New Releases For The Week Of September 2nd, 2018–Part 2

Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of September 2, 2018. I am going to divide the list into 3 days because there are so  many of them for this week. Today is the second day of my list. Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading. Enjoy and happy reading.



An Act of Villainy: An Amory Ames Mystery by [Weaver, Ashley]Edgar Award-shortlisted author Ashley Weaver returns with the fifth installment in the Amory Ames mystery series.

An Act of Villainy is an a gem, set in 1930s London and filled with style, banter, and twists that traditional mystery fans will positively relish.

“So you’ve gotten yourself involved with another murder, have you?”

Walking through London’s West End after a night at the theater, Amory Ames and her husband Milo run into wealthy investor and former actor Gerard Holloway. Holloway and his wife Georgina are old friends of theirs, and when Holloway invites them to the dress rehearsal of a new play he is directing, Amory readily accepts.

However, Amory is shocked to learn that Holloway has cast his mistress, actress Flora Bell, in the lead role. Furthermore, the casual invitation is not what it seems—he admits to Amory and Milo that Flora has been receiving threatening letters, and he needs their help in finding the mysterious sender. Despite Amory’s conflicting feelings—not only does she feel loyalty to Georgina, but the disintegration of the Holloways’ perfect marriage seems to bode ill for her own sometimes delicate relationship—her curiosity gets the better of her, and she begins to make inquiries.

It quickly becomes clear that each member of the cast has reason to resent Flora—and with a group so skilled in the art of deception, it isn’t easy to separate truth from illusion. When vague threats escalate, the scene is set for murder, and Amory and Milo must find the killer before the final curtain falls.

Also out now in the Amory Ames mysteries: Murder at the BrightwellDeath Wears a MaskA Most Novel Revenge, and The Essence of Malice.  (Amazon)

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Deadly Holiday (Georgia Rae Winston Mysteries Book 2) by [Shrock, Marissa]A New Boyfriend. (Maybe.) A Christmas Program to Run. And a Man Dying at Her Feet.

Georgia Winston is now dating Detective Cal Perkins, planning a Christmas program, and navigating her relationship with her twin stepbrothers. Just another day. But then her church’s youth pastor dies of poisoning, and she’s the only one who hears his final word, “Anchor.”

After the youth pastor’s girlfriend disappears, Georgia starts asking questions. Too many. When she’s almost run off the road she goes on the offensive—with her stepbrothers’ help—and starts putting the pieces of the murder together. But Cal isn’t happy. Because any one of those pieces could get her killed.

Deadly Holiday is the second book in the ongoing story of Georgia Rae Winston. A woman of strength. A woman of talents. A woman who can’t seem to stop bumping into mysteries in the farming community of Wildcat Springs, Indiana.  (Amazon)

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Wickedness in Wichita: A Phil Bennett Mystery Novella (Phil Bennett Mysteries Book 2) by [McLeod, Douglas J.]




Budding Author Phil Bennett is attending his first-ever author signing event, much to the chagrin of his two spiritual guises. However, when shenanigans befall him at the event, it throws him for a loop. It is up to him to find out who is behind the pranks, and attempt to have a successful signing debut.  (Amazon)

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Witch is How The Mirror Lied (A Witch P.I. Mystery Book 27) by [Abbott, Adele]


Home is where…
Jill no longer knows who she can trust. Someone has betrayed her – that much is obvious. But who? And what’s the truth behind the graffiti?
…the custard creams are.  (Amazon)

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Murder and Food Porn: A Northwest Cozy Mystery (Northwest Cozy Mystery Series Book 8) by [Harman, Dianne]

Food porn can be addictive, but is it worth murder?

Over 450,000 books have been sold by this two-time USA Bestselling Author. You can get all of them for free with Kindle Unlimited.

When Cassie’s food photographer is murdered, the police ask her husband, ex-Mafia man, Al, to help. Al’s ways of solving murder don’t always follow police procedurals.

A cozy mystery that leaves you with a smile on your face! As always plenty of dogs, mouth-watering food, and recipes.  (Amazon)

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Rooted in Deceit (A Greenhouse Mystery Book 4) by [Tyson, Wendy]It’s summertime in Winsome. Washington Acres is abloom, Megan is preparing for the grand opening of their wood-fired pizza farm, and things with Megan’s beau, handsome Dr. Finn, are getting as hot as the August temperatures.

But when Megan’s ne’er-do-well father arrives in Pennsylvania with his high-maintenance Italian wife, Sylvia, and announces they’re staying at the new yoga retreat center a town away, a sweet occasion sours.

Eager to secure pieces for her Milan boutique, Sylvia finagles a meeting with up-and-coming artist Thana Moore, whose work is showing at the retreat center. After their explosive encounter, Thana is murdered and Sylvia becomes the prime suspect.

Only Sylvia isn’t the only one with ties to the artist—once upon a time, Thana Moore had been Megan’s best friend.

