Review of Eclair and Present Danger

Eclair And Present Danger
Emergency Dessert Squad, Book #1
Laura Bradford
5 Stars


The first book in the delicious new Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery series from national bestselling author Laura Bradford.

With her rent rising faster than her pie crust, bakery owner Winnie Johnson had hoped to be rescued by an inheritance from her wealthy friend and neighbor Gertrude Redenbacher. Instead all she inherits is the widow’s hostile hissing tabby, Lovey, and a vintage ambulance, restored by Gertrude’s late husband. As her dream crumbles, Winnie makes her final delivery—a peach pie to an elderly widower. But she finds Bart Wagner lying on his kitchen floor, smothered by a pillow.

To comfort her frightened and grieving neighbors, Winnie comes to the rescue with her baked goods—and an idea is born: dessert delivery via her ambulance and a new business called the Emergency Dessert Squad. When she’s not speeding to the scenes of dessert emergencies, Winnie is also racing to track down Bart’s killer—before she needs to call a real ambulance for the next victim… (Goodreads)


Winnie Johnson is not having a good week. She has closed her bakery shop because she cannot afford the rent any longer. Then she finds her neighbor’s dead body lying on the floor in his house. This is the third neighbor that has recently died, although it is the first murdered one. While attending the will reading for one of her other neighbors, she learns that she is now the proud owner of an ambulance and a cat that really hates her. She does not know what she is going to do with her life now, but she knows that she does not want to leave the neighborhood that she loves so much. While doing a nice gesture for one of her nervous neighbor, inspiration hits and she knows what her new business will be: the Emergency Dessert Squad.

The concept behind this book is just a unique and awesome idea. The idea of having desserts delivered to someone who is need of comforting or wanting to celebrate is brilliant. The names of the desserts were so clever and imaginative. I really wish this was an actual business, we could all use their services at some time or another.

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional. Winnie is a hard worker who happens to have a heart of gold. She loves all of her elderly neighbors and feels right at home with them. Renee is one of her best friends and has a way of keeping her on track, at least in her personal life. I really enjoyed getting to know all of Winnie’s elderly neighbors too. They were quirky and funny and it was great to spend with them.

There is a mystery to solve and plenty of clues and suspects to keep the reader guessing. But the focus of the book was more on Winnie and her life rather than the killer, which was perfect, in my opinion. I would not have cared if there was any mystery, I was so engrossed reading about her business and her relationships. The characters were so entertaining to read about, I just wanted to get to know them better.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted, cleverly written cozy. There is absolutely nothing I would change about this book and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Review of Red Letter Slay

Red Letter Slay

A Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery, Book #8

Tonya Kappes

5 Stars


Discover the southern life of Bernadette Butler, along with the eccentric and lovable citizens, along with all the fur babies, who live in Sugar Creek Gap in this southern cozy mystery series by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Tonya Kappes.

Wedding bells are ringing all over Sugar Creek Gap for Bernadette Butler and Mac Tabor.

Folks in Sugar Creek Gap, Kentucky are so excited for Bernadette Butler! She’s getting married to Mac Tabor, the man of her dreams!

Wedding week is nerve-wracking enough but add to that a murder of a local radio DJ with a nasty reputation was found stabbed to death with a letter opener days before Bernadette’s wedding and the DJ who Bernadette hired for the wedding is the number one suspect. Now Bernadette has not only possibly lost a big part of her dream wedding, she’ll have to solve a mystery with more layers than the five-tiered wedding cake!

‘Red Letter Slay’ is a full-length cozy mystery and can be read as a standalone. Book #8 in the Mail Carrier Cozy Mystery Series. (Amazon)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Bernadette has a very busy week ahead of her.  She has to keep working, her granddaughter is turning one, her son has a big football game to coach and she is getting married.  But now she has to also figure out who tried to kill her good friend, Vince.  When someone is actually killed Bernadette has one more thing to add to her to-do list: solve the murder. She will have help from The Front Porch Ladies and her best friend, Iris. They will have to put their heads together to solve this one.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and these descriptions pulled me into the story from the very beginning.  I love reading all the Southern charm that the author portrays in the book. The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The mystery was well plotted and had plenty of clues to sift through and suspects to consider.  I was surprised at the culprit, which is how I like my mysteries.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  Grab a copy of this book, and series, and read all about Bernadette and her friends.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book and provided my honest review.

Review of The Rocky Road to Ruin

The Rocky Road To Ruin

Ice Cream Shop Mysteries, Book #1

Meri Allen

5 Stars


Justice will be swirled by amateur sleuth Riley Rhodes in the first in Meri Allen’s brand-new mystery series!

Riley Rhodes, travel food blogger and librarian at the CIA, makes a bittersweet return to her childhood home of Penniman, Connecticut – land of dairy farms and covered bridges – for a funeral. Despite the circumstances, Riley’s trip home is sprinkled with reunions with old friends, visits to her father’s cozy bookshop on the town green, and joyful hours behind the counter at the beloved Udderly Delicious Ice Cream Shop. It feels like a time to help her friend Caroline rebuild after her mother’s death, and for Riley to do a bit of her own reflecting after a botched undercover mission in Italy. After all, it’s always good to be home.

