempted murder. His investigation is thwarted at every turn by characters the reader will feel they know, brought to life by Purdy Kong’s talent for dialogue. A compelling short read, laced with lots of twists and turns that keep the reader going.” —Trine Bronken, author of The Bloody Business of Luck

“A quick read, that’s worth reading a few times. Debra Purdy Kong has created a level of ruthlessness that no one could ever expect within a Christmas craft fair. I’ll never be able to go to another craft fair without wondering if all the venders are secretly trying to kill each other.” —Erik D’Souza, author of Straight Men in Gay Bars Uncooperative

“Who knew little, white-haired, old ladies and Christmas craft fairs could be such a wickedly, frolicking mix. Add a jealous knitting needle and an angry Santa and you have the perfect ingredients for mayhem.” —R.H. Harlick, author of the Meg Harris mystery series

“Seniors’ scandalous sex lives, delicious vicious gossip, and violence at the Christmas craft fair will have readers eagerly flipping pages while they speed toward the frightful conclusion. A fun, fast read for all ages.” —Robin Spano, author of the Clare Vengel mysteries  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Honey-Baked Homicide (A Down South Café Mystery) by [Leeson, Gayle]The owner of a delightful Southern café tastes the sharp sting of suspicion in this delectable comfort food mystery . . .
It’s fall in Winter Garden, Virginia, and business at Amy Flowers’ Down South Café has never been better. So when struggling beekeeper Stuart Landon asks Amy to sell some of his honey, she’s happy to help. The jars of honey are a sweet success, but their partnership is cut short when Amy discovers Landon’s body outside the café early one morning.

As Amy tries to figure out who could possibly have wanted to harm the unassuming beekeeper, she discovers an ever-expanding list of suspects—and they’re all buzzing mad. She’ll have to use all of her skills—and her Southern charm—to find her way out of this sticky situation…  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook









New Releases For The Week Of December 3rd, 2017–Part 3


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 3rd, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the third day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



Sunken Seas (A Rowan Gray Mystery Book 4) by [Hart, Lily Harper]The Bounding Storm is racing toward adventure … and this time it’s something completely out of the ordinary.
Rowan Gray still can’t wrap her mind around the fact that an old shipwreck – one that could make salvagers rich beyond their wildest dreams – is going to be The Bounding Storm’s main focus for a full week. It’s true, though, and the shift in demeanor on the boat is exciting and worrisome at the same time.
Even Rowan’s boyfriend Quinn isn’t immune and he’s swept up in the grandeur of the event … right until things turn sour and someone attacks one of the divers. It becomes clear rather quickly that something else is going on and someone has nefarious designs on the find.
If that weren’t bad enough, Rowan finds herself at odds with the salvage team leader – a man who she recognizes on a level she can’t quite explain – and her tragic past is about to push to the forefront when the man’s identity becomes known. There’s only one question: Is he friend or foe?
Rowan has to figure it out fast because when things come to a head, she has to decide who is on the side of right and who is trying to commit a terrible wrong. If she doesn’t make the correct decision, someone could die … including her.
It’s all hands on deck for another adventure, and whether everyone will live to make history is anyone’s guess.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Hollywood Holiday: Hollywood Headlines Mysteries short story by [Halliday, Gemma]From #1 Kindle, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Gemma Halliday comes a holiday treat, Hollywood style…

Visions of sensational headlines, not sugarplums, dance in L.A. Informer columnist Tina Bender’s head this holiday season. When the drummer for an ’80s hair-metal band falls from the top of a holiday parade float and gets trampled to death by eight not-so-tiny reindeer, Tina scoops the story of the year! But was the fall an accident, or something more sinister? Was the drummer’s jilted lover involved? Or his newly discovered son? And what does the snowman have to do with it? Crack tabloid reporter Tina’s on the case—determined to find out who’s been naughty and who’s been downright lethal!

Note: This is a SHORT story, originally published under the title Twelve’s Drummer Dying.

