Joyce And Jim Lavene



The cozy community suffered another loss last week with the passing of Jim Lavene.  About 6 months ago, Joyce Lavene passed away.  This dynamic writing team will be missed very much by all cozy readers.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.  We can honor them, remember them and keep their legacy alive whenever we read one of their great books.

Joyce and Jim Lavene wrote award-winning, bestselling mystery and urban fantasy fiction as themselves, J.J. Cook, and Ellie Grant. Their first mystery novel, Last Dance, won the Master’s Choice Award for best first mystery novel in 1999. Their romance, Flowers in the Night, was nominated for the Frankfurt Book Award in 2000.

They had written and published more than 70 novels for Harlequin, Penguin, Amazon, and Simon and Schuster that are sold worldwide. They had also published hundreds of non-fiction articles for national and regional publications. They lived in Midland, North Carolina with their family and their rescue pets–Rudi, Stan Lee, and Quincy.  (Amazon)

Here is a list of some of the series and books that this fabulous team have written. 

Pumpkin Patch Mystery:                                      

Give Em Pumpkin To Talk About

Taxi for the Dead                                                      

Broken  Hearted Ghoul

Undead By Morning

Dead Girl Blues

Retired Witches

Spell Booked

Looking For Mr. Good Witch

Putting On The Witch

Renaissance Faire Mystery                                      

Wicked Weaves

Ghastly Glass

Deadly Daggers

Harrowing Hats

Treacherous Toys

Perilous Pranks

Murderous Matrimony

Bewitching Boots

Fatal Fairies

Christmas Tree Valley Mystery

Murder Fir Christmas

Purple Door Detective Agency

Be My Banshee

A Canterville Book Shop Mystery

A Dickens Of A Murder

A Sharyn Howard Mystery

Last Dance

One Last Good-bye

The Last To Remember

Until Our Last Embrace

For The Last Time

Dreams Don’t Last

Last Fire Burning

Glory’s Last Victim

Last Rites

Last One Down

Before The Last Lap

The First Shall Be Last

Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade

That Old Flame Of Mine

Hero’s Journey

Playing With Fire

In How Water

Sweet Pepper Hero

Missing Pieces Mystery

A Timely Vision

A Touch Of Gold

A Spirited Gift

A Haunting Dream

A Finder’s Fee

Dae’s Christmas Past

A Watery Death

Biscuit Bowl Food Truck 

Gator Bowl

Death On Eat Street

Fry Another Day

Fat Tuesday Fricassee

Peggy Lee Garden Mystery

Pretty Poison

Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree

Poisoned Petals

Perfect Poison

A Corpse For Yew

Buried By Buttercups

A Thyme To Die

Lethal Lily

Killing Weeds






12 thoughts on “Joyce And Jim Lavene

  1. What an amazing number of books Joyce And Jim Lavene wrote.

    Jim wrote me a very nice message after Joyce died when I extended my condolences. This great team will be missed.

  2. I was shocked and devastated to hear this news. I have so enjoyed reading all of their books. They were my favorite cozy writers. Their intriguing stories got me through some rough patches in life. I always went to Amazon to search for their newest releases. Although I never met them, I feel as though I knew them through their books. My most sincere condolences go to their family and friends. Sincerely, Pat Trevino

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