But Caroline and her brother Mike have to decide what to do with the assets they’ve inherited – the ice cream shop as well as the farm they grew up on – and they’ve never seen eye to eye. Trouble begins to swirl as Riley is spooked by reports of a stranger camping behind the farm and by the odd behavior of the shop’s mascot, Caroline’s snooty Persian, Sprinkles. When Mike turns up dead in the barn the morning after the funeral, the peace and quiet of Penniman seems upended for good. Can Riley find the killer before another body gets scooped? (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded and well developed.  Riley has returned home to Penniman, Connecticut, for her best friend’s(Caroline) mother’s funeral.  She is enjoying seeing her friends and family and visiting her friend’s mother’s ice cream shop Udderly Delicious. Before Caroline and her brother, Mike, can talk about what they should with what they inherited, Mike is found dead.  Now Riley and Caroline will have to figure out who the culprit is.  I was surprised who was killed, I was not expecting that.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and these descriptions pulled me into the story from the very beginning.  I really liked learning more about the ice cream store and Riley and Caroline’s friendship.  The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The mystery was well plotted and there were enough clues to sift through and suspects to consider and it was not easily solved.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

New Releases For The Week Of July 24th, 2022–Part 3

Lily Roberts pores over the clues in a piping hot new case when a confrontational celebrity chef is murdered at her Cape Cod tearoom during the filming of a popular baking show in the latest Tea by the Sea mystery from national bestselling author Vicki Delany . . .
The country’s hottest TV cooking show is coming to Cape Cod. And against her better judgment, Lily Roberts is entering America Bakes! with her charming tearoom, Tea by the Sea! Filming is already proving disruptive, closing the tearoom during Lily’s busiest season. But tensions really bubble over when infamous bad-boy chef and celebrity judge, Tommy Greene, loses his temper with Lily’s staff, resulting in an on-camera blowout with Cheryl Wainwright. Just as Lily thinks the competition can’t get more bitter, Tommy is found dead in Tea by the Sea’s kitchen . . . murdered with Cheryl’s rolling pin.
Suspicion immediately falls on Cheryl, but the temperamental star has racked up plenty of culinary clashes in the past, both on- and off-screen. And nearly anyone associated with Tommy or the show could be the killer: be it one of Lily’s fierce competitors, a member of the beleaguered film crew, or even one of Tommy’s fellow judges—struggling cookbook maven, Claudia D’Angelo or beauty contest winner, Scarlet McIntosh. Now, while she’s baking up a storm for the show, Lily must also whip up an impromptu investigation . . . before the murderer rolls someone else away. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

“Foodies and mystery lovers will come for the red herrings and stay for the cheese.”— Kirkus Reviews

The second book in a delicious culinary cozy series—the muensters have arrived in Balsam Dell in this Halloween cozy mystery featuring a grilled cheese shop owner turned amateur sleuth

After a long hot summer in Balsam Dell, Carly Hale is ready for crisp Vermont weather and gourmet grilled cheeses at her Grilled Cheese Eatery. And the upcoming Halloween food competition is the perfect way to impress the locals.

But Ferris Menard, the owner of Sub-a-Dub-Sub, is nursing a serious grudge against Carly. Two days before the competition, one of Carly’s employees quit his part-time gig at Menard’s sub shop, sending Menard into a serious snit. In a confrontation at the Eatery, Menard accused Carly of sabotage and vowed to bring her down.

That’s when Menard’s body is found in his kitchen the morning after the competition, a steak knife sticking out of his heart. But Menard had a slew of enemies, and if Carly doesn’t figure out which one is the culprit, she might find herself—or someone she cares about—serving grilled cheese sandwiches under lock and brie!

“Foodies and mystery lovers will come for the red herrings and stay for the cheese.”— Kirkus Reviews

The second book in a delicious culinary cozy series—the muensters have arrived in Balsam Dell in this Halloween cozy mystery featuring a grilled cheese shop owner turned amateur sleuth

After a long hot summer in Balsam Dell, Carly Hale is ready for crisp Vermont weather and gourmet grilled cheeses at her Grilled Cheese Eatery. And the upcoming Halloween food competition is the perfect way to impress the locals.

But Ferris Menard, the owner of Sub-a-Dub-Sub, is nursing a serious grudge against Carly. Two days before the competition, one of Carly’s employees quit his part-time gig at Menard’s sub shop, sending Menard into a serious snit. In a confrontation at the Eatery, Menard accused Carly of sabotage and vowed to bring her down.

That’s when Menard’s body is found in his kitchen the morning after the competition, a steak knife sticking out of his heart. But Menard had a slew of enemies, and if Carly doesn’t figure out which one is the culprit, she might find herself—or someone she cares about—serving grilled cheese sandwiches under lock and brie! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

When new neighbors move in next door, Hayley Powell is finding the Halloween spirit a little too close to home this year in coastal Bar Harbor, Maine . . .
Once upon a time, food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell used to be married to a man named Danny. They lived quite the cozy life together in rugged Maine. And for two years, their closest neighbor was an abandoned house that only seemed to add to their picture-perfect life. Even if the owner had died under mysterious circumstances.
Now, the Salinger family has recently taken possession of the property, but the realtor behind the deal has vanished—after a very public and angry argument with Damien Salinger. If Bar Harbor’s newest neighbors are murderers, and Danny is convinced they are, Hayley will haunt them until they confess.
Includes delectable recipes from Hayley’s kitchen!

“An enjoyably twisty mystery laced with the heroine’s equally entertaining foodcentric newspaper columns.”
KirkusReviews on Death of an Italian Chef

Editions Available: Kindle

Living in a lighthouse with her dog, Lindsey Bakewell is lulled to sleep at night by the sound of Lake Michigan’s waves—and gets up at the crack of dawn to start the day at her bakery café.  But someone in Beacon Harbor is about to rock the boat with murder . . .
After a career on Wall Street, Lindsey is making a different kind of dough in a pretty lakeside village, and the upcoming blueberry festival—including the pie-eating contest her bakery is hosting—is the highlight of the summer. But soon Beacon Harbor runs into a patch of trouble.
A local real estate agent gets pranked. A parade float gets pelted with water balloons. It’s all laughed off until the stunts start escalating—and looking more like sabotage. As the event turns into a debacle complete with rampaging goats, Lindsey’s sweetheart, a former SEAL, starts investigating. But the juicy mystery takes a bitter turn when a man—dressed up as a Viking—is found dead in a boat, and it’s no longer mischief but murder . . .
Includes Delicious Recipes! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Murder’s a knockout!

