New Releases For The Week Of August 5th, 2018–Part 4

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of August 5th, 2018.  I am going to divide the list into 4 days because there are so very many of them for this week. Today is the fourth and final day of my list of new releases for this week.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



The Prisoner in the Castle: A Maggie Hope Mystery by [MacNeal, Susan Elia]A series of baffling murders among a group of imprisoned agents threatens the outcome of World War II in this chilling mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Mr. Churchill’s Secretary.

World War II is raging, and former spy Maggie Hope knows too much.

She knows what the British government is willing to do to keep its secrets.

She knows the real location of the planned invasion of France.

She knows who’s lying. She knows who the double-crossers are. She knows exactly who is sending agents to their deaths.

These are the reasons Maggie is isolated on a remote Scottish island, in a prison known as Killoch Castle, out of contact with friends and family.

Then one of her fellow inmates drops dead in the middle of his after-dinner drink—and he’s only the first. As victims fall one by one, Maggie will have to call upon all her wits and skills to escape—not just certain death . . . but certain murder.

For what’s the most important thing Maggie Hope knows?

She must survive.

Advance praise for The Prisoner in the Castle

“The colonel sums it up best on page ten: ‘If you take a pretty girl and teach her how to kill, it can cause problems.’ Not just problems—electrifying action and nonstop surprises. I loved this book!”—R. L. Stine, author of the Goosebumps and Fear Street series

“Perfectly paced and brimming with intrigue and rich historical detail, The Prisoner in the Castle is an extraordinarily satisfying novel. Susan Elia MacNeal proves once again that she is a master, both at crafting characters and creating suspense.”—Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of the Lady Emily mystery series

The Prisoner in the Castle had me at ‘a new Maggie Hope mystery,’ but once you add And Then There Were None and a Scottish castle, how could any mystery reader resist? Darkly atmospheric, enchantingly macabre, and as beautifully woven as a clan tartan.”—Lauren Willig, New York Times bestselling author of The English Wife

The Prisoner in the Castle is a double agent of a novel! At the outset, it appears like a clever riff on Agatha Christie, but a few quick turns prove it to be an utterly modern, gripping thriller. Maggie Hope is smarter than ever, and Susan Elia MacNeal is truly at the height of her powers.”—Sujata Massey, author of The Widows of Malabar Hill  (Amazon)

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It's All Sixes: A Cozy Mystery (Teas and Temptations Book 6) by [Stark, Cindy]Death, Dessert, and Divided Loyalties

Hazel’s excited to discover a new neighbor living along her remote, tree-lined street…until the artist’s estranged husband ends up dead in the road in front of their houses. She doesn’t want to believe the sweet and quiet young woman could be capable of murder, but mounting evidence points in her direction.

In an effort to learn the identity of the murderer, Peter challenges Hazel to a battle of the wits, pitting his police procedures and science against her mystical witchy ways. Hazel’s determined to prove the woman’s innocence and willingly accepts the consequences of the fiery flames of truth to discover answers.

She’ll have to fend off the persuasive antics of star-crossed kitties in love, learn new Feng Shui techniques, and suffer through asking her mother for help before she can solve the case.

It’s All Sixes is the sixth book in the Teas and Temptations Cozy Mystery series. If you like lighthearted paranormal mysteries with a fun romance like those written by Angela Pepper and Natalie Summers, then you’ll love Cindy Stark’s mystical adventures!


Get your copy of It’s All Sixes today!  (Amazon)

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The Case of the Drop-Dead Dame: A Ruby Martin Mystery (Historical 1920s Cozy Mystery) by [Brinkmeyer, Beth]It’s all flappers and jazz until someone loses a life.

1924. Port Vernon, Michigan—

Ruby Martin is certain her new life is going to be anything but roaring fun. She has to move in with her old spinster Aunt Muriel, and wonders if she’ll end up old and marriage-less, too.

But then Ruby meets her neighbor, a vivacious flapper, and runs into two handsome potential suitors at a party that would make Jay Gatsby proud. Things seems to be looking up— until the illegal moonshine party ends in disaster.

A rival ends up dead, and Ruby and her new flapper friend know more than they can let on to police in the Prohibition era.

It’s now up to Ruby to sort truth from lies among Port Vernon’s finest.

Can the young woman outwit a murderer, protect her friends, and get a date?

