New Releases For The Week Of March 12th, 2023–Part 4

A Stabbing at the Annual Blue Jay Bay Autumn FestivalAngela and Molly, the owners of Forks Up Catering, are the main food attraction at the festival this year.

Thursday’s book club that Sue Whitmore, the mayor’s wife is president of, discovered a map while reading a historical journal about the founding families of Blue Jay Bay.

They learn that two of the founders, the Edwins and Mayfields, had a falling out that for an unknown reason is still present today.

Isaac Edwin is stabbed on the first day of the autumn festival; the likely suspect Dr. Brian Mayfield.

Angela was shocked by the news. Having known the Edwins her whole life, her parents when they were alive had been good friends, but she’d heard nothing of a feud.

Molly discovered that the young teenage boy she often ran into at Fluffy Friends day care was the ward of the Edwins and was somehow connected to the two founding families.

Molly and Angela knew they had to look into the family secrets, find out why it involved the boy, and follow where the map would take them.

Olivia Wells is a high-octane cozy mystery writer and this series including this mystery is proof.With its array of vibrant, colorful, quirky and charming loving characters as well as an array of vibrant and colorful schemers ,that draw you in with their own life drama and engaging antics. Enticed further through intrigue, lies and manipulation rooting for the good guys while the plot carries you throughout with its engaging tale of history, family heritage and a a glowing future to look forward to. Keeping you turning page after page until you’ve reached the exciting as well as unexpected and climatic conclusion .Acquire ” When Families Clash ” for hours of intriguing and enjoyable entertainment. Kat (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

For twenty-seven-year old witch Minnie Wells, when it rains murder and mayhem, it pours.

Minnie has high hopes for a relaxing weekend at a brand new, Jane Austen themed wellness retreat with her vampire beau and her paranormal co-workers from the tea room. A renovated manor house, stunning countryside, and farm fresh, chef-prepared cuisine —what could go wrong?

But Minnie’s zen is zapped when a vampire hunter shows up with his sights set on her fanged bestie, a fellow attendee is found dead in her locked room, and the whole group is trapped inside, without power, by a torrential storm.

When Minnie pieces together the clues and discovers the woman’s death was anything but natural, it’s up to the amateur sleuth to throw the vampire hunter off the trail, and catch the killer before they strike again. But with everyone keeping secrets —even her friends—this budding witch will have to summon all her mindfulness and magic to shine some light on the truth.

Can she solve the whodunnit and keep her friends safe, or will the murderer strike in the dark, making Minnie their next target?

A Bitter Blend is the eighth book in the charming Magical Tea Room Mysteries. These books are fun, clean, imaginative mysteries you’ll stay up all night binging. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Parisian puzzle of mischief and murder!

Lottie Sprigg – travelling companion to a wealthy heiress – is whisked into fashionable society on arrival in Paris. But a dinner party hosted by the Lenoir family goes awry when a body’s discovered in the drawing room.

Who did the deed? Having chanced upon some clues, budding sleuth Lottie tries to make sense of mysterious conversations and bare-faced lies. She’s assisted by her trusty dog, Rosie, and the local delivery boy. But when a second body is found, her theories come undone.

A bicycle chase and a scare in Pere Lachaise cemetery complicate the case. Lottie receives a sinister warning to keep away. How can she uncover a secret which someone is so desperate to hide? (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

*** #1 Series in Cozy Mysteries, Cozy Mystery Anthologies and Amateur Sleuths.***

“I went looking for pet themed cozies that had lots of comedy. There was nothing…until I found this.”

Amy Stewart grew up in sunny Toluca Lake, CA. So after she got her heart broken in Pine Grove, NY, she naturally returned home to open up a dog grooming business all her own. Adorable puppies are always a good thing, right?

But murder is very, very bad for business.

The local police chief is inept. So it’s up to Amy and her poker playin’ granny, Petunia, to solve this murder. But if they don’t solve it quickly they could end up in jail… or worse.

Life back in California is a fantasy come true for Amy, in so many ways. She’s dating the hot local cop. Family and friends surround her. Everywhere she turns she’s filled with warm, nostalgic memories.

That’s why she works so hard to solve murders. But will this be the one that ruins her life for good?

You’ll love this cozy mystery because it has cute animals, loyal friends and a suspenseful mystery.

Grab your copy now. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle, Paperback

A Romantic Tourist Town, Cafés…and Dead People?

Discover Miranda Rose Barker’sThe Fatal Family Reunion Cozy Mystery

When Conley George, a widely-disliked man in the small town of Sycamore Grove appears to be murdered during a family reunion, his errant soul comes to the only ghost whisperer in town, Eden Kyle. But the last thing she wants is to help this guy, dead or not.

“Do you plan on staying in the kitchen the whole time?” I ask, putting the bat down and walking about the corner. “Ahh! What the -?”

“He’s dead, Eden. Just like us.”

“I know that. But why is he with you?”

“He needs help.” Miles shrugs.


…“You see, I have a knack for finding myself in the middle of some of the most puzzling paranormal matters in Sycamore Grove. And Edward and Miles, the friendly ghosts in my life, are my connection to the other side.

This soon becomes a chaotic journey full of rivalry, ghosts lurking around, and unexpected twists, as one of the strangest cases she has ever seen unfolds.

Will she find the motivation to help this new ghost? What’s behind her reluctance? And what can change her mind?

Readers will enjoy reading The Fatal Family Reunion, a gripping amateur sleuth detective story with a ghostly cozy mystery quality. Author Miranda Rose Barker combines addictive storytelling and a colorful set of characters into a short story of intrigue and crime perfect for fans of cozy mysteries.

Read it today… (Amazon)

Editions Available: Kindle

In Moonlight Can Be Deadly, Cameron’s family has a fascination with the gruesome details of the death which occurred at a midnight sacrificial ritual, but are torn about the tactics by the ecofeminist group, despite their support of the group’s mission. When Cameron attends a climate change rally with her colleague, Yuri, they bring along her children. Unfortunately, when Cameron leaves Yuri and her kids to try to get her client’s niece out of harm’s way, she gets caught up in a mass arrest after an explosion occurs. Cameron and Yuri interview a number of suspects, including a handsome professor who Cameron decides is “dateworthy,” but she is alone when she confronts the person responsible for not one but two deaths. Instinct and training kick in at the last minute to prevent her from becoming the murderer’s third victim. (Amazon)

Editions Available: Paperback

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