Despite her misgivings and general distaste for fighting sports, Mrs. Ginger Reed, also known as Lady Gold, agrees to attend a boxing match to support her adopted son’s cousin, a street fighter who’s quickly risen in the ranks.

But when his opponent, the presumed champion-to-be, drops out and then drops dead, Ginger and her husband, Basil, a chief inspector at Scotland Yard, investigate. Was the fighter dead because of sports-betting gone awry? Were London gangs involved? And has an old, but newly present danger returned to threaten the Reed family?

When one of their own falls prey, the gloves come off and the fight becomes personal. Can Ginger and Basil save their family and stop a killer before the towel is thrown in the ring?


Researching for the Ginger Gold Mysteries has been so much fun. I hope you sense that as you read. Ginger Gold is smart, savvy, and delightful. The fashions, the dances, the CRIME. Never fear, the Ginger Gold Mysteries are COZY, so no scary, graphic on-stage violence. You’ll find these books to be clean reads, with no swearing or sex. I hope you enjoy the Ginger Gold Mystery series!

Hop aboard the 1920s!


Murder on the SS Rosa (Book 1)
Murder at Hartigan House (Book 2)
Murder at Bray Manor (Book 3)
Murder at Feathers & Flair (Book 4)
Murder at the Mortuary (Book 5)
Murder at Kensington Gardens (Book 6)
Murder at st. George’s Church (Book 7)
The Wedding of Ginger & Basil (Book 7.5)
Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman (Book 8)
Murder at the Boat Club (Book 9)
Murder on Eaton Square (Book 10)
Murder by Plum Pudding (Book 11)
Murder on Fleet Street (Book 12)
Murder at Brighton Beach (Book 13)
Murder at Hyde Park (Book 14)
Murder at Royal Albert Hall (Book 15)
Murder in Belgravia (Book 16)
Murder on Mallowan Court (Book 17)
Murder at the Savoy (Book 18)
Murder at the Circus (Book 19)
Murder at the Boxing Club (Book 20)
Murder in France (Book 21)
~more on the way!

A brand new 1950s series!


Murder at High Tide (Book 1)
Murder on the Boardwalk (Book 2)
Murder at the Bomb Shelter (Book 3)
Murder on Location (Book 4)
Murder and Rock ‘n Roll (Book 5)
Murder at the Races (Book 6)
Murder at the Dude Ranch (Book 7)
Murder in London (Book 8)
Murder at the Fiesta (Book 9)
Murder at the Weddings (Book 10)

Don’t miss LADY GOLD INVESTIGATES, the short story companion series! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A rash of poison pen letters has enveloped the sleepy English village of Walmsley Parva in cloud of suspicion and paranoia. But when rampant aspersions culminate in murder, enquiry agents Beryl Helliwell and Edwina Davenport must stamp out the evil-minded epistles . . .

What began for two dear if very different friends—an American adventuress and a prim and proper Brit—as a creative response to the lean times following the Great War has evolved into a respectable private enquiry business. So much so that Constable Gibbs calls upon Beryl and Edwina to solve a curious campaign of character assassination.
A series of anonymous accusations sent via post have set friend against friend and neighbor against neighbor. In her new position as magistrate, Edwina has already had to settle one dispute that led to fisticuffs. Even Beryl has received a poison pen letter, and while she finds its message preposterous and laughable, others are taking the missives to heart. Their headstrong housekeeper Beddoes is ready to resign and one villager has attempted to take her own life.
The disruption of the peace goes far beyond malicious mischief when another villager is murdered. Now it’s up to the intrepid sleuths to read between the lines and narrow down the suspects to identify the lethal letter writer and ensure that justice is delivered . . . (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

Who thought Doofus and Floofus would be the best cat detectives in Quinn?

Starting over in a sleepy small town would never be easy, but Misty Milton’s gourmet cat food delivery business soon made her a hit with the locals.

Well, most of them…

Until her cats help a teenage couple uncover a curiously preserved 50 year old corpse while hunting for fabled pirate treasure.

That’s when a tale of unrequited love, blackmail and murder rapidly unravels.

And if that wasn’t tricky enough, her bully of a husband has tracked her across five states, determined to drag her back to Kansas…

Can Misty and her feline sidekicks solve this mystery before another murder shakes the community? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Falling leaves, chill winds, shorter days . . . and spooky houses. Halloween in Maine transports part-time reporter Lucy Stone into cozy heaven. Until someone goes missing . . .

A woman with many hats, Lucy Stone is rarely on time, but she’s never too late to catch the important news in the Maine coastal town of Tinker’s Cove. Sometimes it might even make the front page of the Pennysaver, the town’s weekly paper. For example, the latest out of the basement town hall meeting is that the dilapidated house across the street from the elementary school will not be condemned. In fact, a local inspection has proved it’s structurally sound. Even more surprising, newcomers to Tinker’s Cove are about to close on their soon-to-be new home.
Despite rumors that the house is a haven for ghosts, Ty and Heather Moon soon take residence. But strangely, they’re not exactly receptive to the town’s welcoming committee. Odder still are the noises and flickering lights erupting from the house at all hours. And when a local boy goes missing near the house, it’s up to Lucy Stone to unravel the mystery of the eccentric couple and their increasingly frightful behavior. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

New Releases For The Week Of July 24th, 2022–Part 2

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Black launches a pulse-pounding new series with a taut, compelling forensic thriller that introduces Dr. Ellie Carr and Dr. Rachael Davies, who must combine their expertise to solve deadly crimes . . .

When D.C. crime scene analyst Dr. Ellie Carr is called to investigate the heartrending case of a missing baby, she’s shocked to discover that the child’s mother is her own cousin. Close during their impoverished childhoods, Ellie and Rebecca eventually drifted apart. Rebecca is now half of a Washington power couple, and she and her wealthy lobbyist husband, Hunter, have been living a charmed life in an opulent mansion—until their infant son is taken.