Hollywood Headlines Mysteries:
Hollywood Scandals – book #1
Hollywood Secrets – book #2
Hollywood Confessions – book #3
Hollywood Holiday – holiday short story
Hollywood Deception – book #4

What critics are saying:

“Halliday’s Hollywood Headlines series is a fun story with intriguing characters and a good mystery. The action is fast paced, the hero is delightful and the heroine is spunky and independent but smart enough to know when she needs help.”
—RT Book Reviews

“Fresh, funny, and has just enough heart to balance the snark.”
—All About Romance

“Gemma Halliday’s witty, entertaining writing style shines through in her new book! I look forward to seeing lots more of Tina as this series continues. A fun read!”
—Fresh Fiction

“Well written with smart and funny dialogue. It is a well-paced story that is thoroughly enjoyable with a mystery, a little romance, and a lot of laughs. Readers are sure to enjoy this delightful tale which is highly recommended.”
—Romance Reviews Today   (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Threes, Sixes & Thieves (Bunco Biddies Mystery Book 3) by [Cosgrove, Julie B]


Sunset Acres isn’t safe. Thieves are targeting homes with threes and sixes in their house numbers. Caught in the act, one robber is arrested, but later found hanged in his jail cell. The police claim it’s a suicide. Janie and her Bunco Biddies worry there might be dirty cops in Alamoville…but who can they convince?  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle









Death of Anton (British Library Crime Classics) by [Melville, Alan]Seven Bengal tigers are the star attraction of Carey’s Circus. Their trainer is the fearless Anton, whose work demands absolute fitness and the steadiest of nerves. When Anton is found lying dead in the tigers’ cage, it seems that he has lost control and been mauled by the tigers – but Detective-Inspector Minto of Scotland Yard is not convinced.
Minto’s investigations lead him deep into the circus world of tents and caravans, clowns and acrobats, human and animal performers. No one is above suspicion. Carey, the circus-owner with a secret to hide; Dodo, the clown whose costume is scratched as if by a claw; and Lorimer, the trapeze artist jealous of his flirtatious wife – all come under Minto’s scrutiny as the mystery deepens.
This amusing and light-hearted novel from the golden age of British crime writing has long been neglected, and this new edition will help to restore Melville’s reputation as an author of extremely entertaining detective fiction.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook







Bryant & May: Wild Chamber: A Peculiar Crimes Unit Mystery by [Fowler, Christopher]Detectives Arthur Bryant and John May are back on the case in this whip-smart and wildly twisting mystery, in which a killer in London’s parks is proving to be a most elusive quarry.
Helen Forester’s day starts like any other: Around seven in the morning, she takes her West Highland terrier for a walk in her street’s private garden. But by 7:20 she is dead, strangled yet peacefully laid out on the path, her dog nowhere to be found. The only other person in the locked space is the gardener, who finds the body and calls the police. He expects proper cops to arrive, but what he gets are Bryant, May, and the wily members of the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

Before the detectives can make any headway on the case, a second woman is discovered in a public park, murdered in nearly identical fashion. Bryant, recovering from a health scare, delves into the arcane history of London’s cherished green spaces, rife with class drama, violence, and illicit passions. But as a devious killer continues to strike, Bryant and May struggle to connect the clues, not quite seeing the forest for the trees. Now they have to think and act fast to save innocent lives, the fate of the city’s parks, and the very existence of the PCU.

An irresistibly witty, inventive blend of history and suspense, Bryant & May: Wild Chamber is Christopher Fowler in classic form.

Praise for Christopher Fowler’s ingenious novels featuring the Peculiar Crimes Unit

“Fowler, like his crime-solvers, is deadpan, sly, and always unexpectedly inventive.”Entertainment Weekly

“Captivating.”—The Seattle Times

“[A] guilty pleasure.”—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“[Fowler] takes delight in stuffing his books with esoteric facts; together with a cast of splendidly eccentric characters [and] corkscrew plots, wit, verve and some apposite social commentary, they make for unbeatable fun.”The Guardian

“Dazzling.”—The Denver Post

“The most delightfully, wickedly entertaining duo in crime fiction.”—The Plain Dealer

“Thrilling.”—Chicago Tribune  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover







A Crime of Poison (A Silver Six Mystery) by [Haddock, Nancy]The Silver Six are known for their arts and crafts—but they’re about to be tested in the art of catching a crafty killer.

It’s early October, time for the Fall Folk Art Festival and Bake Sale in Lilyvale, Arkansas. Every business along the town square will benefit from the event, including the craft store run by Leslee Stanton Nix—aka Nixy—and the Silver Six, a group of retirees. In charge of making the festival go smoothly, Nixy is confident that it will be a success.

