New Releases For The Week Of June 12th, 2022–Part 3

Amateur sleuth Kitty Worthington once more investigates when a noble lord plummets to his death, and a dear friend is suspected of murder. Can she catch the killer before her friend swings from the wrong end of a rope?

London. 1923. When an invitation arrives to the Duchess of Brightwell’s Midsummer Masked Ball, Kitty Worthington does not even think of declining. Not with a mother on the hunt for a noble husband for her. But no sooner does she curtsy to her hostess at the ball than tragedy strikes. A very dead earl is found at the bottom of a staircase, and it’s clearly the work of foul play.

Having proven himself a dab hand at dealing with the nobility, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Robert Crawford is soon asked to investigate. In no time at all he hones in on Lord Newcastle, a friend of Kitty who’d earlier pummeled the earl for sorely abusing his wife.

Afraid her friend may wrongfully pay with his life, Kitty once more organizes her ace team, including her maid, two noble lords, a beloved sister, a lady, and Sir Winston, her still flatulent Bassett Hound. From the seediest parts of London to the fancy mansions of Mayfair, they fearlessly pursue the truth. For if they fail to find the killer, their dear friend may dance one last jig at the end of a rope.

Murder at the Masked Ball, the third book in The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, is another frolicking, historical cozy mystery filled with quirky suspects, a wicked villain, and an intrepid heroine sure to win your heart. For lovers of Agatha Christie and Downton Abbey alike. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A vacant home. A new neighbor. A desperate cat. A one-time job.

I’m Kat Jones, and no matter what anyone tells you, I don’t work for cats… unless it’s the only option.

The vacant home in my neighborhood has been vandalized. But that’s not the worst of it. If the new neighbors don’t move in, the cat they adopted has to go back to the shelter. I can’t let that happen.

Someone is out to get them. It’s my job to find out who and why. Then, that’s the last time I let myself get hired by cats. I swear. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

Since the days when Vlad the Impaler rampaged the quaint countryside of Wallachia Romania, no one has deserved to go to prison more than George Shulz. Unfortunately, we have to prove he did something wrong first.

Self-proclaimed sociopathic lawyer George Shulz is a cross between a “get off my lawn” guy and Hannibal Lecter. A less likable individual would be hard to find in Deer Hollow. So, when he’s arrested at the site of a recent murder involving a missing deer, Shulz’s car, and a body with a clear set of tire tracks painting his backside, there doesn’t seem to be much question whether he’s guilty.

Everybody wants him to be.

Unfortunately, for everybody, Shulz keeps insisting he didn’t do it. And worse, he wants me, Joey Fulle, and my boyfriend Hal, the PI, to prove his innocence. I really just have a hankerin’ to grab a pitchfork and join the lynch mob.
Unfortunately for me, Hal and his brother Cal are on the job, intending to prove the horrible man’s innocence.


On the plus side, I get to spend some quality time with my bestie, Felicity, from the big city. But, I’m thinkin’ I might occasionally drift over to the torch and pitchfork side, just for fun. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

No good deed goes unpunished…

As the newest member of the Cascade Canine Club, dog trainer Nell McLinton still has a lot to prove. She gets the opportunity to demonstrate her worth as a team player when a local veterinary clinic puts out an S.O.S.

Suddenly, Nell’s busier than ever. And if working two jobs, caring for her dogs, and helping her sister prepare for an upcoming custody battle isn’t enough, there’s also disgruntled pug breeder, Heather Schultz to contend with.

Nell can’t seem to get on Heather’s good side no matter what she does. Things go from bad to worse when Heather is found dead at the clinic, surrounded by a fortune’s worth of controlled drugs. And Nell finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation.

Will Nell be able to figure out who murdered Heather, and why, before a desperate killer once again lashes out?

Murder in a Pug’s Eye is Book 2 of the Cascade Canine Club Mysteries. To start at the beginning and get the full story, check out Book 1, The Rottweiler Howls at Midnight. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Bobbi Sue Baxter longs for the summer of 1988 to be over so she can leave her boring hometown of Wildcat Springs behind forever. Start using her journalism degree on stories with some excitement. She has no idea more excitement than she’s ever wanted is about to come after her.

On her way home from a movie, Bobbi Sue stops to help an injured dog and spots what looks like an alien. A blinding light flashes, and when Bobbi Sue can see again, the creature is gone. Did she really see . . .? No! Impossible. She says nothing to anyone, especially not to her conspiracy-obsessed father.

But when Bobbi Sue slips and tells her friend, Hemingway “Hemi” Miller, he shows her a story from Close Encounters in the USA. It’s about a man who reported an experience nearly identical to hers. And when well-known townsman, Ross Garland is found shot dead close to where she saw the “alien,” Bobbi Sue knows she can’t stay quiet.

The only problem is, the person behind the murder is intent on her doing exactly that, no matter what it takes.

Book one in the Bobbi Sue Baxter Mystery Series will have you exercising without getting out of your chair, ’cause your heart is going to be racing. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Murder in the Moonlight is a novella by USA TODAY Bestselling Author J A Whiting introducing the characters of a fun, new paranormal series set in New Hampshire.
Peggy, Jennifer, and Nadine are three smart, middle-aged women who have some “special” skills. Nicknamed the “Murder Posse,” they are members of their town’s murder mystery book club and enjoy helping solve cold cases for amateur sleuthing websites. While working on the setup for the town’s annual Halloween celebration, something unexpected happens. Will they be able to use their skills to figure out who the criminal is before he or she comes for them?
This novella was originally part of the Moons, Magic, and Mystery anthology. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Semi-finalist in the 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards
The bullets changed everything for me. Sometimes I wished I’d taken a bullet too because I lost the most important men in my life. My dad still fought every day to reclaim his confidence, mobility, and wit from the bullet that creased his brain. But my husband of seventeen days took our dreams with him when he died. They never caught the shooter.

After losing everything, Katie Wilk is starting life over in Columbia, Minnesota, with a new career—giving up cryptanalysis in favor of teaching school—and a canine companion, Maverick, a black Labrador retriever. But on one of their first outings, Katie and Maverick discover a dead body in a nearby marshland. Doctor Pete Erickson enters her life. As the county coroner, he’s one of the first on the scene; as the doctor that day in the ER, he’s the one who stitches up Katie’s head; as the son of the police chief, Pete is also in on the investigation.

Meanwhile, the locals are gearing up for the premiere of a new docudrama film called Titanic: One Story, which would be the cornerstone piece of a new Titanic exhibit, to open Labor Day weekend at the Midwest Minnesota History Center. The director selected their town as the location for some of the scenes, and many local residents are featured as extras in the movie. There will be a huge gala dinner and celebration for the grand opening. Tragedy strikes when the director dies suddenly, and there are a number of suspects.

Katie finds herself in the midst of it all and doesn’t know anyone in town well enough to know who she can trust.

Praise for the Katie and Maverick Cozy Mysteries:
“Immediately captivating! Katie and Maverick are destined to become a notable amateur sleuth team in the mystery world.” –Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

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