“Every contact leaves a trace.” That’s the basic principle of forensic science followed by pathologist Dr. Rachael Davies. A reluctant Ellie is teamed with Rachael, employed by Hunter to help with the investigation. Rachael is assistant dean at the prestigious Locard Forensic Institute, named in honor of the French criminologist who inspired the profession. But in this case, discovering where those traces lead quickly becomes a dangerous journey through a web of greed and deadly ambition.

At first antagonists, then allies, Ellie and Rachael race to find the baby alive and bring the kidnappers to justice. What seemed like a simple ransom grab reveals links to a lobbying effort to loosen regulations on a billion-dollar gaming empire. Unless they can piece together the evidence before the Senate hearing, Rebecca’s son—and others like him—will face an unthinkable fate . . .

“This solid series launch from bestseller Black introduces forensics experts Ellie Carr and Rachael Davies…Black packs the novel with fascinating details for crime scene buffs, who will eagerly await the next case for the intrepid CSIs.”
Publishers Weekly
“With her first-hand knowledge of forensics added to her skill as a writer, Lisa Black doesn’t miss. Red Flags is a real nail-biter, a can’t-miss thrill ride from start to finish.”
Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter and Riley Wolfe series (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

From the USA Today bestselling author of Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe comes Heather Webber’s next charming novel, In the Middle of Hickory Lane!

Emme Wynn has wanted nothing more her whole life than to feel like part of a family. Having grown up on the run with her con artist mother, she’s been shuffled from town to town, drawn into bad situations, and has learned some unsavory habits that she’s tried hard to overcome. When her estranged grandmother tracks her down out of the blue and extends a job offer—helping to run her booth at an open-air marketplace in small-town Sweetgrass, Alabama—Emme is hopeful that she’ll finally be able to plant the roots she’s always dreamed of. But some habits are hard to break, and she risks her newfound happiness by keeping one big truth to herself.

Cora Bee Hazelton has her hands full with volunteering, gardening, her job as a color consultant and designer, and just about anything she can do to keep her mind off her painful past, a past that has resulted in her holding most everyone at arm’s length. The last thing she wants is to form close relationships only to have her heart broken yet again. But when she’s injured, she has no choice other than to let people into her life and soon realizes it’s going to be impossible to keep her heart safe—or her secrets hidden.

In the magical neighborhood garden in the middle of Hickory Lane, Emme and Cora Bee learn some hard truths about the past and themselves, the value of friends, family, and community, and most importantly, that true growth starts from within.

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook

San Francisco book-restoration expert Brooklyn Wainwright loves a good book festival except when murder is the main event in this thrilling new addition to the New York Times bestselling Bibliophile Mystery series.

Brooklyn is excited to be included in the Covington Library’s first annual Mark Twain Festival. She’ll rebind a rare first edition of The Prince and the Pauper before an enthusiastic audience of book nerds—her favorite people. The festival is the passion project of wealthy media mogul, book lover, and newspaper owner Joseph Cabot, who considers himself Twain’s biggest fan. Brooklyn’s hunky husband, Derek, and his security team once rescued Joseph from a corporate kidnapping attempt. Now Derek and his agents are charged with keeping Joseph and his beautiful young wife safe during the festivities taking place all over town. 
The centerpiece of the festival is a citywide contest based on The Prince and the Pauper: one lucky look-alike will trade places with Joseph for a few days—with access to all the money and power that Joseph commands. Brooklyn and Derek worry that the contest might be generating some dangerous attention. And when someone is mysteriously poisoned right before Brooklyn’s eyes, she’s not convinced that the victim was the intended target. Now she and Derek must frantically chase clues and suspects through the streets of San Francisco before another murder becomes front-page news. . . . (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

For a tiny town, picturesque Wilfred, Oregon, has everything, including an impressive library housed in a Victorian mansion, a touch of magic in new librarian and fledgling witch, Josie Way, a visiting movie star—and a curious tendency toward murder . . .
Josie and all of Wilfred are buzzing with excitement. A-list movie star Daphne Morris has chosen to interview Roz, assistant librarian and novelist, for her book club. But when the glamorous actress quickly charms both Roz’s long-time love and sheriff Sam, the object of Josie’s unrequited affection, Josie turns to the whispers from her beloved books for ideas on revising the plot. Yet soon there’s another twist . . .
At a party to celebrate the interview, Daphne’s personal chef is found dead in a scene that all too closely echoes one in Roz’s novel. It’s clear to Josie that someone’s idea of a happy ending means framing her friend. She’ll have to read between the lines with the help of the library’s enchanted stacks, guidance from her magical grandmother’s letters, and her cat familiar, Rodney, to solve this murder before someone decides to stage a deadly sequel . . .
Praise for Angela M. Sanders’ Seven-Year Witch

“A really lovely follow-up to the Witch Way Librarian Mystery series debut. A solid treat.”
—Criminal Element

“Full of false leads and truly surprising reveals, this terrifically plotted mystery is hard to put down.”

“This cozy mystery has the right balance of suspense and quirky, small-town humor.”
—Library Journal (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Apparently, the mouthwatering new ice cream flavors on the menu in coastal Bar Harbor, Maine, are really just to die for . . .
Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell doesn’t know what to believe when Lydia Partridge, the put-together owner of gourmet Bar Harbor Ice Cream, suddenly reveals fears that her husband may be having an affair. There’s no other way to explain why Jamie, a respected professor, was spotted in a remote part of town with a much younger woman. But instead of learning the truth about the secret meeting, Lydia opens her freezer truck to find another surprise—the dead body of a summer employee . . .
The shock continues as photographic evidence proves Jamie was spending time off campus with the victim, one of his students. Now, Lydia desperately needs Hayley to discover if Jamie really is a cheater—and, worse, a ruthless killer. With her own complicated family issues to address, can Hayley make sense of a popular college girl’s love life and out the true culprit before the case, or another person, goes cold?
Includes delectable recipes from Hayley’s kitchen!

“An enjoyably twisty mystery laced with the heroine’s equally entertaining foodcentric newspaper columns.”
KirkusReviews on Death of an Italian Chef

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Father Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes, and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and often times are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, humor – and surprise after surprise! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

When a tourist is murdered in Ka’anapali, and it turns out he’s someone from Rosie’s past, Charlie is on the case. She needs to find out whether or not the man knew about Rosie’s defection, or if it’s just a coincidence he was killed on the island.

And while the stakes couldn’t be higher, Charlie finds herself butting heads with the FBI, at the same time as she’s getting closer to Jake than ever. And she’s not sure that’s a bad thing…

Charlie has to get to the bottom of this case before Rosie’s true identity is revealed, but going up against trained spies is completely outside her wheelhouse.

Will Charlie find the killer and protect her friend, or is she going to find herself out in the cold… permanently? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Audiobook

Facing boredom after his long-postponed knee surgery, Jack volunteers at Fitz Morton Manor to serve as steward, chatting with visitors about the long history of the house. And when the retired volunteer Cyril Roebuck is found dead in the Great Hall, one morning, it seems at first that the dear old man must have suffered a heart attack. But the room was locked from the inside – and it quickly becomes clear that Cyril could not have bolted it.Soon Jack and Sarah are confronting the odd mystery of the locked room…and what must be – in fact – a case of foul play.

Episode 43 will be available for pre-order soon and will be out November, 25th 2022.

Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, the detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Thrilling and deadly – but with a spot of tea – it’s like Rosamunde Pilcher meets Inspector Barnaby. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick read for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa.

Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), have been writing together since the mid-90s, creating innovative content and working on major projects for the BBC, Disney Channel, Sony, ABC, Eidos, and Nintendo to name but a few. Their transatlantic collaboration has underpinned scores of TV drama scripts, computer games, radio shows, and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

For Julia Snowden of the Snowden Family Clambake, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning in the coastal town of Busman’s Harbor, Maine, when a seasonal activity turns fatal . . .

With its history of hauntings and ghost sightings, Busman’s Harbor is the perfect setting for Halloween festivities. Despite her busy schedule, Julia agrees to help out with a haunted house tour to protect her mother from overwhelming herself. But when a reenactment of a Prohibition-era gangster’s murder ends with a literal bang and a dead actor from New Jersey, Julia Snowden must identify a killer before she ends up sleeping with the fishes.

Praise for Shucked Apart
“An intelligent, well-plotted page-turner with likeable characters and a doozy of an ending. Highly recommended.”
Suspense Magazine (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

It was an accident…everyone said so…so what – or from whom – is Aunt Alice hiding…

When Uncle Roscoe meets with a fatal accident at home, Aunt Alice deals with it stoically – at first. So when she starts acting strangely and won’t allow anyone in her house her family are understandably concerned. Has she had a breakdown? Is it time for her to go into the Sunny Vale nursing home? Or does she have a guilty conscience?

Drastic measures are called for but Aunt Alice’s explanation, when it comes, is difficult to accept. Haunted by her husband’s ghost? These things don’t happen in Hettie’s world. This isn’t something she can solve with a lesson plan or a firm whack from her croquet mallet. And it certainly isn’t a police matter if Aunt Alice ends up under suspicion.

But Hettie’s not the only one out of sorts. What is Ceefer upset about? He’s not sulking, surely? But apparently even a cat with a larger than normal ego has his weak spot. Will he get over himself in time to help Hettie rid Aunt Alice of a haunting husband and save her from the nursing home? Or worse?

This book follows British/Australian English. A clean cozy mystery: no graphic violence, sex, or strong language. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle


New Releases For The Week Of July 24th, 2022–Part 1

In Gabby Allan’s second Santa Catalina Island-set mystery series with a rom-com twist, boat tour guide Whitney Dagner, her chonky cat Whiskers, and Whitney’s not-so-ex police diver boyfriend must lead a dangerous investigation into years of scandal and bad blood…

Take in the wild beauty of Santa Catalina Island with tour guide and eclectic gift shop owner Whitney Dagner. On the itinerary: dramatic Pacific coastlines, diverse marine life, and murder!

Since returning home from mainland California and finding her groove with the family tourism business, Whitney Dagner’s daily routine has become a wonderfully chaotic adventure. She and her nimble kitty, Whiskers, often find themselves at the center of the action on Catalina, from staged treasure hunts to gossipy birdwatchers. But before Whit can get too comfortable in the place where she grew up, a gift shop order leads to a stunning discovery—someone’s dead body . . .
One of Whit’s best boat tour client’s, Leo Franklin was young and newly engaged when he unceremoniously took his own life. Only it doesn’t seem like that’s what really happened—not after the suspicious activity displayed by his family’s old rivals at the scene of his death. As a bitter, generations-long feud between Leo’s kin and the local Ahern clan comes to a head, Whit and her police diver not-so-ex-boyfriend must lead a dangerous investigation into years of scandal and bad blood to figure out who’s innocent . . .and who’s covering a killer’s tracks. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback


Kate Irving arrives at her grandfather’s cottage at Frenchman’s Creek in the dead of night with her young son, a small suitcase and little else. Its scattered community of fishermen, farmers, artists and jetsetters barely bat an eyelid, because theirs is a rarefied world, tucked beneath the lush forest that lines the banks of the Helford estuary, deep in the heart of Cornwall, where life is slow and people generally mind their own business. Unless, of course, your grandfather happens to be a pillar of the local community…

Kate’s left the past behind and guards her privacy and her son fiercely. She’s wary of accepting the friendship her new neighbours offer, but their kindness is too great to refuse and she begins to feel she has found her place in the world. That is, until tragedy strikes, and her new friends look to her for the answers…

Kate soon learns that the past always catches up with you, in the end—the question is, will she be able to face it, when it does?

Suspense is peppered with romance and humour in this fast-paced mystery, set amidst the spectacular Cornish landscape.