But things become knotty when local troublemaker Cornell Lewis is found dead with a plate of Snickerdoodles from the bake sale. Two members of the Silver Six are accused of cooking up a murder plot, but Nixy knows that the cookies weren’t literally to die for. With time running out, Nixy and company must catch the actual killer…before the Silver Six find their number permanently reduced to four.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback








The Mewltide Mugger (Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery Book 12) by [Rogers, Alannah]


Matthew has a very special gift for new girlfriend Beatrice Young this holiday season. Except his plans are foiled when a mugger tackles him on a dark street and steals the surprise present! He can’t exactly involve Beatrice is his recovery plans—but thankfully her four crime-solving cats are more than up to the task, not to mention Sheriff Jacobs and the rest of the Ashbrook, New Hampshire community.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle








Chained (Kate Turner DVM Mysteries Book 3) by [Brady, Eileen]


Everyone in the charming Hudson Valley town of Oak Falls expected Flynn Keegan, their handsome blond “Golden Boy” to make it big in Hollywood. So when veterinarian Kate Turner identifies a bone dug up by one of her dog patients as human, no one thinks back ten years to remember Flynn. Until DNA and a smashed skull prove he was murdered.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback





New Releases For The Week Of December 3rd, 2017–Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of December 3rd, 2017.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very very many of them.  Today is the second day of my list.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.


The inimitable Faith Fairchild returns in a chilling New England whodunit, inspired by the best Agatha Christie mysteries and with hints of the timeless board game Clue.

For most of her adult life, resourceful caterer Faith Fairchild has called the sleepy Massachusetts village of Aleford home. While the native New Yorker has come to know the region well, she isn’t familiar with Havencrest, a privileged enclave, until the owner of Rowan House, a secluded sprawling Arts and Crafts mansion, calls her about catering a weekend house party.

Producer/director of a string of hit musicals, Max Dane—a Broadway legend—is throwing a lavish party to celebrate his seventieth birthday. At the house as they discuss the event, Faith’s client makes a startling confession. “I didn’t hire you for your cooking skills, fine as they may be, but for your sleuthing ability. You see, one of the guests wants to kill me.”

Faith’s only clue is an ominous birthday gift the man received the week before—an empty casket sent anonymously containing a twenty-year-old Playbill from Max’s last, and only failed, production—Heaven or Hell. Consequently, Max has drawn his guest list for the party from the cast and crew. As the guests begin to arrive one by one, and an ice storm brews overhead, Faith must keep one eye on the menu and the other on her host to prevent his birthday bash from becoming his final curtain call.

Full of delectable recipes, brooding atmosphere, and Faith’s signature biting wit, The Body in the Casket is a delightful thriller that echoes the beloved mysteries of Agatha Christie and classic films such as Murder by Death and Deathtrap.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook






Bel, Book, and Scandal: A Belfast McGrath Mystery (Bel McGrath Mysteries) by [McConnon, Maggie]Maggie McConnon rings in Christmas in Bel, Boiok, and Scandal, the third adventure for everybody’s favorite Irish-American culinary artist turned amateur sleuth.

Bel McGrath tries her best to keep herself on the straight and narrow but she just has a taste for trouble. This time danger arrives in the form of a newspaper left behind by visitors to Shamrock Manor—and a photograph that jolts Bel out of the present and back into a dark chapter from her past. The person in the photo is Bel’s best friend Amy Mitchell, long gone from Foster’s Landing, at a commune in upstate New York shortly after her disappearance. The picture, and Bel’s burning desire to find out what happened to Amy—and whether she may still be alive—is the catalyst for a story in which old secrets are revealed, little by little…and certain characters are shown to not be as genuine as Bel once thought.

Bel McGrath is:

“Authentic…will leave you smiling.”—Nancy Martin

“Hilarious and surprising.”—RT Book Reviews

“A saucy, funny, flawed protagonist that readers are guaranteed to fall in love with.” —Susan McBride  (Amazon)

Edition Available:  Kindle, Paperback






Cocoa Crush (The Donut Mysteries Book 35) by [Beck, Jessica]Cocoa Crush, Book 35 in the New York Times Bestselling Mystery Series by Jessica Beck.

When Suzanne and Jake leave town to attend a party with friends, they never dream that they are about to become involved in another murder. The stakes continue to rise as an ice storm knocks out the power in the penthouse where they are staying, locking them in with a dead body and a killer until law and order—as well as the power—can be restored.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle







Signed, Sealed, Fatal, I'm Yours (Secret Seal Isle Mysteries Book 6) by [Quinn, Lucy]After making her choice between Dylan and Hunter, Cookie James’ love life is finally in order. And now she’s ready to enjoy a little girl time. A bonfire on the beach seems like the perfect outing… until her mother Rain heads off for an outhouse break and finds a dead body instead. When Cookie calls Hunter for help, she finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation and the two men in her life. This time she has her hands full, dealing with a budding relationship, a cranky ex-partner, and a crime involving an old pirate treasure. Even more so when the stakes are raised and someone close to her is kidnapped. With everything on the line, Cookie has to solve the murder and make sure everyone else makes it out alive.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle






Magic & Mayhem (Starry Hollow Witches Book 4) by [Chase, Annabel]Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

Ember Rose is back for another Starry Hollow mystery. The former New Jersey resident and descendant of the One True Witch expects to see magical works of art on Balefire Beach for the first annual sand sculpture competition–what she doesn’t expect to see is a dead body. Now she and Sheriff Nash are hot on the trail of a killer, while trying to downplay their hots for each other. When one of Ember’s spells goes awry, it has unintentional consequences that could spiral out of control if she doesn’t come to her senses soon.

Can Ember turn the tide before the shifting sands of evidence are washed away forever?

Magic & Mayhem is the fourth book in the Starry Hollow Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.

This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel.

Books in the series include:
Magic & Murder, Book 1
Magic & Mystery, Book 2
Magic & Mischief, Book 3
Magic & Mayhem, Book 4
Magic & Mercy, Book 5

Annabel Chase is also the author of the Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery series. Check out Curse the Day, Book 1 in that series.  (Amazon)

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Comic Sans Murder (A Dangerous Type Mystery) by [Shelton, Paige]Clare Henry’s snowy Star City, Utah, oasis turns deadly in the third Dangerous Type Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Bookman Dead Style and To Helvetica and Back.
The visit of quirky world-famous horror author Nathan Grimes to Star City is especially thrilling for Clare Henry and her grandfather Chester. As the owners of The Rescued Word, a charming boutique shop in town, Clare and Chester specialize in restoring old typewriters and repairing beloved books. They’ve invited Nathan to their shop to use their equipment for his next book.

But all plans to work on the book take a step in the wrong direction when a tourist discovers an abandoned ski boot on the slopes—and the only sign of the owner is the dismembered foot he left inside! Nathan’s writer’s curiosity for all things horror is further piqued after the body of Clare’s high school friend Lloyd Gavin is discovered sans one foot. When all toes point to a class reunion gone wrong, Nathan can’t help but join Clare and her best friend, police officer Jodie Wentworth, as they hurry to track down the killer before more former classmates become Most Likely to Be Killed.  (Amazon)

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Ozoni and Onsens: A Daydreamer Detective Novella (Miso Cozy Mysteries) by [Pajonas, S. J.]For fans of the Miso Cozy Mysteries series!

Perfect to read after The Daydreamer Detective Braves The Winter, Mei and Yasahiro attempt to spend New Year’s Eve on vacation, but the universe has other plans for them. Follow them to Hakone where they learn there’s nothing more important than family.

Ozoni and Onsens is the satisfying side dish to the Miso Cozy series of cozy mystery novels. Originally only for newsletter subscribers, this novella is now available for all! Though not a traditional mystery, you’ll learn more about what happened between Braves The Winter and Opens A Tea Shop and why this trip cements Mei’s love for her family.  (Amazon)

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Lights, Camera, Murder (A Siamese Sleuth Mystery Book 2) by [Kane, Zoey, Kane, Claire]

Near Charli’s posh Santa Monica condo looms a 1920’s abandoned hotel filled with murderous secrets. The cat’s neighbor across the hall, actress Sonia James, invests in the haunting structure and enlists the help of event planner extraordinaire Harlow Reese, who happens to be Charli’s glamorous “roommate.” With the help of her dear Scottie friend, Charli is hot on the trail of another tough case, filled with suspicious Hollywood stars from the past and present.  (Amazon)

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And Death Goes To . . . (A Tobi Tobias Mystery) by [Bradford, Laura]The Tobias Ad Agency is in the running for the coveted Golden Storyboard, and Tobi couldn’t be more thrilled—until she discovers it’s literally an award to die for.

It’s an honor just to be nominated. But, let’s get real, Tobi wants to win. The St. Louis Advertising Awards are like the Oscars for her field, and Tobi is up for its most prestigious prize, Best Overall Ad Campaign. The competition is always fierce, but this year it’s killer . . .

Despite her high hopes, Tobi isn’t exactly shocked when she doesn’t win. But she is shocked when the winner, Deidre Ryan, takes the stage only to plummet to her death as a platform suddenly gives way. After the police discover foul play, Tobi’s Grandpa Stu wastes no time in nominating suspects. But was Deidre the intended victim—or was someone else meant to take the fatal fall? Now it’s a race to catch a killer in the spotlight, before another nominee gets the booby prize and Tobi gets trapped in a no-win situation.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Paperback