Review of The Thanksgiving Trip

The Thanksgiving Trip
A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery, Book #5
Kathi Daley
5 Stars




The entire Thomas family takes a Thanksgiving trip to a mountain cabin after Tess learns that her father visited the area every autumn to hunt and fish before his supposed death in a fiery truck accident. After arriving at the cabin, Tess and Tony, along with Mike and Bree, team up to investigate a suspicious death, while Tess and Tony secretly talk to people who live in the area and once knew her father. Hoping to finally find answers for her unanswered questions regarding her father’s current whereabouts, Tess widens her search which lead her to a startling realization.

Meanwhile, a stray dog seems intent on adopting Mike in spite of Mike’s insistence that there is no way he has room in his life for an energetic and mischievous puppy. (Goodreads)





There are a couple mysteries in this book. The first is who killed the person that was found and the second is what happened to Tess’s dad and is he still alive? Both of these mysteries are carried on well throughout the entire book and there are plenty of clues to help any armchair detective solve these puzzles. We learn more about Tess’s dad and who he was and come closer to finding the answers.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read. I was pulled right into the story from the very beginning and carried along for a mysterious ride. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and I could feel the cold and see the snow falling at the cabin. I really liked that this book took place elsewhere, it brought a different feeling to this book.

I would recommend this book (and series) to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery. If you like wonderful characters, a great setting and intriguing mysteries, pick up a copy of this book.