“LJ Ross keeps company with the best mystery writers” ―The Times

“A literary phenomenon” ―Evening Chronicle (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Life coach Cat Cooper and her best friend Gilley can’t wait to take a long vacation from low-key East Hampton. There’s just one more item left on their planning checklist: stopping a killer . . .

With Gilley heartbroken over the collapse of his marriage, Cat has the perfect remedy—a three-week-long getaway to Italy. But before the duo can pack their bags and sip prosecco on the sunny riviera, they first must help a troubled client carve out a fresh start of her own. Wealthy Scarlet Rubi desperately seeks a greater purpose and immediate distance from her toxic descendants. The urgency of the situation isn’t quite so clear until Scarlet takes healthy steps towards progress, only to turn up dead . . .
The matriarch of a wealthy family has been murdered in her home after finding a new lease on life. Cat’s suspicions deepen when she discovers Scarlet was set on cutting off her children and grandchildren, each one more money-hungry and dependent on financial support than the last. As Cat and Gilley investigate a slew of sketchy alibis and concrete motives from the corrupt Rubi clan while preparing to leave the East End for Europe, they soon realize the question isn’t who had a deadly vendetta against Scarlet—it’s who didn’t? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook

A series of burglaries
A new romance
But is he too good to be true?

Suzie, the sous-chef at DeeDee’s restaurant, Deelish, can’t talk enough about her new boyfriend and feels that he just might be “the one.”

DeeDee’s thrilled for Suzie, but things get a little dicey when Jake, DeeDee’s husband, is hired as a private investigator to find out who’s behind a series of burglaries that have taken place in a neighborhood of high-end homes.

All of the homeowners had recently hired the same security company to install state-of-the-art security systems in their homes. Unfortunately, it’s the same security system company where Suzie’s boyfriend works.

He swears he knows nothing about the burglaries, so Jake and his partner, Al, with a past that involves the Chicago mob, come up with a plan to find out if he’s telling the truth.

Everyone involved hopes that Suzie’s boyfriend is telling the truth about the burglaries and that love will win out, but things are never quite as they seem.

This is the 21st book in the Northwest Cozy Mystery Series by a USA Today Bestselling Author. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Mint Chocolate Murder is a delightful confection of wonderful characters, a yummy setting, and an intriguing, twisty, and multi-layered mystery. It’s the perfect book to curl up with on a lazy summer afternoon—preferably with your favorite flavor of ice cream close to hand.” –Elizabeth Penney, Edgar-nominated author of the Cambridge Bookshop Series

Riley Rhodes returns in the second delicious cozy set in a New England ice cream shop, Meri Allen’s Mint Chocolate Murder!

When Udderly Delightful Ice Cream shop manager Riley Rhodes is summoned to Penniman’s Moy Mull Castle, it’s the cherry on top of a successful summer season. The gothic pile built by an eccentric New England Gilded Age millionaire has been transformed into a premiere arts colony by Maud Monaco, a reclusive former supermodel. As part of Moy Mull’s Fall Arts Festival, Maud is throwing a fantasy ice cream social and hires Riley to whip up unique treats to celebrate the opening of an exhibit by Adam Blasco, a photographer as obnoxious as he is talented.

As Penniman fills up with Maud’s art-world friends arriving for the festival, gossip swirls around Blasco, who has a dark history of obsession with his models. Riley’s curiosity and instincts for sleuthing – she was a CIA librarian – are piqued, and she wonders at the hold the cold-hearted photographer has over the mistress of Moy Mull.

But when Adam is found dead behind the locked door of Moy Mull’s dungeon, Riley realizes there’s more than one suspect who’d wanted to put the malicious photographer on ice. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

After months of planning, sisters Abigail and Amanda Clark have finally purchased a historic resort property in the Finger Lakes. Abigail has years of experience managing hotels and restaurants, so she’s sure she’s ready for this new challenge. She isn’t even bothered when her sister takes her dream job and decides not to move to Nightshade right away.

When a guest turns up dead in one of the rooms, though, Abigail finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder investigation. That definitely wasn’t in her plans.

The dead man had a lot of enemies in the small town of Nightshade, New York, and it isn’t long before Abigail has met several of them. Her nosy neighbor is eager to poke her nose into the police investigation, but all Abigail wants to do is find some guests for Sunset Lodge.

Can Abigail fix up the historic hotel on a shoestring budget? Will she be able to find guests who don’t mind that a man was murdered in the hotel’s annex? Or will Abigail’s neighbor say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get someone else murdered before the police find the killer? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

In eastern Kentucky, Miranda Trent runs a unique tour company called Paint & Shine, but sometimes the peaceful mountains play host to murder . . .

Miranda’s business—combining Appalachian adventure tours with art and a bit of moonshine—is the perfect place for an outdoor sporting goods company to hold an employee retreat.  It’ll be a challenge, but the money they’re paying will definitely help with building her new distillery.
Miranda has lots of teamwork-fostering activities planned, from sketching classes to Southern cooking, but the executive running things prefers a more competitive spirit.  In fact, after the workers are split into teams, they’re told that only the winners will keep their jobs, and tensions begin to spike. Even after a participant is found dead, the contest continues—while Miranda starts drawing her own conclusions about the ambitious attendees. Now she just has to find the proof . . .  

“With its colorful characters, charming Southern setting, and well-plotted mystery, the Paint & Shine series is the perfect blend of all things cozy.”
Ellery Adams, NYT and USA Today bestselling author

“Using a palette of clever plot twists and intriguing characters, Cheryl Hollon creates a richly drawn world that’s both bucolic and dangerous in Still Knife Painting. Readers will take a shine to this addictive new series!”
Agatha Award-winning author Ellen Byron

“Set against the blazing backdrop of an Appalachian fall, Still Knife Painting serves up a tasty stew of murder and moonshine. In this series debut, Cheryl Hollon weaves a tale as complex and country as the antique braided rug that figures in the story.” 
BarbaraRoss, author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Tommy Christie has been so concerned about his wife’s prolonged bout of ill health that he decides a long trip to India is precisely what she needs to regain her strength. With the indomitable Aunt Em along for company it’s certain to be an entertaining holiday!