☆“The Case of the Drop Dead Dame” is the first book in a new historical cozy murder mystery series. The characters are fun, fashionable and a hoot! Don’t let this one get away…☆

Curl your hair, don your dancin’ shoes and scroll up to download “Drop Dead Dame” today!  (Amazon)

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Acting Up (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery #8) by [Albright, A.A.]Wanda Wayfair does not believe in prophecies…

There’s a murderer on the set of Be My Witch, and Wanda is afraid that all the wrong people are being killed. Because in the vision she saw, Mandy Parker was the one who died.

With the help of the victims’ familiars, Wanda races to solve the case. But can she find the killer before Mandy becomes the next victim?

Wanda really hopes so – because if not, she might have to admit that prophecies can come true, after all … (Amazon)

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Murder at the Book Club: a gripping crime mystery that will keep you guessing by [Reavley, Betsy]“A deliciously Agatha Christie-style mystery that sucks you in from the first page.” Sibel Hodge bestselling author of Look Behind You

 “A good old Whodunnit  from Ms Reavley that will keep readers guessing till the very end!”J.A. Baker Bestselling author of The Other Mother

Imagine nine women meeting. Tea and cake are on the coffee table. They’ve come together to share their love of books. They are friends. They trust each other. It’s a happy gathering. What could be more harmless?

Then scratch the surface and look closer.

One is lonely. One is desperate and one of them is a killer.

When the body of a woman is discovered on a Cambridge common, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer are called in to investigate. But the motive behind the crime isn’t clear…  And it all leads back to a book club.

As the lies, volatile friendships and tension among the group rise to the surface, DCI Barrett and DI Palmer must work out the motive and track down a cold-blooded killer. But just when they think they are on the right track, a twist in the case throws them off course…

Betsy Reavley is the best-selling author of multiple thrillers including The Opticians WifeThe Quiet Ones and FrailtyMurder at the Book Club is an unmissable new whodunnit which will appeal to fans of authors like Cara Hunter, Rachel Abbott, Faith Martin and LJ Ross. (Amazon)

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The Remains of the Dead by [Angharad Pashley, Michelle]




Her career blocked by the sexist Superintendent Marshall, Detective Sergeant Madeline Driscoll transfers out of her usual manor of Peckham for a less intense beat in Northallerton. Life might be less exciting but at least she ll get her promotion. But, on her first day, Inspector Driscoll has a child abduction case drop in her lap.   (Amazon)

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Cry of the Raven (Deerleap Hollow Series Book #4) by [Ali, Farah]A missing child isn’t exactly a rare occurrence in Deerleap Hollow, a superstitious town isolated by a forbidding forest and plagued by an ancient curse. So when Polly Winslow disappears from the playground it’s natural for everyone to assume the worst. Not convinced, Jack investigates and soon learns human nature can be more frightening than anything the supernatural conjures up.

Psychic Lila and her grandmother aren’t having an easy time either. Not only is their business suffering thanks to a storm of prejudice and harassment, but when a mute little girl turns up on the Cassandra property covered in ritualistic witchcraft scars it’s obvious their lives will never be the same again…

Cry of the Raven is Book #4 in the mystery thriller Deerleap Hollow Series

Book #1: Even Pretty Things Rot
Book #2: Born to Endless Night
Book #3: Deliver Us from Evil  (Amazon)

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Toucan Keep a Secret: A Meg Langslow Mystery (Meg Langslow Mysteries) by [Andrews, Donna]Toucan keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

Meg Langslow is at Trinity Episcopal Church locking up after an event and checking on the toucan her friend Rev. Robyn Smith is fostering in her office. When she investigates the sound of hammering in the columbarium (the underground crypt where cremated remains are buried), Meg finds the murdered body of an elderly parishioner. Several niches have been chiseled open; several urns knocked out; and amid the spilled ashes is a gold ring with a huge red stone.

The curmudgeonly victim had become disgruntled with the church and ranted all over town about taking back his wife’s ashes. Did someone who had it in for him follow him to the columbarium? Or was the motive grave robbery? Or did he see someone breaking in and investigate? Why was the ruby left behind?

While Chief Burke investigates the murder, Robyn recruits Meg to contact the families of the people whose ashes were disturbed. While doing so, Meg learns many secrets about Caerphilly’s history—and finds that the toucan may play a role in unmasking the killer. Clues and events indicate that a thief broke into the church to steal the toucan the night of the murder, so Meg decides to set a trap for the would-be toucan thief—who might also be the killer.

Toucan Keep a Secret is the twenty-third book in New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews’ hilarious Meg Langslow mystery series.  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook