Review of The Puppy Project

The Puppy Project
Tess and Tilly, Book #9
Kathi Daley
5 Stars

49380035. sy475 Synopsis:

If you love small towns, endearing relationships, food, animals, and a touch of murder, you will love this cozy mystery series.

Tony has decided to donate a hundred percent of the proceeds from the video game he developed with his friend Shaggy to the White Eagle Animal Shelter. Tess and Brady plan to use the generous donation to expand the facility. Permanent housing for elderly, sick, and other hard to place animals, is their main focus, but then Brady decides to go all in on the new state of the art service dog and search and rescue training facility, and Tess makes a major decision that will affect the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Tess has her feeling hurt when her dad contacts Tony directly to ask for help tracking down someone from his past, but as they dig deeper into the correspondence they begin to wonder if the email even really is from her dad. Could someone other than Tess’s dad be using Tony to find the women Grant Tucker helped decades ago? (Goodreads)


There are a lot of changes going on in Tess’s life. I do not want to mention them now because I do not want to spoil your read, just know that Tess did a lot of soul-searching before reaching the decisions she made. The characters are well rounded and well developed and they make this series very interesting.

The writing style flows smoothly. The descriptions pulled me into the story right from the very beginning. The author is so talented in her character development and her settings and these things come alive in her books.

As is usual, there are a couple of mysteries going on: who the dead body is, who is the killer and what is going on with Tess’s father. These mysteries will keep you engaged in the story and guessing what is going on, and that is a good thing.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. I would also recommend that you get a copy and enjoy the read.