With Evelyn still unwell, Tommy and Aunt Em enjoy an excursion together only to return to the hotel to find the silent film actress, Anna Lascelles, dead! Although Anna was a distinctly unpopular guest, murder seems a particularly harsh punishment.

With no shortage of suspects, can Tommy and Evelyn unmask the dastardly killer before their Indian holiday turns even more deadly? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle 

Shelby Morris came to Holiday Bay after receiving a huge inheritance from a woman she’d never met which she’d been destined to share with two half-sisters she’d never knew existed. It took some time for the three very different siblings to settle the estate in a manner that was agreeable to all of them, but in the end, it was decided that Shelby would stay and take care of things.

Shelby was at loose ends once she’d settled the estate since she’d been working long hours her entire life and wasn’t used to so much down time. When she found out a hangout down by the commercial fishing dock was for sale, she decided to take a chance and invest in her future.

The Bistro, which consists of a restaurant, bar, rooftop patio, and live music platform, was exactly the sort of thing Shelby needed to find her footing in Holiday Bay. She knows she’ll need help, so she enlists the help of new chef and frequent guest to The Inn at Holiday Bay, Amy Hogan, as well as parttime waitress and longtime local Nikki Peyton. Together with the staff and regular customers that appeared to have come with the place, Shelby is certain she’ll be able to create something special.

In book 1 in the series, Shelby decides to clean out the second floor of the building which had been used by the previous owner as a storage area. While clearing out the large dusty space she finds a stack of boxes with so much dust on them that she is certain that they’d been there for decades. Shelby opens to boxes and finds items left behind from the owner of the garment factory that had utilized the space half a century ago. During the course of sifting through the old treasures, Shelby finds a journal that appeared to have been left behind by a man who lived in the area in the nineteen sixties and seventies.

Upon examination, Shelby determines that the journal features pages and pages of code, which she suspects, if decoded, will reveal a secret message. The man who left the journal is long dead, so Shelby enlists the help of her staff, customers, local friends, and the ex-cop turned PI who uses a booth in the bar to meet customers, to help her solve the mystery.

Join Shelby, Amy, Nikki, and a lineup of new as well as familiar characters, as they try to solve what, to that point, had been the cold case of the century. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

There’s nothing worse than anchovies on pizza. Except for murder…

Gina Romano has finally settled into her new life in small town, Lake Basil, New York. Her uncle’s pizza parlor is thriving, she’s starting to make friends, and she might even have a crush on a certain special someone.

With summer on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for love.

Until a local ice cream shoppe owner is murdered right before the summer celebrations. And Gina’s best friend is the last person seen with the victim.

Gina’s got to keep her friend out of prison and figure out who committed the crime, all while keeping her “unique” uncle out of trouble, and the pizza parlor running smooth as mozzarella cheese.

Can Gina solve the case and save her friend? Find out in the third installment of the Pizza Parlor series, a cozy mystery spectacular from USA Today bestseller, Rosie A. Point. Grab your copy today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Review of Proms, Crowns and Sworn Enemies

Proms, Crowns, And Sworn Enemies,

Michelle Bishop Paranormal Cozy Mysteries, Book #0

J A Holder

5 Stars


High school graduation is just around the corner, and Michelle Bishop is ready for the next chapter in her life. The title of valedictorian is all but hers, and solidifying her A in one more class is the last step. Unfortunately, Michelle has been partnered up with her nemesis, Georgia Beauregard, for their class project.

During the group study session at Georgia’s house, Michelle accidentally damages the tiara Georgia’s mom had professionally repurposed for Georgia to wear to prom. Everyone knows that Georgia will win, but now her crown is in jeopardy. With only two days until the dance, Michelle promises to pay to have the tiara repaired.

When the tiara is stolen from the jewelry store, Michelle feels responsible and decides to try to find it for Georgia. She knows if she doesn’t get Queen Georgia her crown before the prom, then Georgia and her socialite cronies will certainly make her pay for more than just the tiara.

Proms, Crowns, and Sworn Enemies is a prequel novella for the Michelle Bishop Cozy Mystery Series. You can read it for FREE by signing up for J.A. Holder’s newsletter on his website.   (Goodreads)


Proms, Crowns, and Sworn Enemies is the prequel for this series.  It gives the back story of Michelle and Georgia and why they did not get along.  When they are partnered together and things do not go very well.  When Michelle accidentally ruins a tiara that Georgia planned on wearing to prom.  When it is taken to the jewelry to get fixed, it is stolen.  Michelle decides to try and figure out who the thief is.  But it will not be easy.

The author is very talented in his descriptive writing and it kept me engaged throughout the entire story.  The writing style flows smoothly and the book was an easy read.  The mystery is well plotted and it was not easy figuring out the theft.

I enjoyed this novella and I am looking forward to reading the next book when it is released.

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Burned:Death Plays With Matches

Burned: Death Plays with Matches (Paranormal Penny Mysteries)
Paranormal Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Indie Christian Writers (June 14, 2022)
Digital: Number of Pages 185

I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author Sarah Hualde and her new book Burned:Death Plays with Matches. It is the sixth book in her Paranormal Penny Mysteries.

Purchase Links – Amazon – Apple – Kobo – B&N 

Burned: Death Plays with Matches (Paranormal Penny Mysteries)
by Sarah Hualde

This is such a fun read! I am new to the series but I am hooked nonetheless. Creates quite an interesting read as the story plays out. A very unique premise I must say. I really liked it so I give it 4/5 stars.
~Books A Plenty Book Reviews

Stalking an old nemesis…


…she discovers a hidden plot.


As a deceptive advisor is snuffed out.


Penny Nicols brings her “gift” to Billington. Searching for her sister, she’s determined to stand her ground. One woman holds the keys to Penny’s link between her past and the present.
When is history better left buried?