As Megan delves into Thana’s past, piecing together the years since their falling out, she realizes that something sinister is afoot in Bucks County. Unless Megan can find the killer, this idyllic summer will turn nightmarish. Innocent people may be imprisoned—and even more could die.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

ROOTED IN DECEIT by Wendy Tyson | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.   (Amazon)

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Wrong Lead: Dream Horse Mystery #3: A humorous romantic mystery by [Carrabus, Candace]


Viola Parker knows old wounds can fester. What she doesn’t know is how deeply they can cut, or to what lengths people will go to recover. When she returns to her roots to solve her mentor’s murder, nothing and no one is what they seem.

With Malcolm and everyone else she loves acting strangely, and those she hates, even stranger, ghost horse Wastrel becomes her only confidant. But if Vi doesn’t figure out Wastrel’s clues in time, what she doesn’t know could kill her.  (Amazon)

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Fletch’s Fortune (The Fletch Mysteries) by [Mcdonald, Gregory]Fletch, as unbridled as ever and still living the good life in Italy on his ill-gotten fortune, gets a surprising visit from two surly FBI agents. The pair offers him a deal: either he attend the American Journalism Alliance convention and work as an undercover spy for them, or be shipped back to headquarters and face jail time for tax evasion.

Reluctantly agreeing to the scheme, he catches a red-eye flight back to the States. But just as rubber hits tarmac in Virginia, news breaks on a murder at the convention. The victim—a newspaper tycoon and former employer of I. M. Fletch—was no stranger to enemies. And at a hotel full of reporters who’d all had their dealings with the tyrannical leader, everyone’s a suspect.  (Amazon)

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Magic & Malice (Starry Hollow Witches Book 7) by [Chase, Annabel]Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

When Ember Rose is tasked with covering the birthday party of a wealthy 200-year-old matriarch for the local paper’s society section, she doesn’t bank on the guest of honor dying before the cake is served. It quickly becomes clear that the matriarch’s death wasn’t due to natural causes and Ember finds herself embroiled in yet another mystery. On top of that, Marley is about to turn the (literal) magical age of 11, a day she’s been anticipating since her arrival in Starry Hollow, but all is not going according to plan. In fact, nothing is going to according to plan, including Ember’s tumultuous love life. As much as she wants her personal issues to be relegated to background noise until she can solve the murder, they have a way of turning up the volume and demanding her attention.

Will Ember manage to reveal the killer’s identity before the killer silences her forever?

Magic & Malice is the seventh book in the Starry Hollow Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.

This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel.

Books in the series include:
Magic & Murder, Book 1
Magic & Mystery, Book 2
Magic & Mischief, Book 3
Magic & Mayhem, Book 4
Magic & Mercy, Book 5
Magic & Madness, Book 6
Magic & Malice, Book 7

Annabel Chase is also the author of the Spellbound Paranormal Cozy Mystery series. Check out Curse the Day, Book 1 in that series.  (Amazon)

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Murder by the Book (The Gertrude Harrington Mysteries 2) by [Ford, Benjamin]


6 months after the events of Death on Swift Wings, Gertrude Harrington becomes involved in a new mystery. One of her sisters informs her that the recently reported murder at a Bed and Breakfast in the hamlet of Little Sleeping resembles a death in one of the murder mystery novels written by Lavinia Rushbrook. Lavinia is the owner of Templemead Hall, where Gertrude used to be head cook; someone Gertrude hoped never to meet again. But when more murders resembling those in Lavinia’s other novels occur, it becomes clear that a copycat killer is at large. A death closer to home forces Gertrude to meet with her ex-employer to find a motive for the deaths. It is a meeting that reopens old wounds, which Gertrude thought healed. But will the pain help or hinder Gertrude in her quest for the truth?  (Amazon)

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A Deadly Brew (Kindle Single) (A Tourist Trap Mystery) by [Cahoon, Lynn]As Halloween approaches South Cove, California, four couples get into the spirit of the holiday by conjuring up spirits. . .

The house has sat empty for fifteen years, taking up prime real estate along the picturesque coastline. Built by one of the founders of South Cove, its last known owner, Maryanne Demerit, vanished without a trace. Now her home will be demolished for a condo development, but until then, it’s the perfect spot for a Halloween haunted house.

Jill Gardner, owner of Coffee, Books, and More, her boyfriend, and three other couples are spending the weekend in the Demerit home. But what begins as an all-in-good-fun fright fest turns into a mystery begging to be solved as Jill is contacted by the ghost of Maryanne . . .

Praise for The Tourist Trap Mysteries

“Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective: Guidebook to Murder has it all! A cozy lover’s dream come true.”
—Susan McBride, author of The Debutante Dropout Mysteries

“Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.”
Fresh Fiction  (Amazon)

Editions Available:  Kindle, Audiobook