New Releases For The Week Of January 29, 2023–Part 2

Till Death Do You Part’ wasn’t supposed to be taken so literally…

When Maddie Swallows attends an out-of-town wedding with her best friend, Benji, she expects free food, dancing, and some awkward moments as she tries to figure out her feelings for her long-time friend.

What she finds instead is a dead groom and an entire wedding guest list who had reason to kill the guy.

It doesn’t help that Maddie was the last person to see the groom alive and is placed in the local police’s crosshairs as they work to solve the murder.

It will take some unexpected sleuthing, and a few therapy sessions, for this psychiatrist to prove her innocence, and bring justice to the real killer.

Dead Before I Do is the third book of the Maddie Swallows mystery series. If you love quirky characters, romance, and plenty of intrigue, you’ll love this cozy mystery.

Pick up Dead Before I Do and travel to White Sands National Park for Maddie’s latest mystery today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

From USA Today bestseller and Edgar Award nominee Elle Cosimano, comes Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun—the hilarious and heart-pounding next installment in the beloved Finlay Donovan series.

“Fresh, heartfelt and witty, Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun is a twisty page-turner, and its relatable heroine Finlay Donovan is irresistible!” —Janet Evanovich, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series

Dating. Diapers. And dodging bullets. Who said single moms can’t have fun?

Finlay Donovan has been in messes before—after all, she’s an author and single mom who’s a pro at getting out bloodstains for rather unexpected reasons—but none quite like this. After she and her nanny/partner-in-crime Vero accidentally destroyed a luxury car that they may have “borrowed” in the process of saving the life of Finlay’s ex-husband, the Russian mob got her out of debt. But now Finlay owes them

Still running the show from behind bars, mob boss Feliks has a task for Finlay: find a contract killer before the cops do. Problem is, the killer might be an officer.

Luckily, hot cop Nick has started up a citizen’s police academy, and combined pressure from Finlay’s looming book deadline and Feliks is enough to convince Finlay and Vero to get involved. Through firearm training and forensic classes (and some hands-on research with the tempting detective), Finlay and Vero have the perfect cover-up to sleuth out the real criminal and free themselves from the mob’s clutches—all the while dodging spies, confronting Vero’s past, and juggling the daily trials of parenthood. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook


A hippy, a logger, a pot grower and a clown walk into a bar…and you know you are in Blue River!

Sadie Simpson is getting to grips with her new life in Blue River. She has her new business, her new boyfriend, and her new dog.

All is well in Blue River—until it suddenly isn’t.

A madness has overtaken the town; wanton vandalism and mindless destruction is happening nightly, and that’s not the strangest thing. What’s really weird is the people who are behind all this chaos.

It looks like Sadie is going to have to get to the bottom of another mystery, with the help of her costume shop staff, Flora Baggett and Rocky Murgatroyd, but first she has to figure out how to make a BigFoot costume…

Once Upon a Mime is the second book in The Humboldt County Mysteries Series.

A contemporary cozy with a tiny hint of edge! This quirky cast of characters is sure to win your heart. For lovers of Agatha Raisin and Janet Evanovich alike.

★★★★★ “You’ll crave the next book, I highly recommend” Cyn Diane Reads ★★★★★

Pre-Order Once Upon a Mime today. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

From the authors of the best-selling series CHERRINGHAM

When heart-throb American tennis coach Todd Winters careens off the road in his speeding car one night and plunges in the river, it seems like a tragic accident. But Winters was a young man with many dangerous secrets, and Harry and Kat discover there’s no shortage of people who wanted him out of the picture. Soon they discover clear evidence: the accident was no accident at all. And now Harry and Kat had best be careful too… even in the genteel world of the Mydworth Lawn Tennis Club, a desperate murderer could be ready to kill again.

Co-authors Neil Richards (based in the UK) and Matthew Costello (based in the US), have been writing together since the mid-90s, creating innovative content and working on major projects for the BBC, Disney Channel, Sony, ABC, Eidos, and Nintendo to name but a few. Their transatlantic collaboration has underpinned scores of TV drama scripts, computer games, radio shows, and the best-selling mystery series Cherringham. Their latest series project is called Mydworth Mysteries. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Amy Vansant finds romance deadly in the latest installment of the fun, thrilling, twisty Pineapple Port Mysteries!

When Matchmaker Lady Venus drops dead on the Pineapple Port community center’s stage during a Valentine’s event, Charlotte and the new detective agency she’s started with her fiance Declan are called to the scene.

As danger mounts, she’ll need everyone’s help to keep Venus’ family safe, which means tapping into Declan’s giant, former employee salesman and his crazy Uncle Seamus—both of whom are falling for the ladies in their lives.

Someone might need to keep an eye on Darla and Mariska, too—wiith Lady Venus dead, they think they should take her place…and a mysterious local matchmaker doesn’t agree!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It’s a good thing Amy Vansant is still writing the Pineapple Port mysteries because these books are addictive.”  RP Dahlke, The Dead Red Mystery Series (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A quirky and funny series for fans of a good mystery and compelling characters. Can you solve the crime before our dressmaking duo?

After losing her job at an exclusive London hotel, Penny Slipper is only too happy to help when her grandma asks her to take charge at the Cozy Craft sewing shop in charming rural Suffolk.
With cousin Izzy on hand as the expert dressmaker and Penny’s head for business, what can possibly go wrong?
But Penny’s in town for less than a day when the local librarian is poisoned and Penny fears she might even be accidentally responsible. Penny and Izzy are forced to turn detectives to uncover the true cause of death, while finishing a costume commission for their first customer.
Matters take a further deadly turn when a second body is discovered.

Can Penny and Izzy unpick the mysteries of the past and sew the pieces of this puzzle together before it’s too late?

If you enjoy fast-paced mysteries, charming country towns and characters who you want to spend hours with then you’re going to love the Cozy Craft Mystery series.
Start your next murder mystery adventure today! (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

“A riveting, fast-paced, intriguing read with a colorful cast of characters who pull you in and don’t let go!” —Lisa Regan, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Crime Fiction Author

Ann Kinnear has been invited to the Gotham Crime Fiction Conference to give a talk on “Making the Supernatural Super in Your Novel.” She isn’t enthusiastic about adding public speaking to the offerings of Ann Kinnear Sensing, but at least it’s unlikely to land her in the hospital.

Ann’s conference liaison, editor Darren Van Osten, is contending with problems of his own. His favorite—and only—client, bestselling thriller author Jock Quine, was killed during a burglary at his Princeton mansion, and now Darren is trying to coach Jock’s bookish son Alec to pick up the authorial torch from his larger-than-life father. When Alec catches Ann trying to contact Jock’s spirit at Darren’s behest, he proves not too bookish to level some threats. Darren’s best hope of staying solvent is to capitalize on his most mysterious client, Lara Seaford, whose debut novel is sweeping the thriller awards.

Meanwhile, cozy mystery author Marilee Forsythe is demanding that her son and daughter-in-law, Jeremy and Jeanette, repay a loan so she can buy out her cozy contract and switch to her true calling: writing thriller novels. An attack on Marilee leaves her unable to leave her Ocean City, Maryland condo. Only Jeanette’s fear that Marilee will demand immediate repayment of the loan–a demand that she and Jeremy could only meet by selling their naturopathic pharmacy–keeps Jeanette from delivering a far-from-cozy rebuke to her unpleasant and demanding mother-in-law.

As Ann’s involvement in Jeanette and Darren’s dilemmas deepens, she begins to suspect that there is more in common between the two cases than mere authorial posturing … and that the stakes are life and death. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

Cari Turnlyle was recently promoted from the sports column to a front-page journalist at the Brenington Beagle. She had been enjoying her success until a wealthy member of the community calls her writing drivel. The man, Frederick Kastener, is outraged when no one investigates his daughter’s death in a collision that by all accounts seems to be accidental. Well-connected both socially and financially, Kastener throws his weight around to get the case a second look. Cari knew Jade Kastener as a happy-go-lucky young woman, so when an eyewitness of the collision claims that she was crying, Cari is hooked. Convinced that the younger Kastener was drugged, she uses her resources to find the answers. She is determined to not cross boundaries in her friendships, but calls on the help of her detective-friend, Genevieve Viacorte to combine their efforts. When another person dies under suspicious circumstances, Cari is convinced that the deaths are related. The medical examiner disagrees and finds both deaths to be accidental. As Cari digs in, personal matters distract her from staying focused. Her editor is demanding that she buckle down and put the pieces together, while a visit from her parents looms on the horizon. Can she live up to everyone’s expectations by solving the case and balancing her parents’ wishes? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

The chilling story of two conflicted sisters, their murdered brother, and the secrets a family hoped they’d never have to face.

The murder of jazz musician and social activist Markus Peña doesn’t come as a surprise to his estranged sisters. Melinda and Emily Peña know their controversial brother had enemies. After all, even they hadn’t spoken to Markus since their mother’s funeral two years ago.

Who killed Markus? Was it someone trying to keep his latest protest song from publication? Was it the powerful and secretive uncle of his ex-girlfriend Rebecca? Or was it one of the other women Markus had callously abandoned?

To unravel the truth, Melinda and Emily must first face their own demons. Melinda, a former social worker, suffers from PTSD—haunted by the people she failed to help and unable to maintain meaningful relationships. Emily also pushes people away—afraid she’ll get hurt and afraid they’ll find out she’s Three Strikes: a masked vigilante who violently punishes abusive men.

Markus wasn’t a good man, but he was family. And it’s up to his sisters to uncover his lifetime of lies and the truth of his death.

Haunting, gripping, and relevant, No Home for Killers explores the conflicts that tear families apart—and the tragedies that force them back together. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

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