When the Raven is the one telling the story.


Dinah, Penny’s old advocate, is struck down before her eyes.


Penny’s long-distance friend T.C. continues to help her trail the whereabouts of her long-lost sibling and solve the mystery. Musical clues and manic relationships crowd the distracted Penny as T.C. supports her from afar.


Spades, the cat, charms the suspects as Penny untangles her omens.


Dinah may be victim number one, but Penny fears the Raven is just warming up.

You’ll love the sixth book in this binge-worthy paranormal mystery series because Penny and her sleuthing sidekicks dig deep to uncover the Raven’s evil plans.

Sarah lives in California, in a home that brings her happiness and hay fever. She loves God, loves her family, and loves freshly brewed coffee. She has a husband who cooks, a son who stop animates, a daughter who loves animals, a dog that follows her everywhere, and a turtle who scowls at her condescendingly.

Her mother raised her on Mary Higgins Clark, Diane Mott Davidson, and Remington Steele. Her grandmother shared True Crime stories with her as they plotted how to get away with the perfect murder. It’s no surprise that Sarah became an award-winning spinner of suspenseful tales brimming with quirky characters. Mysteries are in her blood. Not that she could survive one of her own stories. She confesses, “I’d be snuffed out by chapter two.”

Join Sarah’s Super Sleuth Squad and follow her on YouTube for behind-the-scenes insider info.

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Review of Lost Legacy


On a sultry summer afternoon, Paramedic Zoe Chambers responds to a call and finds a farmer’s body hanging from the rafters of his hay barn. What first appears to be a suicide quickly becomes something sinister when Zoe links the victim to a pair of deaths forty-five years earlier. Her attempts to wheedle information from her mother and stepfather hit a brick wall of deception, one that brings into question everything Zoe knows about her late father, who died in a car crash when she was eight. Or did he?

Police Chief Pete Adams fears Zoe’s inquiries are setting her up for deeper heartbreak and putting her in danger. As Zoe and Pete inch closer to the truth, they discover that a missing gun links the crimes which span more than four decades. But the killer isn’t done. Two more Vance Township residents fall victim to the same gun, and when tragedy strikes too close to home, Zoe realizes her family is in the crosshairs. (Goodreads)


Lost Legacy by Annette Dashofy is such a great read. There is a little bit of everything here, friendship, mystery, romance and compassion.

Zoe Chambers is a paramedic who is called to a barn for an apparent suicide. The same barn where her great uncles died forty five years ago. The uncles deaths were ruled a homicide/suicide from a dispute over a woman. Zoe finds it too much of a coincidence that two hangings happened in the same barn. She is determined to get to the bottom of both hangings. And when a letter is found in the dead man’s house stating that Zoe’s father was not killed in a car crash many years ago, as she was lead to believe, Zoe has hope that maybe her father is still alive. She needs to find out the truth about her dad.

Pete Adams is the Police Chief in Vance Township. He also finds the two hangings to be very suspicious and knows he has to try to figure out what happened, both in the past and the present. When more residents turn up dead or injured, both Pete and Zoe have their hands full.

Not only is Pete dealing with the murders, he also is dealing with a foot injury. He cannot investigate like he wants to because of his injury. And to top all that off, Pete’s father, Harry, has been dropped of by Pete’s sister for an extended stay. Harry suffers from Alzheimer’s and his sister needed a break from caring for Harry. So Pete has an injured foot, a escape artist dad and homicides to deal with. Oh, and did I mention, Pete has feelings for Zoe? Pete and Zoe are caught in the “friend zone” and Pete does not know how to move the relationship forward.

The mysteries in this book are carried on throughout the book, and by the end of the book, there are a handful of mysteries to solve. There are many twists and turns and just when I thought I had it figured out, something happened that shot down my guess. From the very beginning with the dead body hanging in the barn until the very last pages, the action and suspense kept building.

But as good as the mystery and suspense are, the thing I like the best about the book are the characters and their relationships. All the characters are well developed, well round and three dimensional. I found myself really liking the characters and caring about what happened to them. Harry was one of my favorite and the portrayal of Alzheimer’s was very realistic. Most of the characters are very likable, but there is a villain amongst the characters. And I’m not talking about the murderer but about Zoe’s mother. She is a character that is very easy to hate and I wanted her to get what was coming to her.

I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who enjoys a well written mystery. The characters and the mysteries are so well blended that I just found myself turning page after page and forgetting about what was going on in reality. That is what a good author is able to do and Annette Dashofy sure did it for me. I now have to get book one in the series so I can continue to get to know Zoe and Pete even better. I sure hope there is going to be a book three to read in the near future.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. I would like to thank NetGalley and Henery Press Publishers for the opportunity to read such a fantastic book.

Review of Glazed Murder


Meet Suzanne Hart, owner and operator of Donut Hearts coffee shop in April Springs, North Carolina. After her divorce from Max, an out-of-work actor she’s dubbed “The Great Impersonator,” Suzanne decided to pursue her one true passion in life: donuts. So she cashed in her settlement and opened up shop in the heart of her beloved hometown.

But when a dead body is dumped on her doorstep like a sack of flour, Suzanne’s cozy little shop becomes an all-out crime scene. Now, everyone in town is dropping by for glazed donuts and gruesome details. The retired sheriff warns her to be careful—and they’re all suspects. Soon Suzanne—who finds snooping as irresistible as donuts—is poking holes in everyone’s alibis…  (Goodreads)


The characters are well rounded  and well developed.  Suzanne has opened a donut shop, which has been a dream of hers. But her dream becomes a nightmare when a customer is killed and dumped on her doorstep.  Now she has to figure out who did the deed so she can go back to making the donuts.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is talented in her descriptive writing and these descriptions helped pull me into the story from the beginning.  The mystery was well plotted and there were enough clues to consider and suspects to consider.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjous a well crafted cozy mystery.  I have a lot of books to catch up on.